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Present like a pro


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Present like a real pro!!!

Present like a real pro!!!

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Present like a pro
  • 2. You design your Outcome
  • 3. The Audience • What does the listener need to understand? – Research your audience • Best communicators focus on the Receiver – Consider How the Message will be Received, not only on Your Message • Consider not only what you want them to Think, but also what to Feel? • Follow-up, what stood out?
  • 4. The Audience continued • Credible, Passionate and Engaged • Show the audience that you believe in your message • Show through preparation, message and delivery that the audience is important to you. • Give both what they want and what they need • Relate to the audience’s situation
  • 5. Listen to your Audience A talk to VCs? – find some VCs and ask, “What is the most challenging thing about what you do”? – Frame your presentation around feedback
  • 6. Strive for Impact, not Perfection
  • 7. 2x Seconds
  • 8. First four Minutes • Four minutes will Determine the remaining 40 minutes • Frame your talk • Build rapport with the audience
  • 9. Smile • Smile is a universal expression • Opening: sip from water, smile and deliver – Form a ritual, like Jordan bouncing the basketball three time before a free throw • Smile with your eyes
  • 10. Determine Burning Questions • Rapid Pre-wire • Smile & Handshake • Speak to the audience first
  • 11. Idea Collector • Look for lessons in life • Newspaper clippings, the out of the ordinary • Movie quotes • A Photo • Art • Graphs or a profound statistic • Or Question other’s data by asking why? • Organize your ideas for when you need them
  • 12. Use Trends • Audiences like learning trends & anti-trends • Research trends that can influence your audience’s field
  • 13. Means of Persuasion 1. Who you are The talk Your Delivery 2. What you say (content) You 3. How you say it The Audience 4. What they need to hear
  • 14. Simplicity comes with Mastery of your Subject
  • 15. A Presentation is Always Longer • Actual delivery will fuel extra sentences and even adhoc questions • Plan ahead by cutting the talk to its core
  • 16. Be prepared with a Back-up • Second Presentation at least 30% shorter
  • 17. Open your mouth • Work the mike – Fine-tune the volume – Adjust your distance – Aim to add texture & clarity to your voice • Use Pauses
  • 18. Think: Value, Receiver, Simplicity – Natural speaking comes from repetition and practice – Jack Nicholson…concentration and truthful performance.
  • 19. Think Quality • Unity, lyricism, poetry, and love – Connect to the heart “Stay hungry, stay foolish” *1 – Enjoy the Experience – Demonstrate sincere emotions "I just love the work… I love to act." -Jack Nicholson *2
  • 20. At the End: Express sincere Thanks • Show sincere interest in others • Ask what they learned • Or Share what you learned
  • 21. Q&A • When someone disagrees, say “Thank you” for a fresh perspective. – Appreciate them, make them feel safe. – Humility goes a long way • Never embarrass an audience member • Remember, people love hearing their names • Motivate questioners with a small reward for strong answers or questions (candy, a company pin, T-shirt…)
  • 22. Q&A • Ask back, “That is a particular good question. What do you think we should do?” – Empower the audience • Employ a metaphor • Apply an analogy • Utilize history, “when we look at the trend-”
  • 23. Use a Checklist
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