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Happy Fun Song1

Happy Fun Song1






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    Happy Fun Song1 Happy Fun Song1 Presentation Transcript

    • Happy Fun Song By Christine Wang * 紐西蘭奧克蘭大學英語學院 TESOL 教師 * 英特朗美語顧問中心師訓部主任及教務總監 * 員林社區大學英文講師 * 台灣省英語學會彰化試務中心主任 * 曾任學苑 BINGO, 麥克米倫 Safari , 來來 Pop up 研習講師 * 現任師德教師先修班講師 *2007 師德冬季聯誼會 Teach to be FASIC 講師 * 現任東西圖書講師
    • The purpose for today
      • 1. Animals fun song( 動物放送變裝秀 )
      • 2. Activity fun song( 活動放送教具秀 )
      • 3. Theme fun song( 主題放送教學秀 )
      • 4. How to create fun song( 創意放送 DJ 秀 )
    • Animals Fun Song 1. Animal Party
      • A dog barking woof ,woof, woof.
      • A cat meowing meow, meow, meow.
      • A dog barking ,a cat meowing .
      • They are good friends. (3X)
      • Sheep go baa. A cow goes moo.
      • A pig goes oink. A duck goes quack.
    • Animals Fun Song 2. Shadow Game
      • Shadow game, shadow game
      • Let’s play the shadow game!
      • Whose shadow is it? Do you know?
      • It has a long nose. It has a long nose.
      • I know, I know. It is an elephant.
      • I love the elephant. It looks so friendly.
      • I love the elephant. It looks so big.
      • I wish someday I’ll be as big as an elephant.
      • I wish someday I’ll be as big as it.
    • Animals Fun Song 3. What do you like to do?
      • Hey! What do you like to do?
      • I like to dance. Cha. Cha. Cha.
      • Hey! What do you like to do?
      • I like to sing. Tra La La.
      • I like to dance cha, cha, cha, cha.
      • I like to sing. Tra La La La.
      • We can do it one more time.
      • Join us and have a good time.
      • ( jump=Wa ha ha , swim=Loo La La )
    • Animals Fun Song 4. Where? Oh! Where?
      • Where, where, where ?
      • On, on, on. On is spelling” O-N” on
      • Where, where, where?
      • In, in, in. In is spelling “I-N” in
      • Where, where, where?
      • Under, under, under. Under is spelling ”U-N-D-E-R”
      • No matter on, in or under.
      • I have the power.
      • Show you on, in and under.
    • Teaching Ideas
      • DIY Story Books 自製故事書
      • Old Macdonald 方塊書
      • Animals fun 動物變裝秀
      • Shadow Matching 影子配對
      • Exercise 運動大會
      • Spelling 拼字大賽
      • Kung Fu 中國功夫
    • Activity Fun Song 1.Point
      • Show me your shoulder
      • Show me your eraser
      • Show me your paper
      • Show me your pointer
      • Point to Peter
      • Point to Jennifer
      • Point to the teacher
      • And don’t’ forger to point to your ~~
      • B-O-O-K.
    • Activity Fun Song 2. Come and See
      • Come, come, come and see.
      • I can count one two three.
      • Come, come, come and see.
      • I can see a big tree.
      • Come, come, come and see.
      • I can draw a small bee.
      • Come, come, come and see.
      • Let’s have some tea.
    • Activity Fun Song 3. The school time is over
      • The school time is over.
      • I love teachers forever.
      • I love my friends forever. Goodbye !goodbye !
      • See you tomorrow.
      • The school time is over.
      • We are going home. We are going home.
      • The school time is over. Goodbye! Goodbye!
      • See you next time.
    • Animals Fun Song 4. Up and Down
      • Put your hands up (x3)
      • Put your leg up. (x3)
      • Now put your shoulders, shoulders up.
      • Put your shoulders up.
      • Put your head up (x2) and stand up, too.
      • Put your hands down.(x3)
      • Put your leg down. (x3)
      • Now put your shoulders down, shoulders down.
      • Put your shoulders down.
      • Put your head down(x2) and sit down, too.
    • Teaching Ideas
      • Attention 注意力大考驗
      • Magic show 叮叮魔術秀
      • Circle time 地板活動
      • Yoga Story 瑜珈故事
    • Theme fun song 1. Happy family
      • I have a mother. I have a father.
      • I have a brother and a sister, too.
      • I love my mother. I love my father.
      • I love my brother and my sister, too.
      • I play with my mother everyday. I have happy family.
      • I play with my father everyday. I am happy everyday
      • I play with my brother everyday.
      • I have a wonderful family
      • I play with my sister everyday.
      • I am wonderful everyday.
    • Theme fun song 2. I like sunny days
      • Sunny day, sunny day.
      • Dance, sing and play. Sing and play.x2
      • I like sunny days.
      • Rainy day, rainy day.
      • Rain, rain go away. Go away. Go away.
      • I like Rainy days.
      • Cloudy day, cloudy day.
      • I like to hit the hay. Hit the hay.x2
      • I like cloudy days.
      • Windy day, windy day. Fly a kite in the bay
      • I like windy days.
    • Theme fun song 3. This is a colorful world
      • What color do you like? ‘R-e-d’ . I like red.
      • Red red rabbit is in the bed. I like red , how about you?
      • What color do you like? “B-l-u-e “. I like blue.
      • I can see a blue blue ball. Blue, blue ball is near the glue.
      • What clolr do you like? I like blue , how about you?
      • What color do you like? “Y-e-l-l-o-w “ . I like yellow.
      • Yellow, yellow pillow is under the rainbow. I like yellow.
      • What color do you like? “G-r-e-e-n” . I like green.
      • I like green , I like green . I can see a green , green frog.
      • It’s between king and queen.x2
      • I can see a green, green frog between king and queen.
      • What color do you like? “W-h-i-t-e”. I like white.
      • It spells “ w-h-i-t-e”
      • Can you say it with me “w-h-i-t-e” . I like colors, I like colors
      • This is a colorful world.
    • Theme fun song 4. Number Parade
      • One number one, what do your want?
      • Two number two, what is blue?
      • Three number three, who is behind the tree?
      • Four number four, who wants more?
      • Five, five, tell me how to dive?
      • Six, six , tell me how to remix?
      • Seven, seven, where is seven-eleven
      • Eight, eight, where is the gate?
      • Nine, nine , why you and I ?
      • Ten, ten, why do you buy a pen?
      • I can say the numbers. I can say the numbers
      • 1,2,3 . 1,2,3.
    • Teaching Ideas
      • Role play ( 角色大互換 )
      • Follow up ( 接龍遊戲 )
      • Rainbow ( 彩帶舞 )
      • Hard work pays off ( 勤者必成 )
      • Who is faster? ( 闖關活動 )
      • Home run ( 全壘打 )
    • The friend I have is you
      • It’s glad to know I have a friend.
      • Who is with me anytime.
      • In good times or in bad times.
      • The friend I have is you.
      • We’re friends forever.
      • We do everything together.
      • Like a brother and a sister.
      • Let’s keep it ever and ever.
    • Let’s Teach To Be F eminine A spiring S tylish I nnovative C aring Thank you very much