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LinkedIn Basics

LinkedIn Basics



This is an introduction to LinkedIn, presented to University of Alberta students, staff and alumni at ProfessionalU. Topics included why join LinkedIn, what a profile looks like, aspects of profile ...

This is an introduction to LinkedIn, presented to University of Alberta students, staff and alumni at ProfessionalU. Topics included why join LinkedIn, what a profile looks like, aspects of profile creation and basic searches users can perform on LinkedIn



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    LinkedIn Basics LinkedIn Basics Presentation Transcript

    • { LinkedIn Basics ProfessionalU, March 10, 2014 Presented by Christine Gertz
    • LinkedIn’s Background
    • { {2008 ❧ 32 million members ❧ 2 billion annual page views ❧ Revenue: $79 million 2013 ❧ 277 million members ❧ 47 billion annual page views ❧ Revenue: $1,529 million LinkedIn Growth
    • { {Canada ❧ 7 million members ❧ 24% are in Toronto ❧ 12.6% Finance ❧ 11.2% Manufacturing ❧ 10.1% High Tech ❧ 8.8% Medical ❧ 8.2% Education http://www.techvibes.com/blog/link edins-seven-million-canadian-users- 2013-05-13 Edmonton ❧ 200,000 members ❧ 17% Manufacturing ❧ 10.1% Finance ❧ 9.6% Education ❧ 8.7% Construction ❧ 8.3% Medical http://fixedsocial.com/edmonton- linkedin-marketing/ LinkedIn in Canada
    • ❧ LinkedIn is for business networking ❧ Recruitment ❧ Employment discovery ❧ Their target group is professionals ❧ Have recently reached out to potential college students ❧ LinkedIn wants text ❧ search functions rely on text content = keywords ❧ LinkedIn went public in May 2011 ❧ LinkedIn makes money with subscriptions, marketing and advertising LinkedIn Concepts
    • {How LinkedIn Has Turned Your Resume Into A Cash Machine by George Anders, July 16, 2012 Forbes cover story “LinkedIn enjoys a vast sweet spot…helping fill high-skill jobs that pay anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 or more a year.”
    • ❧ Right now, you can still find employment by applying with own resume to a job posting ❧ LinkedIn is not an “unemployment solution” ❧ Your profile may increase LinkedIn’s revenue but may not offer you any measurable returns ❧ Organizations use LinkedIn as an ATS ❧ How knowledgeable are you about ❧ Companies ❧ Professionals ❧ Occupational opportunities (job titles) in your industry, profession, area of research? Still want a profile?
    • ❧Photograph ❧Headline ❧Vanity URL ❧Connections ❧Summary ❧Education ❧Experience Main Profile Features
    • ❧ Profiles with a photograph are 7 times more likely to be reviewed ❧ Good photo: ❧ If I was meeting you for the first time, I could identify you in a room full of strangers ❧ Context appropriate ❧ Graduate photo? Limited time only ❧ Poor photo: ❧ Inappropriate ❧ Obviously a selfie Photograph Professional photographs, a headshot, cost $150- $400 depending on number of pictures and settings.
    • You are revealed in a search by the text, phrases and keywords, in your profile ❧ Job titles ❧ Professions ❧ Affiliations ❧ Employer ❧ Educational Institution ❧ Degree ❧ Skill sets ❧ Languages ❧ Region/postal code ❧ Name is also a keyword, do not use a nickname Keywords
    • ❧ ❧ National Occupation Classification ❧ ALIS’ OCCInfo ❧ O*NET Online ❧ 2500 Keywords to Get You Hired ❧ Perfect Phrases Series ❧ Finding Needles in a Haystack (3 vols) by Wendy Enelow ❧ Word Pot http://www.wordpot.com/Default.aspx ❧ Google Keyword Planner https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home ❧ Ad Words (sign up required) Finding Keywords
    • ❧ Default is to use your current job title ❧ Current job title may not match your occupational career goal ❧ Integrate different roles and skills ❧ Add specificity to your profession ❧ Teacher, French language education, Curriculum Development, Instructional Design ❧ Teacher, Social Studies, Canadian History, Museum Educator, Historical Interpreter ❧ Civil Engineer, Water Engineering, Flooding, Disaster Recovery ❧ Civil Engineer, Infrastructure, Construction, Roadways ❧ Your career is so new it does not have a name, but a set of skills or associated media/tools Headline
