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Christian Walker Portfolio 2011
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Christian Walker Portfolio 2011


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This is a selection of my student design work at the University of Texas at Arlington, School of Architecture.

This is a selection of my student design work at the University of Texas at Arlington, School of Architecture.

Published in: Design, Business, Education

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  • 1. C H R I S T I A N W A L K E R P O R T F O L I O
  • 2. c O n T e n T sweekend ReTReaT + sTudIOHandLey MIddLe scHOOLaRcHITecTuRe sTudIOLakewOOd cOMMunITy POOLnTTa TOLL bOTHwIne bOTTLe HOLdeRdRawIngs
  • 3. w e e k e n d R e T R e a T & s T u d I OThe University of Texas at Arlington 2008Professor: Bijan YoussefzadehThe design of a weekend home for a successful graphic designer as a retreat from her apartment in the city. Program requirementsare to make use of immediate and distant views. Client requests an owners retreat, separate guest suite, studio work space, amusic room, parking for clients and guests, library, living spaces, a small orchard, spa and lap pool. Architecturally the house isbecomes a wall to the road as well as making use of the existing trees to create a courtyard parti. The studio and music room areseparated from the main house by a shift in plan that also provides containment for the courtyard and creates the front terrace.Service and Served spaces are divided by circulation and thick load bearing walls spatially divides primary spaces while housingshelves, fireplaces, closets and built in furniture.
  • 4. Floor 2scale: 1” = 32’ Floor 1
  • 5. H a n d L e y M I d d L e s c H O O L, F O R T w O R T HThe University of Texas at Arlington 2011Professor: Don GatzkeCareful site analysis informed the strategy and design of this school design located in a historic district in east Fort Worth, Texas.This strategy tackles three main conditions, a twenty foot elevation change on the southern portion of the site, a large existingmassing of trees also on the southern side, and the confluence of two street grids. Given these conditions, School as a Treehouse became the idea for this design. The main classroom bar is immersed in the trees, with north/south orientation. This allowsfor generous natural light and breezes. When students arrive in the morning they journey through the treed courtyard then intothe school, then enjoy abundant views of the setting throughout the day. The main courtyard is also intended to become a majorcommunity space when school is not in session.
  • 6. site Plan Floor 0
  • 7. 01 02 scale: 1” = 128’
  • 8. classroom exterior View courtyard Viewclassroom View site Model
  • 9. east elevation section Facing east Through courtyard west elevationFacade study concept diagram sketch
  • 10. site analysis
  • 11. a R c H I T e c T u R e s T u d I OThe University of Texas at Arlington 2008Professor: Bijan YoussefzadehThe architect’s office is located in a dense San Francisco neighborhood surrounded by townhouses. Program requirementsinclude space for architects to work, a management office, conference room, work shop, a library, and adequate storage. Thisdesign divides the service and served spaces by the circulation. Outdoor space is comprised of a partially enclosed terrace andthe rooftop deck. The entrance is defined by and the result of tension from an extruding volume extending over a recessed space.A wall runs through the property to serve as a datum and for organization. Two intimate courtyards are also created and giveimmediate exterior views and become extensions to the interior rooms.
  • 12. Floor 01 02
  • 13. 03 04
  • 14. section Facing west
  • 15. section Facing east
  • 16. L a k e w O O d I n d O O R s w I M M I n g P O O LThe University of Texas at Arlington 2009Professor: Edward BaumThe first priority of this design is to establish a strong urban edge that defines a busy corner. The indoor community pool willoccupy the second floor space with the first floor devoted to retail tenants to help fund the pools upkeep. The new facadealso better defines the small park directly across the street creating an urban room for the community. The architectural ideacenters on designing a connector building that allows pedestrians to walk through to access whole Foods and retail eroded corner signifies the public’s entrance. care was taken not to excessively sacrifice existing parking since manypatrons drive to the site. Most significantly, the pool deck is elevated to the second floor taking advantage of exterior viewsand allowing the pool to integrate into the community by exposing the water and activity through a glass wall. an interiorcourtyard is also created with a small sprinkler park for children and space that can be used for community gatherings.
  • 17. site aerial
  • 18. Interior View of Pool deck
  • 19. Floor 1
  • 20. Floor 2
  • 21. section a-asection b-b
  • 22. Perspective View From Major corner
  • 23. n O RT H T e x a s T O L L R O a d a uT H O R ITy T O L L P L a z astructural steel construction drawing & design ProjectThe University of Texas at Arlington 2010Professor: Todd Hamilton
  • 24. w i n e b o t t l e h o l d e rThe University of Texas at Arlington 2009Professor: Marc McColumThis design is achieved by cutting one pvc pipe into twelve pieces and using pvc adhesiveto attach them together. The adhesive’s strength makes cantilevering the pieces possible.
  • 25. Ink Wash on Paper
  • 26. Hand DrawingBasilica Vicenza, ItalyArchitect: Andrea PalladioGraphite on Strathmore 20”x20”