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Nooka pitch2

  1. 1. Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -PICASSO A young child has no sense of time. She has no awareness of rules. She has the gifts the world provides her at her fingertips and has endless time to mold, to wonder, to manipulate and to create, into endless possibilities. She does not naturally seek that which is contained within a box with shrink-wrap and labels. Her interest wanders to the delicacy of a butterfly, the humming of a bee, the violence of the wind, the softness of her blanket. She does not understand that her bedtime is when she is supposed to feel tired from the long day and must go to sleep. She does not like to only watch the animations on the screen; she likes to make her own. She also does not feel hunger at breakfast time, or lunch or dinnertime. She reaches for her nourishment when her body instructs her to do so. She does not segregate her playmates at school by their color or their accent. She chases them all equally to see how they react to her instigations. She is One with the Universe and there are no limitations. She is free to experience; she is free to experiment. In turn, she is free to create in the way the universe is guiding her to. She was born an artist, the creator of her universe.
  2. 2. When asked to explain God, this child has no hesitations. The child can turn a car into a boat, a tree into a skyscraper, a field into a war zone, and the back yard into paradise. He can talk to squirrels, he can touch the sun, and he can tell the time by the way the chill feels on his skin. Why can he do these things? Because he still believes. The world has not yet molded only his brain. He is not afraid to be wrong. He still carries the promise of the extraordinary capability of human beings. No one has yet tried to teach him creativity, or conversely, told him, "you won't ever get a job doing that". He still owns the gift of human imagination. The child does not comprehend the phrase "beyond imagination", which is a contradiction in terms, created for the adult psyche in an attempt to help the grown up find a lost part of his mind and awareness - the adult who is desperately trying to break the box of his own limits, and reconnect with his imagination and "full potential". The child has no limitations placed upon his imagination in the first place that need reaching beyond of. The adult knows that imagination is the key to unleashing true creativity, so he seeks to once again believe anything is truly possible. The child who believes is already One with the Universe and is content. The adult who believes is searching for Utopia. In her Utopia, we are all One with each other and the Universe. We are each creators of the Universe (once again) and creators of the future. For the adult does have a sense of time, and of the future. She is concerned with what is to come. But until she enters into believing again, she does not truly understand how to mold the future as she so desires. Once she does, she becomes a true artist again. These are the artists that are now creating the future. These are the artists sharing their imaginations with the world and uploading their creations into digital space at hundreds of MB per second. These are the artists that are creating the world we live in. They create the revolutionary networks, the partnerships, the masterpieces, the fresh perspectives, the inspirations, the tangible and intangible, as well as the every day surprises. The world molds them, and they mold the world. They do so because they believe they can. The true believers are the true artists. So we know the believer still exists. Believers are out there; they did not all die as children grew up. Nooka has proven to be a true believer and a true creator of the future. Artists are now the trendsetters. Trendsetters no longer look to simply be the first to acquire, pass along, and repeat. Trendsetters now are creating the fashions, the mindsets, and the world. The real trendsetters are the true believers we've been talking about - the artists. There are many, many, many of them out there, and they are receptive to Nooka, and will embrace the brand upon the deepening of the relationship. Nooka is helping more of us become believers and artists. Nooka is challenging us to mold our Universe. Nooka is asking more of us to shift our perspective; to purposely look through the lens of the child until the vision exists without the glasses - until we truly believe again. Therefore, the creative campaign for Nooka is asking the same of the audience. Nooka believes we can reflect our complex purposeful minds in our external style - thus becoming witnesses to the world of the possibilities that exist within each of us - showing the world what Mindstyle truly is. This campaign gives Nooka, and the Nooka believers, a place in history - or in actuality, the future.