What Does Network Marketing Mean To You?


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American Thought Leaders Shares Their View of the Network Marketing Industry — To me, CLB, it means FREEDOM. Freedom to live our lives by choice and not chance. » www.rawtelnet.com/freedom

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What Does Network Marketing Mean To You?

  1. 1. c o n t e n t sNetwork Marketing on the RiseIn This Issue:“Network marketing is…”American Thought Leaders on the NetworkMarketing ProfessionThe Golden Age of NetworkMarketingA Conversation with Randy GageProfiles:Judy O’Higgins: License to RetireRosie Spiegel: Playing BigLynn and Richard Huber: The Slight EdgePLUS:Shannon Denniston: Paint Your OnlinePortraitScott Ginsberg: The Value of BeingApproachableJosephine Gross: Back to BasicsArt Jonak: Facts Tell, Stories SellJohn David Mann: Gold and TwopenceKim Marcille: Your Personal EconomicStimulus PlanJim Penny: Networking’s Latest Acronym:RIROWendie Pett: Power by the HourChris Witt: Speak UpRichard B. Brooke, Collette Larsen,Jerry Nichols, Karen Phelps: How can we elevate the networking profession?Elevating the Profession
  2. 2. 2 Networking TimesLEAD STO R Y“Network Marketing Is...”Last fall, as Wall Street blew up and the economy melted down, a number of large network mar-keting corporations posted some of the largest sales figures in their history. Even as millions ofpeople saw their savings evaporate and stock portfolios disintegrate, network marketers world-wide were quietly taking stock of their businesses and asking, “Are we okay?”In the main, the answer appears to be a cautious yes: network marketing historically has been tosome extent countercyclical, faring relatively well at times when the economy at large does poorly. Still,to find adequate comparisons to the economic panic of today one has to look back to the 1930s—a timewhen network marketing had not yet been invented. So how are we doing?For this issue, we assembled a panel of American thought leaders to give us their thoughts on thestate of the profession. The consensus: our current economic woes may well bring about a historic up-surge in the popularity of the network marketing model. — J.D.M.American Thought Leaders on theNetwork Marketing ProfessionJohn AssarafMany people have the wrongidea of what network market-ing is; the truth is that the busi-ness has evolved significantly inthe last twenty years. There arethose who will shy away fromnetwork marketing because ofits past, and then there are those smart oneswho will make their fortunes because they canforget the past and see the future.In network marketing, the power of yourconnections and determination allows you tobuild a highly successful business without thetraditional costs of going into business on yourown.The products, systems and ability to gener-ate a great income and lifestyle make a power-ful combination for those who want their shareof the American dream.John Assaraf is coauthor of theNew York Times bestseller The AnswerBob BurgWhat I admire most about thenoble profession of networkmarketing is that one succeedsonly by helping others, by add-ing value to their lives—and forthat matter, adding value to thelives of many. I also love the factthat anyone with a big enough desire to bettertheir lot can succeed in the business if they arewilling to work hard, and be consistent and per-sistent.The network marketing model in conjunc-tion with a high-quality product or service pres-ents an unparalleled opportunity for people tothrive. In this economy? Perhaps especially inthis economy.Bob Burg is coauthor of theWall Street Journal bestseller The Go-Giver
  3. 3. 3DC CordovaNetwork marketing is the mostinnovative system for the twen-ty-first century of connectiv-ity, networks and relationships.Obviously the marketplace isready for it. Done correctly, it’sa win-win for all concerned.DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business SchoolsMichael GerberNetwork marketing [providesa] purely democratic, highlyentrepreneurial, deeply au-thentic and simple model forsuccessful living. In networkmarketing, your success oryour failure is completely upto you. . . . [In network marketing,] you’re notin the business of simply selling products or abusiness opportunity, you’re in the transforma-tion business.Michael Gerber is author of theNew York Times bestseller The E-MythSeth GodinNetwork marketing workswhen it’s not about you. Itworks when it is about thecustomer. Not sort of about thecustomer as a way of helpingyou, not kinda about the cus-tomer when you imagine howthey could act like you and become part of yourdownline. No, it works when it is generous andtransparent and true.If someone buys from you because they area friend or because it’s easier than avoiding you,that’s not about the customer.Here’s my dream for you: find a product anda price and a story that people choose to seekout. Discover a niche that people would miss ifit disappeared. Offer an experience that’s aboutmore than money, more than making a livingand more than recruiting a new