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  • A lot of it’s about programming—you need programs that offer quick but meaningful interactivity, engagement, and that are so appealing that visitors recommend them to friends
  • You don’t need to start from scratch—try to repackage existing programs into something that will appeal to tour groups. For instance, pair a standard docent-guided tour with one of your hands-on activities and a mini-lecture
  • Identify your target audiences—are you ideal for scouting groups, adult hobbyists? Brainstorm and think outside the box. Then, market specifically to them.


  • 1. Make Your Museum a Tour Magnet Laura Wallendal, Co-Founder, EdTrips
  • 2. You need visitors stampeding!
  • 3. It helps: More revenue
  • 4. More engagement Finding a wider audience
  • 5. But being a magnet for groups is hard
  • 6. Whether you’re on the beaten track or not
  • 7. So how do we get groups eager to come on in?
  • 8. Marketing and Education must work hand in hand
  • 9. It starts with programs that tour groups love
  • 10. A wide variety of customizable programs from existing programming
  • 11. Hands-on art Historic interpretation
  • 12. Work with other venues to create “make a day of it” packages Be creative: “other venues” aren’t just museums
  • 13. Marketing: Find your audience and grab their interest
  • 14. Target your audience(s)! Don’t be genericcreate marketing specifically geared towards their interests to grab their attention in a crowded marketplace
  • 15. Tour group operator conferences, publi cations
  • 16. Create landing pages
  • 17. Video and photos are key
  • 18. Special interest groups Adult learning, scouts, h omeschooling
  • 19. Make it easy to sign up
  • 20. Thank You! Laura Wallendal, COO, EdTrips Laura@EdTrips.com www.EdTrips.com