How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?


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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?

  1. 1. How Effective Is The Combination Of Your MainProducts and Ancillary Texts? By Christina Daniella Ampomaa
  2. 2. IntroductionMy A2 media studies coursework required my group and Ito make a film trailer go together with an ancillary task ofmaking a film poster and magazine cover for the film.Thriller is the genre of the film, and so I put together thecodes and conventions of a thriller and the unique sellingpoint of my film into three different products. I did this inorder to make the film expand and attract and keep theaudience engaged and interested in the film. This willincrease the effectiveness of the whole packageI will show how the combination of the two products withthe trailer portray effectiveness…
  3. 3. The Film PosterAfter researching and annotating a real film poster(I researched the poster for Inception view theposter annotation on the next slide),the purpose ofa poster became clear to me and the purpose is toadvertise the film through the title, the imagesportrayed, the actors’ names, the design/coloursand the tagline. Using these elements to make theposter sellable, attractive and connected with theother products. My group and I created our ownfilm poster. The next slide is my analysis of theInception poster.
  4. 4. Inception poster analysis
  5. 5. My film Poster AnalysisThe main image in the The names of the mainposter is part of the actors are put at the topsynergy campaign for the of the poster to attractfilm as the same image is the audience to the filmportrayed on the film as people usually look tomagazine as well this. This see who is in it as it canimage is placed in the sometimes be a decidingmiddle to get the factor. Theses names canaudiences attention and to also be seen in the traileradd to the thriller elementof the poster . The NOVA logo shows the audience who the film is being advertised by and helps gain the audiencesThe film tagline makes the interestaudience gain a higherinterest in the film as thetagline plays with ones head . The film title is in the The background of the poster is same font in the trailer The review on the poster has given dark and helps reflect the and the film poster the film 4 stars would give the thriller aspect of the film and showing links between audience the impression that the film having one main character and the products. The title is worth viewing as it has been rated the location of the thriller in the also indicates the thriller by popular and highly respected background adds emphasis to genre signifying mystery newspapers. the thriller aspect of the poster . and gore.
  6. 6. Film Poster AnalysisEven though the film poster is simple, I believe itsquite effective because it attracts the audience andis associated with the film trailer and magazinecover. This is mainly done through the image of thepossessed guy in the middle of the poster , whichstands out in the poster as it is the central imageand it’s the first thing you see when you look at thetrailer. This catches the eye of the audience, and itprovides synergy by being the image on themagazine cover and featuring in the trailer. Theposter also features an image of another maincharacters to creating appeal for the audience.
  7. 7. The Magazine CoverAfter researching, analysing and annotatingmagazine covers for films especially EmpireMagazine (I researched and annotated the Empiremagazine cover for Inception view the next slide toview the annotation) I discovered that the covershould include the USP of the film and the maincharacter/s so that the audience can make linksbetween the cover, poster and trailer. I chooseEmpire magazine to create a cover because it is afamous film magazine in the UK, and is the best interms of attracting a film audience.
  8. 8. The actors posture indicates to the audience that he is a man who The title of the magazine An image of the main has some serious business to takeThe fact that the title is in character in the film care of . Leonardo Dicaprio is thecapitals immediately main character of the film whichcaptures the audiences indicates his importance as an A-attention and so does the list actor.brightness The name of The tile of the film INCEPTION’s director. being promoted This is done to promote the film The gun gives the Barcode audience a clue of what the genre is The success of this film is being used to promote Inception Inception magazine cover analysis
  9. 9. My Magazine Cover Analysis A little incentive forThe magazine’s company Issue date and price people to purchase The dark background of thename in bold going across the magazine magazine cover is black with athe top of the cover. The red couple white clouds creating a darkletters catch the attention of and misty tone which is alsothe reader attracting them to reflected in the background of thepurchase the magazine film magazineOther content of the magazine Magazine web addressaligned on both sides of themagazine in a bold white font to An image of the possessed teenagerfurther attract the reader In the film is shown in a larger size . The image is the main focus on the page. His facial expression is tenseThe film title in the same font as and adds to the thriller element ofthe other two products promoting the magazine cover. The look in thesynergy across all three media characters eyes creates a sinistertexts. The title is in a readable tine making the audience questionfont which I believe is large his state of mindenough to attract the reader The tagline is displayed beneath the title of the film .Incentive for the readers to buy The tagline gives the readersthe magazine a little hint of what the film could be about enticing them to go and watch itThe pictures on the magazinecover would attract the reader to Barcodebuy the magazine as they arepictures of newly released films.
  10. 10. I think that the magazine displays effectiveness incombining with the other products, as itcontinues with the image of the possessed manin the middle, it adds emphasis to the thrillergenre of the film and it gives the reader reasonsto buy the magazine. I would also change thelayout of the cover to make it more simple sothat it is more eye catching and less crowded.
  11. 11. The ThrillerAfter researching teaser trailers, (I analysed the Inceptiontrailer), I learnt that the trailer is the basis for which thethemes, characters, images, colours and symbols of the filmand its synergy campaign are first taken, as it shows parts ofthe film. Overall I think that our trailer adds effect to theoverall package, as it includes the same characters, coloursand themes as the magazine cover and film poster. Forexample, there are shots of the possessed teenager who goeson a murderous rampage during the trailer and this goes toshow the repetition of this image meaning the audiencewould know they are part of the same film by looking at thethree media texts. The font that is used in the titles of thetrailer is the same font used in the film poster, which alsocreates a link for the audience across the media texts.