salesperson.When you bring joy and utility and trust to peo-ple (at a fair price), they’ll embrace you.Seth Godin is author of theNew York Times bestsellers The Dip and TribesStephen M. R. CoveyTo me, the most interesting di-mension of network market-ing is the focus on building re-lationships of trust. All partiesmust be able to trust one  an-other, or nothing moves forward.Accountability, transparencyand other high-trust behaviors clearly flow outof your character and competence, which in turnhelp to improve, solidify and create better re-lationships. Those relationships are powerfulfruits that enable you to enjoy greater collabo-ration, a better reputation and shared accom-plishment.When done well, network marketing is thespeed of trust in action.Stephen M.R. Covey is author of theNew York Times bestseller The Speed of TrustIvan MisnerThough we cannot controlthe economy, we can controlour response to the economy.Networking can keep your busi-ness alive and well during aneconomic downturn; you shouldnever let a bad economy be yourexcuse for failure.During the last recession, I watched thou-sands of businesspeople grow and prosper, be-cause they made a conscious decision to refuseto participate in a recession. They succeeded bydeveloping their networking skills and learninghow to build their businesses through word ofmouth—an important key to success and themost cost-effective form of advertising there is.While others are looking at problems, thoseof us looking for opportunities will not only getthrough a bad economy but will prosper.Ivan Misner is author of the New York Timesbestseller Truth or Delusion? and founder of BNI
  4. 4. 4 Networking TimesNido QubeinNetwork marketing rewardshuman potential, individual ef-fort, collective support and posi-tive action. It is a magnificentform of living free enterprise, ofexperiencing success and signif-icance, and of enjoying the fruitsof victory. It is also a way of growing as you pros-per, a way of learning as you serve, and a way ofsustaining recurring income as you live. Nido Qubein is president of High Point Universityand chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Co.Chris WidenerIn today’s economic uncertaintyand turmoil, network market-ing  has become an even moreviable option for those whowant to be their own boss, earna substantial full- or part-timeincome, and find more time free-dom to pursue the things they really love inlife. Now more than ever, you can take your fu-ture into your own hands by starting your ownbusiness and earning substantial profits ratherthan relying on traditional wages determinedby someone else.Chris Widener is author of theNew York Times bestseller The Angel Inside Sen. Orrin HatchDuring these difficult economictimes, there is no doubt thatthe entrepreneurial spirit ofnetwork marketing companiesand its sellers helps keep theAmerican dream alive. It is thissame spirit that will lift ourcountry out of our current economic crisis. Thehard work, tenacity and boundless energy of ourcountry’s direct sellers never cease to amaze me.We need you now more than ever.Orrin Hatch is a six-term (and current) RepublicanSenator from Utah and former Chairman of the SenateLabor and Human Resources CommitteeRobert KiyosakiNetwork marketing teaches basic, crit-ical life skills. It teaches people how toovercome their fears, how to communi-cate, and how to handle rejection andmaintain persistence. This kind of edu-cation is absolutely priceless.Here’s what I tell people: “Even if you don’t like it,stay with it for five years and you’ll be better equippedto survive in the real world of business. And you’ll bea better person.”The people who are successful in network mar-keting have a spiritual cause. They genuinely want tohelp better others’ lives. If you don’t have that, if youjust want a paycheck, then work for the post office!(Mar 05)Robert Kiyosaki is author of the#1 New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor DadSharon WilsonPeoplewhoareattractedtonetworkmar-keting tend to be more open; they’re al-ready “outside the box” thinkers, lookingfor a better way … a way that gives thema better sense of balance. This goes handin hand with an inquiry into more spiritual values.I think network marketing provides a fertileground for spirituality.The concept of network market-ing itself is all about creating an opportunity for col-laboration, for win-wins, for everyone achieving theirdreams. (Aug 03)Sharon Wilson is founder of theCoaching from Spirit FoundationVic ConantAs good as the products are in networkmarketing, they are really secondaryto the personal development. Go toany network marketing convention:what are they talking about? Theytalk about the freedom they’re enjoying, the fabulousgrowth they’re experiencing, how wonderful their rela-tionships are, how much they’re learning about life andabout themselves.It’s not the supplement or the skin cream that didthat. Sure, in many cases, you do have life-changingproducts. But what’s really changed is their entire life.(Oct 02)Vic Conant is President and CEO ofNightingale-Conant Corp.
