VDAB Employment Services


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Presentation of VDAB - the Flemish Unemployment Agency in Belgium.

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VDAB Employment Services

  1. 1. Flemish Department for Labor and Professional DevelopmentBest practice in campaign management includingon-line matching pushed to target customer groupsiemke.idsingh@oracle.comMaster Principal Solutions ConsultantEMEA Public Sector
  2. 2. Employment Services in Belgium Belgium: Regional Public Employment Services Flanders BrusselsVDAB • Main public employment service provider Wallonia in Flanders (Belgium) • 5000 employees, 4 million customers • Partners with public and private employment service providers Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. VDAB statistics 2008* November 2009, VDAB website• Total budget € 520 million/year, € 49 million through partners• Customer Contact: € 50.5 million/year – 32+ million contacts – 10 million requests through public kiosk terminals – 60.000 daily visitors at www.vdab.be – 271.000 calls on free info number – 400.000+ jobseekers registered• Vacancies: € 25.6 million/year – 31.000 employers registered 1.1 million vacancies – Active mediation by consultants: 80% successrate – 300.000 jobseekers received matching vacancies – 119.000 jobseekers forced to apply for a job Vdab.be is jobsite of• Active, custom Job coaching: € 76.2 million/year – 188.000 jobseekers the year 2008 – 57+ % active in job after 6 months Clickx elections• Training: € 187 million/year – 135.000 trainings Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. VDAB statisticsNon employed job seekers – moving average* November 2009, VDAB website Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Classic Multi Channel approach does notmeet all business needs of VDAB• Reaching the customers in a more intelligent way – Segmentation – Multi channel (the cheaper the better) – Decentralized campaign management• Capturing feedback from targets – Mail opened ? – Click through on our website vdab.be ? – SMS-Bounces (hard & soft) ?• Statistical insight into job-seeker’s behavior and responsiveness• Better leveraging the operational systems (legacy) with little replication of data Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Job matching logic applied across all corebusiness processes• Job offers in multiple channels No jobseeker – VDAB officers in face to face contacts will leave VDAB without – VDAB call center officers by telephone a proper – VDAB employment officers to propose candidates to an employer joboffer,• Self Service for Jobseekers irrespective – VDAB website + VDAB self service stations of the choosen – Matching with personal jobseeker file channel• Automatic job matching at registration or re-inscription• Automatic weekly job matching and dissemination by e-mail or mail• Service level determination for a vacancy – the number of suitable candidates determines the degree of difficulty and the approach the VDAB-officer has to deliver Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Job matching - dramatic improvements incore business process – since 2003Elise solution of WCC• Every job vacancy is characterized by several requirements – occupation offered, educational level, linguistic knowledge, required mobility, place of employment etc.• Every jobseeker has a file at VDAB, which describes his – competencies, aspirations, expectations etc.• Elise solution compares the requirements of the job vacancies to the competencies, studies etc. of the jobseeker – This results in a matching score, which indicates the extent to which the profile of the jobseeker meets the requirements of the job vacancy• If the matching score is sufficiently high, the job vacancy will be communicated to the jobseeker entirely automatically Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Automatic Jobmatchingintegrated with Siebel Campaign Management• Goal: offer job vacancies to youngsters quick, efficient and in way that matches their world• Supporting additional business needs of VDAB – “Ad hoc” campaigns to all customers (Jobseekers + Employers) – Intensively activating jobseekers• Started as a Pilot project (Ostend region) – Part of the Flemish “youth work-plan”, target group • Young jobseekers under 25 years old, low/average skilled – For a selection of vacancies • Normal employment sources in the region • Vacancies of labeled Temporary Work Agencies: as a step to permanent jobs for youngsters• Operational september 2006• Currently generalised all over Flanders for young jobseekers Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Online automatic Job matching Solution overview CRM / Campaign Management Operational Customer SystemeMail Matching engine Elise Campaign Management Partner Portal Job seekers EmployersSMS Correspondence Click Through Daemon Bounce Daemon Query tool Vacanciesletter feedback feedback Integration Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Online automatic Job matchingSolution overview• Immediate online matching at registration of the vacancy• All candidates with a good matching score (+80%) – are transferred to the Campaign Management solution and – contacted immediately for this joboffer in a communication cascade • 1. by e-mail (if they have an e-mail adress) • 2. by SMS (if no e-mail, but a GSM) • 3. by letter (if no e-mail or no GSM)• Responses are captured and followed up – Communication & responses registered for follow-up in the jobseeker file – Job result is followed up individualy / globally with help of the Campaign Management solution Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. VDAB Campaign Management statistics* Oracle fact sheet September 2009• Volume per month – 110,000 e-mails containing job vacancies to job seekers – 40,000 text messages – 4,000 letters• When running ad hoc campaigns VDAB sends an additional – 115,000 e-mails – 40,000 text messages – 20,000 letters.“As a result of the current economic crisis, we are expecting a rise in youth unemployment,” Danneels said. “Over the coming year, the use of the job-matching tool will, therefore, rise sharply. We are expecting a three-fold increase. With Oracle, we have a scalable solution, allowing us to address these growing volumes and eventually decrease the unemployment rates.” Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Advantages & Lessons LearnedADVANTAGES LESSONS LEARNED• Better exploitation of organization’s • Announce new approach clearly to data sources target group to set expectations• Faster and more communication right and avoid negative reactions• Exploitation of “cheap” – This remains a sensitive topic communication channels • This changes your organization!• Adaptation of communication – Prepare your officers and your channel according to the target procedures for the inbound groups reactions of target group• Follow up of multiple • Follow up of the campaign communications and initiatives perception of the target group is• Now possibilities to “trigger” the necessary, as well as the evaluation jobseeker’s behavior of effectiveness of content and• Good integration with existing channels applications & procedures • A new step in process improvement Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Tangible innovation• Modern culture independent communication “Oracle provides us with the technologies (email, SMS) reaching out to infrastructure and the jobseekers of foreign descent applications that make it possible for us to provide job-seekers with• Increased output: more job vacancies offered rapid and specific information on to jobseekers: “Doing more with less” the availability of suitable jobs. We now reach three times more• Better functioning of the Flemish labor market people than before and have• Public Private partnership between VDAB reduced the time spent looking for work.” and the private temporary employment sector Paul Danneels,• Solution improved job counselors support Chief Information Officer, Flemish Job-finding and Vocational• Improved service to employers and Training Service (VDAB) jobseekers – Quicker, more concrete and targeted offers – Raising customer satisfaction – Extra time for other jobseekers Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. VDAB– organizational strategy through 2011• Targeting entire active population of Flanders (2.5+ million), rather than just the unemployed people• Aim of strategy is to enable VDAB to effectively manage a person’s entire career dossier, from positions offered, to training undertaken and support provided• Requires different communication channels – Personal web portals launched – Linked to Siebel Campaign Management• New enterprise IT architecture based on Oracle applications – Oracle CRM On Demand to facilitate a multichannel approach to contact job seekers quickly and in a personalized way – IT processes into Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications – Oracle’s service-oriented architecture – Oracle Business Intelligence to ensure visibility into information Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Architectural advise from Oracle• 3 year IT roadmap created between Oracle and VDAB• Roadmap validated by existing consulting partner• Business and IT aligned around the roadmap• Justification for enterprise effort Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Oracle across 2500+ VDAB employees “The combination of Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle’s Siebel Public Sector Case Management has significantly increased the informative value of the data, resulting in a clear increase in productivity.” Paul Danneels, Chief Information Officer VDAB Copyright © 2009. Oracle Confidential. All rights reserved.