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Detailed presentation the services Pro Events Group provides in English.

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Pro Events Group Service Eng

  1. 1. We provide full professional support in organizing conferences,seminars, trainings, business meetings and other special events.Our contribution to helping you have a successful event is flexibleto meet your needs, budget and objectives. You may not need allof the services we can offer but perhaps most importantly, ourmanagement support will anticipate potential projectcomplications and engineer suitable solutions. Why choose Pro Events GroupOur mission is to provide our Clients with flexible, creative andtimely event management services that will help them achievetheir most ambitious marketing goals and strategiccommunications objectives.We possess the five essential qualities, which guarantee that yourevent will be a total success:Flexibility People skills Perfect time managementOrganization Passion Accountability to the commitmentsBy carefully planning the processes and delivering all that isnecessary, Pro Events is completely dedicated to the success ofyour event.Committed to this success is also our team, who is highlyexperienced, with events executed not only in Bulgaria, but alsoacross Europe.
  2. 2. At Pro Events we have individual approach to every event and itsspecifics. Among the events that we can arrange for you are:- conferences - seminars - meetings- product launches - trade shows- networking events - business dinners - press conferences- team building events - theme parties - incentive travel/events- opening ceremonies - award ceremonies - VIP events - various types of private eventsThe methodology of organizing the event depends entirely on itstype, topic, the number of attendants and the venue where it isheld. All related details are discussed with the Client in advance.After specifying all aspects Pro Events will prepare a detailedoffer, which will include everything necessary for the perfectrunning of your event. As the project advances, we will alsoattend to all additional matters and enquiries.
  3. 3. The Actual Services Concept development- Design graphically the event logo, invitation, power-pointtemplate, posters, banners and other printed and electronic eventmaterials;- Select the theming and dressing of the conference rooms, as wellas the supporting venue areas;- Choose the right music;- Produce opening and closing videos, video and 3D spots, videodiaries, containing relevant opinions or experiences interviews;prepare a closing video sequence with all the video materialsfilmed during the event. Venue management- Set up the layouts of the main event room, the breakout roomsand the dining areas;- Choose the menu and the refreshments, served during the event;- Draw up time table of the access timings for any suppliers;- Register the event attendees, assist them with hotel check-in andcheck-out, so that we eliminate any unnecessary queuing;- Administer luggage transfers to attendees’ rooms;- Prepare rooming lists;- Follow up on accounting arrangements and paying delegateextras.- Check the invoicing by the venue and agree any corrections, sothat the consumption billed is the actual one.
  4. 4. Attendee management- Produce event invitations and ‘Teaser’ campaigns;- Arrange the production of event packs and gift bags;- Set up event web-site, which will develop awareness, provideimportant information before, during and after the event;- Register your attendants on-line so that we collate specialrequests and needs;- Draw up table plans and name badges;- Initiate short icebreaker activities as well as focused activitieshelping delegates experience the event;- Facilitate and train the attendants;- Prepare and distribute feedback forms, after closing the event. Technical equipment- Design and supply of AV equipment, including staging,projection, sound, translation equipment, lighting and live videofilming;- Coordinate rehearsals and equipment testing;- Recommend solutions and presentational aids;- Coordinate speakers and presenters;- Book and manage external speakers and event hosts;- Prepare slides and presentations for your speakers;- Provide delegate interaction tools for participating in Q&Asessions. Logistics support- Airplane tickets;- Transfers from and to the airport; transportation services;- Hotel accommodation;- Catering services;- Organizing sight-seeing tours.
  5. 5. Experiential marketingExperiential marketing puts you brand in the center place. We cando this by creating an event, as we incorporate you in existing oneor improve your sponsorship package. Once decided on the exactevent format, we will take care of the entire event logistics, fromthe negotiation to the reporting.Through experiential marketing and by associating you with theright event, we will get your customers to feel your brand closer totheir needs and interests. Events PRWe are not a traditional PR agency, still we believe that it isessential that your publics receive all the key messages that youwant to communicate through your event. Pro Events will ‘sell’your idea to the media by developing a comprehensive mediastrategy, build media relations and prepare press-kits. Throughour media connections we will reflect on how the event waspresented in the media before, during and after it happened.
  6. 6. Get in touchAddress: 28 Georgi S. Rakovski Str., ap. 5, Sofia 1000 Phone: +359 2 442 90 50 Fax: +359 2 443 90 50 Mobile: +359 882 441 660 Mobile /office/: +359 889 119 050 Mail: As us for offer Ask us for offer by following this link. Thank you for your time!