  5. 5. 5Mark Victor HansenNetwork marketing is the mostgiving form of business modelin existence. Somebody whoowns the right to give awaywork, which is what networkmarketing does, owns the gift of gifts.There ought to be a mission in theircommission, because networkers are paidin direct proportion for what they give. So,they offer it to somebody, and whether thatparticular person accepts it or not, somebodywill accept it.Giving the gift of freedom, the gift ofemployment and the gift of a future oppor-tunity is the greatest gift ever. Opportunityis the greatest charity.[...]I believe network marketing is the keyto solving the economic problems of ourtime. Not, “it may be the key”—it is the key.Everybody should be in a network market-ing company. Because even if they’re inac-tive and just use the product, when theylose their job or have a problem with theiremployer, they can immediately go to thisbusiness, turn on the spigot, and a monthlater be making money—and sometimesfaster than that, because some companiespay weekly. The point is that everybody cando it, and you can do it as young as 18 andup to any age. (Nov/Dec 09)Mark Victor Hansen is co-creator of the ChickenSoup for the Soul publishing phenomenon andauthor of dozens of other popular booksJosephine Gross, Ph.D.Today our awareness is evolving,as is our economy. While standardeconomic theory states that peopleare interested only in their ownmaterial gain, new insights frombehavioral economics show that our primary mo-tivator is not greed but compassion.Science is confirming what world religionshave pointed to for thousands of years: that ev-erything around us is part of a living universe,and we are only stewards of whatever we thinkwe “own.”As the old economy of fear and greed is crum-bling, a new economy of partnership is beingborn.I feel blessed to serve a profession whose lead-ers are frontrunners in this global shift. Networkmarketing offers a unique context, vehicle andstructure for doing business based on the aware-ness of our unity, through servant leadership,cooperation, community involvement and chari-table giving. (Nov/Dec 09)Josephine Gross, Ph.D. is cofounderand editor in chief of Networking TimesFrank MaguireI believe America’s economic fu-ture, the health of its commerceand service, is rooted in effectivenetwork marketing. People aresick and tired of the deprivationof human dignity they experience at the handsof so many of today’s corporations, which in thepast ten years have scooped up all the quid for theguys on top, leaving behind some very talentedpeople without a future.Network marketing is turning off the spotlightof working for a corporation, and turning on thefloodlight of the greatness that we all have withinus. I love what you’re doing in network market-ing, because you’re creating an opportunity to af-fect the self-esteem of many, many people. You’regiving people hope and providing a launching padfor them to discover their own greatness.I think network marketing is potentially thegreatest economic opportunity that has ever ex-isted. (Sep 06)Frank Maguire is former senior executive forFedEx, KFC, ABC and American AirlinesT. Harv EkerThe unusual and wonderfulthing about network marketingis that everyone around you isworking to help you grow, insteadof trying to keep you down! Inwhat other business do you have people mak-ing $50,000 and more a month—and they’rewilling to tell you exactly how they did it?(May 05)T. Harv Eker is author of the #1 New York Timesbestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  6. 6. Lead StoryJim TurnerThe significant thing that peopleoften miss about network market-ing is that it’s in the vanguard ofa major consumer movement, inwhich consumers and producersare merging and becoming the same thing.In a way, multilevel marketing companiesare the first generation of what Alvin Toffler callsprosumers [producer-consumers], because themarketing network is also the customer network.Every individual produces and consumes; it’s likebreathing—exhale, inhale.The more balanced youcan be in production and consumption, the betteryour life is.And the more people who are balancedthat way, the better the society is.There are now some fifteen million people innetwork marketing [in the U.S.], and this is mak-ing a huge difference in the maturation of what itmeans to be a consumer, because you are by defi-nition playing a more involved role in the produc-tion / consumption cycle.If you made this the leading story of whatmultilevel marketers are doing, it would reallyhelp fuel the further growth of the community.And in doing so, you could easily become a sig-nificant part of the majority of households inAmerica. (Nov 06)Jim Turner, Esq. is cofounder of Swankin & Turner andChairman of the Board of Citizens for Health6 Networking TimesDenis Waitley, Ph.D.Network marketing is a tremen-dous way to cross boundaries andeliminate prejudice. This businessoffers an opportunity to transcendcultures, geography and even be-lief systems. It gives you the opportunity to dealwith your global neighbors around the commonidea of being more self-determined. It gives youthe opportunity to eliminate or at least sidestephierarchies—politics, ethnicity, culture, any bar-riers—and do business with one another, directlyand globally. It doesn’t really matter whether youspeak the language or whether you eat differentlyor pray differently. (Jan 04)Denis Waitley is author of the New York Timesbestseller Seeds of GreatnessBrian BiroThe beauty of network market-ing is that if you are an effectivecoach, if you really do build peopleand help them break through theirfears, it becomes a complete circleof success. You feel great, they’re going to do bet-ter, that feeds your business and your income—and you’re also