Marketing to Today's CFO


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Marketing to Today's CFO

  1. 1. Special Report Highlights:How Banks Marketers CanSuccessfully Meet theDemands of Today’s CFO Presented by Financial Publishing Services
  2. 2. CFO Accountability and ConcernsINTERNAL PRESSURES MACRO CONCERNS Ability to Maintain Margins Consumer Demand Federal Government Agenda/Policies Ability to Forecast ResultsAttract and Retain Qualified Employees Price Pressure from Competitors Cost of Health Care Global Financial Instability
  3. 3. What CFOs Need from Marketing:Demonstrate your credibility and experience in your industry. Share casestudies that show how your bank can help the CFO resolve businesschallenges.Provide a cost/benefit analysis for mission critical investments required toimplement a new strategy or service.Provide a total cost of ownership for your business solution as well as hardcost savings.Be clear about risks involved in implementing a business solution.Speak the their language not your own.Stick to the facts. Don’t waste your their time with flashy graphics, bank adsor promotional content. “Rules of Engagement”,
  4. 4. Guidelines for Developing Best-in-Class ContentEnable self-guided research. To attract and keep the attention of financial executives, it iscritical to have quality content available online to enable self-guided research by corporatefinancial managers.Provide content focused on each step in the buying cycle. Content should address beginningissues like reviewing the status of a current bank service up through considerations whenmaking a final decision to purchase a new bank service.Deliver content that diagnoses, illuminates and resolves business challenges. Typically,financial executives initially seek content to help them diagnose and illuminate businesschallenges they face. They then look for content that outlines solutions they can apply toresolve these challenges.Offer benchmarking tools. CFOs like to benchmark how their financials compare to peers usingtools such as key performance indicators (KPIs) and capability/maturity comparisons. Is Your Content Ready for the CFO? The Content Marketing Institute
  5. 5. Guidelines continued …Empower measurement of quantifiable results. More than 90% of corporations requirequantifiable proof of the bottom-line benefits of bank services. CFOs seek content to help themunderstand the benefits and bottom-line impact of proposed bank solutions, especially in themiddle segments of the buying cycle. And more than 81% expect the financial institution todevelop and deliver a business case for adopting a proposed banking solution.Compare results, reduce cost of solution ownership. Later in the buying lifecycle, financial prosseek content to help quantify the lower total cost of ownership of the solution and compare thevalue of alternate solutions.Analyze risks and highlight competitive advantage of your solution. Corporate financialexecutives seek content that enables them to evaluate the relative risks of a business solutionas well as competitive advantages of one solution over alternatives. Being able to citesignificant competitive advantages of a solution is essential for winning final approval of yourbank service.Understand at what stage a corporation stands in the buying cycle and provide personalizedcommunications for precisely that stage. Bank marketing and sales reps need to provide one-to-one personalized communications and insights that can help busy corporate financialexecutives quickly understand how your bank solution will help drive bottom-lineimprovements. Is Your Content Ready for the CFO? The Content Marketing Institute
  6. 6. About the PublisherRead the Full Report: 847.501.4120 ext. 2