    • ❧ Vanity or custom URL ❧ Useful on business card, email signature or paper resume ❧ Can change only 3 times and 6 months between changes ❧ Connections ❧ First degree : connected to you • If you have no or few 1st degree connections, LinkedIn attaches a warning to your profile ❧ Second degree: connected to your first level connections ❧ Third degree: connected to your second level connections ❧ Endorsements ❧ You can only write Recommendations and provide Endorsements for 1st degree connections Connecting
    • ❧ 2000 characters ❧ Write in 1st person ❧ Use appropriate tense ❧ Write a keyword rich narrative ❧ Prose ❧ Point form ❧ Can use Highlights from your Master Resume ❧ Talk about professional goals that you may not have been able to realize in your Experience Getting Bullets in LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin- makeover.com/2012/06/28/linkedin-profile-bullets-symbols/ Donna Serdula LinkedIn-Makeover.com Summary
    • { {Education ❧ Post-secondary ❧ Institution ❧ Major ❧ Minor Experience ❧ Job Title ❧ Employer ❧ Location ❧ Separate positions within same organization (promotion, lateral move, job duties changed) Education & Experience
    • ❧ Create a policy for who you want to connect with ❧ Explains more about the projects you are interested in ❧ Make use of this space if you are looking for freelance and contract employment ❧ Entrepreneur opportunities ❧ Can explain more about your background if your area is obscure or new Advice for contacting
    • ❧ Publications ❧ Should I include my thesis? ❧ Honors and Awards ❧ Volunteer Experience ❧ LinkedIn would like to provide a volunteer marketplace ❧ Organizations ❧ Can include role in organization, such as Treasurer, Communications, Social Convener, Vice President ❧ Languages ❧ Interests ❧ Additional Information ❧ Groups Additional Areas
    • ❧ LinkedIn will help you build your profile ❧ Offers a robust database of organizations ❧ While making changes turn off your activity broadcast ❧ Account & Settings>>Privacy & Settings >>Turn on/off activity broadcasts ❧ You need to use diverse but relevant keywords ❧ Develop what first? ❧ Summary ❧ Education ❧ Experience ❧ Open to searches ❧ Edit Your Public Profile Completed Profile
    • ❧ Subscriptions? ❧ Job Search ❧ Interests Menu ❧ Join Groups Tools
    • ❧ You can see the keywords a person used to find your account if you have LinkedIn Premium ❧ There is no evidence that suggests you need any Premium service (including Job Seeker Premium) to find employment ❧ Costs between $20-$55/mo. ❧ LinkedIn also offers a “Featured Applicant” perk LinkedIn Subscription?
    • ❧ ❧ Search within People, jobs, companies and more field ❧ In the Advanced Menu: Jobs ❧ Change results to Sort by Date Posted Most Recent ❧ Limit by Location ❧ Try other keywords ❧ Follow Companies and check their Job Boards ❧ Apply Now Feature ❧ Name of the recruiter ❧ Groups may also offer Job Boards Job Search
    • { ● Companies to Follow ● Groups to Join (50) ● Pulse = News ● Education – get crowdsourced statistics on employment, ind ustries and alumni Interests Menu
    • ❧ Alumni group ❧ Discipline specific alumni group ❧ Professional association ❧ Other discussion, awareness, research and interest groups on LinkedIn ❧ Show/hide group affiliation on your profile ❧ Set individually ❧ Group membership allows you to connect with other members even if they are outside of your network ❧ Limit is 50 Groups
    • Join CAPS’ LinkedIn group to connect with working professionals: ❧ Ask questions about the day-to-day realities of a job ❧ Get feedback on work search methods and tools ❧ Browse profiles to learn about different career options Search “University of Alberta Career Network” on LinkedIn.com U of A Career Network
    • ❧ LinkedIn Training from LinkedIn, http://help.linkedin.com/app/home ❧ How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile... And 18 Mistakes to Avoid by Brenda Bernstein (Kindle) ❧ http://imonlinkedinnowwhat.com/ by Jason Alba ❧ http://www.librarything.com/profile/capsresource items tagged “LinkedIn” Sign up, complete your profile, get connections and update once a day (share a news story, make a connection, post a job to your updates) More on LinkedIn
    • { Questions? Please don’t forget the evaluation forms