providing a model for this person,who’s now also going to become a coach.You don’t have to be the most articulate; youdon’t have to be the most educated; you don’thave to be the greatest speaker. (Apr 04)Brian Biro is author of Beyond SuccessBob ProctorThe beautiful thing about net-work marketing is that it is themost moral form of compensationthere is. And it follows the verybest income-earning strategy:you’re leveraging yourself and you’re providinggreat service. You’re waking people up. You’reshowing people how to spend their days doingwhat they love to do, while at the same timeearning an excellent income.Properly executed, network marketing givespeople time and money freedom. It gives themliberty, which is their birthright. (Mar 07)Bob Proctor is author of You Were Born RichDavid BachThe simplicity of network market-ing is that you find something youdeeply believe in, then use it your-self and tell other people about it.I believe God put each one ofus here to do something special. Most of us aren’tdoing whatever it is we were put here to do, be-cause we’re living paycheck to paycheck. Networkmarketing is a chance for you to make a little ex-tra money, and with that, to buy your freedom. Dothat, and you’ll spend the rest of your life doingwhat you were put here to do. (Mar 05)David Bach is author of six consecutive New York Timesbestsellers, including The Automatic Millionaire
  7. 7. Brad SugarsThe reason I think network mar-keting is the best business for somany people is that you don’t haveto learn everything about businessto start. You don’t have to learnproduction, shipping and so many other aspectsof business. You’ve got to learn sales, marketingand team-building. If you can get those threethings down, you’ll be all right.Your first year in network marketing is yourapprenticeship. If you don’t make any money inyour first year, who cares? You’ve spent a yearlearning the trade. (Jul 07)Brad Sugars is author of Billionaire in TrainingBarbara Marx HubbardI like network marketing because,at least to some degree, it tran-scends the current competitivesystem. It’s about synergistic lead-ership, that is, leadership that fa-cilitates and empowers rather than dominatesand controls.I don’t think we’re going to have peace if wedon’t piece together the emergent potentials ofour system. The pieces need to be networked—and that brings us back around to network mar-keting. I think it is prefiguring global intelligence.(May 08)Barbara Marx Hubbard is author ofConscious EvolutionGregg BradenEvery species in nature ben-efits from cooperation. Whenthey behave cooperatively, theyconsistently produce more off-spring, live longer and live moresuccessfully. And [researchers have] found thesame thing within indigenous human popula-tions throughout the world: longevity and qual-ity of life increases when they cooperate in thegathering and sharing of food, water and otherresources.The same principles apply in business: themore we can cooperate, the better we’ll do. That’swhat network marketing is all about. (Jul 08)Gregg Braden is author of theNew York Times bestseller The Isaiah EffectFor FREE full color reprints of this article, go to www.NetworkMarketingIs.com 7Dr. Leonard LaskowNetwork marketing is reallyabout love. What makes networkmarketing more successful andin many ways more efficient thanmany other forms of marketing, isthat it’s based on one-to-one relationships.Most successful network marketers sooneror later recognize the role of connectedness orrelatedness—which is to say, love—in networkmarketing. The top people in networking are verymuch in touch with their hearts.The heart’s intelligence is the recognition ofthe oneness and the unity of all. If a business isgoing to be successful, it’s ultimately going to haveto come down to a recognition of unity. (Nov 08)Dr. Leonard Laskow is author of Healing with LoveStephen R. CoveyNetwork marketing, is an in-spiring business model amidst astream of corruption and scandalthat has been so rife in corporateAmerica.As you help lift others tohigher levels, the profession rewards you. In addition to financial benefits, networkmarketing offers a crash course in human rela-tionships, so needed in our faceless digital world.Most importantly, network marketing is a prov-en vehicle that can allow you to Put First ThingsFirst® and create a life of balance.Stephen R. Covey is author ofThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.Paul Zane PilzerMore than any other business,network marketing starts withthe core: not with the product orthe service, but with helping otherpeople by teaching them how tosucceed, regardless of their education or whatbusiness or field they’ve been in.What’s so exciting about network marketingis that you can offer this opportunity to anyone,and people can maximize the value of their life ex-periences instead of having those life experienceslimit their opportunity. (Aug 03)Paul Zane Pilzer is author of the New York Timesbestseller God Wants You to Be Rich
  8. 8. SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a 12-issue subscription or renewal to Networking Timesand get 6 FREE CDs by David Bach, Sandy Botkin, Robert Kiyosaki,Paul Zane Pilzer, Bob Proctor and Jim Rohn.www.networkingtimes.com/link/sub1-866-343-4005 or Int’l 818-727-2000“Networking Times follows in the tradition of the great Og Mandino, and themagazine that he published for years. He knew that to win in life, and especiallyin networking, you need a steady flow of positive, inspirational information.Networking Times is that flow. Subscribe today, and have two friends do the same.Together, we can change the networking profession—and the world.”—Bob ProctorTo mail, fold here.To find out more, please contact:Name:Address:Email:Phone:PLACESTAMPHERE