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Bio on ferdinand magellan

  1. 1. EARLY YEARS AND EDUCATION:Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in a very smalltown in Portugal. Magellan was born into a wealthyfamily and live a very privileged childhood. His father wasthe mayor of the town he was from. Given theconnections from his father, Magellan was able to assist in the royal court as a page to the Queen of Lisbon.He was given the opportunity to be tutored by the mostrespected tutors in Portugal. It was then when Magellandiscovered his interests in exploration andnavigation.
  2. 2. THE DE ALMEIDA EXPEDITION:Given Ferdinand Magellan connections with importantand wealthy people, it was easy for him to sign upand be apart of explorations departing from Spainand Portugal. In 1505 Magellan was given the chanceto go on expedition with the famous Fransisco DeAlemeida who was also known as the Viceory of India.Alemeida was very prepared for all of his expeditions,and had all of the right equipment. Magellen andAlemeida fired Islamic territory and established fortsand towns in Africa. Short after in 1510 Alemeidacaught news of Magellan illegitimately trading to theIslamics and faulted him of doing so. Magellen thenreturned home in Portugal ashamed and no onewanting to go on any expeditions with him.
  3. 3. THE STRAIT OF MAGELLAN:In 1520 between October andNovember four ships sailed outsearchingfor a opening around South America.Theywere able to find their way through thethe islands and waterways and found aopening up on the southern tip of thecontinent. That opening is known asThe Straight of Magellan to this day.Also,on November 28, 1520 Magellandiscovered a body of water that henamedMar Pacifico which is now known as thePacific Ocean.
  4. 4. DEATH OF MAGELLAN:After sailing to The Spice Island Magellanfoundhimself on Homonhon Island which is known asthe Philippines today. Magellen had aman with him that was able to speak thetheir language which was Malay. TheHomonhonIsland was uninhabited but locals spottedMagellens ship by Chief Humabon and tookMegellan to Cebu. Humabon and his wife wasled to Christianity and even so, HumabonconvincedMagellan to attack and destroy Lapu-Lapualso their enemies. Magellan rallied up his menand set out for their attack on April 27, 1521. Aturn of event, Magellan and his men were killedby the islanders and his body was never found.
  5. 5. RETURN TO SPAIN:On September 26, 1522 only one ship out offour returned and that was ship Victoria.The Victoria set out with 270 healthy menand returned 3 years later with a 18 verysick men. The ship Trinidad was able to findThe Spice Islands and loaded up on cinnamonand cloves. As Trinidad crossed the IndianOcean the ship had a leak and eventuallysank. Not all of the men died some werefortunate enough and swam to India and astime went they on found their way back to Spain.
  6. 6. LEGACY:A lot of assumptions were made about Ferdinand deMagellan. The main reasons for his expeditions were to finda route to The Spice Islands. He never intended to travel ina circle. Magellan was given the title of the first tocircumnavigate the world. But everyone believes that JoseSebastian Elcano who was the captain of the ship Victoriawhich was the only ship to return from Magellans expedition3 years later. People believed that Jose Sebastian Elcanodeserved the first circumnavigator title because Magellandied halfway in the expeditions and that he never wanted totravel in a circle but to find The Spice Islands. Magellan maynot have completed what he set out to do, but he did findother magnificent discoveries. He found the Pacific Ocean, agreat deal of islands, waterways, and also animals such aspenguins and guanacos.