Shift the way you think - Training | Speaking 2014
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  • 1. Shift the way you think. Shift the way you think, shift how you organize yourself and how you communicate with others so that your ideas spread and change the world CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | | TRAINING SPEAKING 2014
  • 2. Shift the way you organize yourself Get where you want to be. Start now. Set goals & plan your projects ‣ How to identify targets, milestones and deliverables. ‣ How to define responsibilities, identify needs and establish a decision making mode. ‣ How to meet the deadline. Manage yourself & organize your day ‣ How to manage contexts and people instead of projects. ‣ How to deal with distractions by using the right tools. ‣ How to predict, prepare and prioritize. Organize your team & delegate effectively ‣ How to coordinate a team effectively. ‣ How to ensure they all know what they are doing. ‣ How to delegate without regret. Get motivated & start now right here ‣ How to get ready and stay motivated. ‣ How to identify the first step. ‣ How to keep going throughout your projects. CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |
  • 3. Shift the way you approach problems Creative thinking pays off. Everywhere. Apply creative problem- solving strategies ‣ How to make use of your full creative potential. ‣ How to generate hundreds of solutions to the same problem. ‣ How to adapt to a world that is increasingly unpredictable. Generate better ideas in your team ‣ How to facilitate brainstorming that actually brings results. ‣ How to motivate others to share what they think. ‣ How to overcome production blocking and narrow thinking. Leave your comfort zone & challenge assumptions ‣ How to question the status quo appropriately. ‣ How to reinvent yourself, learn and grow constantly. ‣ How to innovate in the evolution of ideas. Make better decisions by thinking differently ‣ How to avoid the most common decision making mistakes. ‣ How to not underestimate risk. ‣ How to not overestimate abilities. ‣ How to prepare to be wrong. CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |
  • 4. Shift the way you communicate ideas Good stories stick, spread and initiate action. Present ideas to an expert audience and convince ‣ How to build trust and credibility with an expert audience. ‣ How to maintain confidence and likability on stage. ‣ How to respond professionally to critical questions. Use storytelling as a leadership tool ‣ How to use metaphors and analogies wisely. ‣ How to make your followers listen carefully. ‣ How to make your followers identify with you. Market yourself with great impact ‣ How to reverse or build upon a first impression. ‣ How to make use of the right channel at the right time. ‣ How to make others invest their time and resources in you. Professionalize your social media networking skills ‣ How to make sense of social media networks. ‣ How to leverage the power of your own network. ‣ How to influence network partners online and off-line. CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |
  • 5. What my clients say “Not only did Mr. Burkhardt deliver content of tremendous value, he also managed to address each of the participants in our seminar individually with a very accurate assessment of their situation. His advice helped me to change my thinking completely. His innovative and very creative way of approaching familiar problems by suggesting specific solutions to each and every participant individually makes him an extraordinarily talented trainer and coach. His impressive academic expertise in organizational psychology and his rare talent to translate this expertise into applicable knowledge have made Mr. Burkhardt’s workshop an experience with long lasting effects and have led to sustainable change. I can wholeheartedly recommend Christoph Burkhardt’s consulting and training services and am looking very forward to working with him again in the future.” Fabio Olivotti Head of Communication Strategy Design BMW Group Design “Christoph possesses the hallmark characteristics of the ideal coach. He has an intuitive grasp of human relations and his passion for creativity is admittedly contagious. I attended a 3-day workshop on presentation techniques and Christoph easily created an open atmosphere to stimulate discussions and as a result of him enjoying what he does, I was most able to benefit from the course!” J. Angus "I also attended one of Christoph's self-organization classes, and I had fun. While his organization technique was helpful and elaborate, it was his interest in me as a person that impressed me the most. When I had an... let's call it emotional reaction to one of the exercises, he sought me out afterwards to make sure I was ok. That kind of commitment really baffled me." Clio U. CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |
  • 6. 2013 Professional Member of the German Speakers Association 2012 Teaching Fellow in Cognitive Social Psychology at LMU Munich 2012 Co-authoring with Professor Rudolf Kerschreiter on innovation and creative thinking 2011 Postgraduate studies in Applied Mathematics with the University of London 2010 Research Associate, Trainer & Speaker 2010 Master of Science in Organizational and Social Psychology with distinction at the London School of Economics 2010 Head of an independent research project on organizing innovation with Google India and global biotech companies in Bangalore, India 2009 Certified Systemic Trainer (LMU) 2007 – 2009 Double degree programs in Psychology (Diploma) and Business Economics (BSc) at LMU Munich 2008 Visiting Researcher at the Aston Business School, Birmingham; Research on diversity and innovation in teams 2007 Intermediate Examinations in Psychology at the University of Heidelberg 2005 – 2010 Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation Curriculum Vitae CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |
  • 7. Some of my clients and how I was able to help them. German National Academic Foundation • Facilitation of an innovation day with 100 participants and the goal to come up with 10 innovative projects Main objective • Get as many ideas together as possible and pick the best ones collaboratively European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Brussels • Media Training for climate entrepreneurs and business owners in the European Union Main objective • Make use of different media channels to present ideas to an expert audience such as journalists Creative Professionals in Munich • Self management training for professionals in creative environments Main objective • Understand and contend with the specific challenges and organizing principles of creative work Major European logistics company • Training in creative and innovative thinking as a starting point for major strategic changes Main objective • Individual top management training of cognitive skills and collaborative thinking techniques Check Networks GmbH Munich based StartUp • Consulting with the CEO on how to market a complex product to an audience with limited attention span Main objective • Identify the core of the product, how it adds value to the individual customer and connect with them in their favorite way Foundation of German Business • Keynote speaker on personal and group productivity in startup teams Main objective • Individualize productivity systems, make rewards consistent and be open about suggestions from all stakeholders HAVI Logistics Roland Berger Foundation European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) PonyClub Munich Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich (ETH) Entrepreneurship Conference with the Foundation of German Business Elite Network Bavaria Max-Weber Elite Program Bavaria German National Academic Foundation Venture Campus at Technische Universität in Berlin Technische Universität in Munich (TUM) Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich (LMU) University of Applied Sciences in Fulda Zukunft im Zentrum GmbH NACOA Germany Check Networks GmbH VHS Munich CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |
  • 8. DE +49 (176) 201 55 392 US +1 (415) 315 9662 ponderplatzlinkedIn chburkhardtxing Shift the way you think. Christoph Burkhardt Trainer & Speaker CHRISTOPHBURKHARDT | TRAINERSPEAKER | |