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Auto / Home Insurance Program

  1. 1. Group Automobile & PropertyInsurance Program forFoster Parents Society of Ontario
  2. 2. Agenda Oegema, Nicholson & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd. The Foster Parents Society of Ontario Waterloo Insurance Company Benefits for FPSO Benefits for FSPO Members Program Marketing Automobile Insurance Coverage Property Insurance Coverage Launch Program Contact Information
  3. 3. Oegema, Nicholson & Associates new-commercial/
  4. 4. Oegema, Nicholson & Associates Established in 1961 Specialize in providing auto and property insurance for groups and individuals, commercial insurance and financial services for organizations and individuals across Ontario and Canada Currently Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools Group Program & the Diplomat Program amongst others Staff of 47 insurance professionals available to service needs of the FPSO 5 convenient locations across the greater Ottawa area Recognize each group as unique and work in partnership with the group to meet their specific needs Firmly committed to providing each group with proactive and personalized service to serve each auto and property insurance needs for THE LIVES WE LEAD
  5. 5. The Foster Parents Society of Ontario Mandate “to become the dedicated voice of foster families across Ontario 6349 homes Approximately 12,000 foster parents in Ontario Trying to implement insurance and reduced rates for foster parents Ministry funding has been reduced to CAS, affecting support to foster families
  6. 6. Waterloo Insurance Waterloo Insurance Company is a member of The Economical Insurance Group – 100% Canadian A financially secure organization with over $4.4 Billion in assets and a surplus of over $1.26 Billion to protect its policyholders Waterloo Insurance has partnered with over 550 group programs across Canada
  7. 7. Benefits for the FPSO NO COST! NO EXTRA administration required  Waterloo Insurance handles all sales, service and claims functions An enhancement to your member benefits programs FSPO assumes NO LIABILITY
  8. 8. Benefits for the FPSO Members COMPETITIVE RATES save after-tax dollars Additional DISCOUNTS can reduce premiums up to 60% plus your GROUP DISCOUNT Convenient payment options with NO SERVICE FEES:  Monthly pre-authorized payments  full annual payment  three installments  Visa, MasterCard & American Express (COLLECT THOSE POINTS)  internet or ATM
  9. 9. Benefits to Members Continued No INTEREST or SERVICE CHARGES – additional 3% savings SPOUSES and DEPENDENTS living at home are eligible Convenient no obligation TELEPHONE and ONLINE quotations with immediate binding of coverage option SUPERIOR Claims Service  2010 Claims satisfaction survey Waterloo Scored 92.1%  24/7 Claims Service across North America with one toll free number
  10. 10. Program Marketing Communication CHANNELS with your members/ employees via member/ employees newsletters, internet/ intranet site (web banner), emails, direct mail, and new member/ employees kits QUARTERLY reminder marketing to all eligible group members/ employees PARTICIPATION by Waterloo Insurance at member/ employees events
  11. 11. Automobile Insurance Coverage Private passenger vehicles Utilities vehicles Vans and trucks Motorcycles (Cruisers) Snowmobiles ATVs Recreational vehicles including campers, trailers and motor homes Antique vehicles High Valued vehicles
  12. 12. Automobile Insurance Discounts Anti-Theft (5 – 10% ) Conviction-free (15%) Graduating License (10%) Mature Driver / Age (5 – 15%) Multi-vehicle (20%) Retiree (15%) only applies to 65+ of age and received no employers income (only pension) for previous 6 months Student living away from home (50 – 75%) Multi-policy (5 – 10%)The appropriate GROUP DISCOUNT applies to the policy premium
  13. 13. Property Insurance Coverage Package policies are written on a SINGLE LIMIT basis to guard against INFLATION and UNDER insurance:  HOMEOWNER’S PACKAGE – coverage for the homeowner on building, contents, extra property limits and personal liability  TENANT’S PACKAGE – coverage for the tenant on contents, extra property limits and personal liability  CONDOMINIUM OWNER’S PACKAGE – coverage for the condominium unit owner on contents, extra property limits (including improvements and betterments, contingent loss and property loss assessments in accordance with Provincial Condominium Acts) and personal liability
  14. 14. Additional Property Insurance Coverage Rental and Seasonal Dwellings New Home Construction Policies Vacation Trailers and Campers Watercraft, Jet crafts, and Yachts Earthquake Increases Liability Limits Jewelry, Cameras, Sports Equipment, etc. Personal Umbrella Liability
  15. 15. Property Insurance Discounts Burglar/ Fire Alarm (5 – 10% ) Claims Free (15 – 25% ) Mature Homeowner (5 – 15% ) Mortgage Free (20% ) Multi-resident (5% ) Newer Home (1 – 35% ) Renewal (5% ) Multi-policy (10% ) The appropriate GROUP DISCOUNT applies to the policy premium.
  16. 16. Program Policies Quotation forms available upon request Easily and convenient Submit via email, fax or face to face consultations
  17. 17. Contact Information Cathy Luciano, C.A.I.B 5526 Manotick Main Street P.O. Box 149 Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A2 T. (613) 692-3403 ext. 204 F. (613) 692-0695
  18. 18. Thank you!