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Soleg company presentation en 2013-03
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Soleg company presentation en 2013-03


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soleg group AG is an international distributor and project developer for regenerative energy systems. The company is active in the fields of photovoltaics, solar thermal, heating with wood, Sonnenhaus …

soleg group AG is an international distributor and project developer for regenerative energy systems. The company is active in the fields of photovoltaics, solar thermal, heating with wood, Sonnenhaus technology and wind energy. soleg was founded in 1994. Apart from its headquarters in Germany, the company is represented in the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Greece

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  • 2. REGENERATIVE ENERGIES FROM THE EXPERT • Distributor for photovoltaics, solar heating and wood-fired heating • EPC and turnkey provider of PV power plants and solar process heat • PV equipment and services • Wind energy
  • 3. Pioneers for regenerative energies – yesterday, today and tomorrow Soleg – your partner for regenerative energies Since 1994 we have already been planning and selling plants for the use of solar energy. Originating from an initiative for the collective buying of solar plants, we have become a competent and reliable partner for •installers, roofers and company technicians •planners and architects •private builders •operators of regenerative systems •investment companies •private equity investors •utilities
  • 4. Company history 1980 Beginning of the idealistic pioneer work: Solar collector mounting courses and organisation of collective purchase orders 1994 Founding of SOLEG Solar Einkaufsgemeinschaft Ostbayern GmbH 1996 Entering photovoltaics 2000 Cooperation with installers – entering distribution 2003 Entering business field of photovoltaic power plants 2007 Beginning of internationalisation 2008 Foundation of soleg s.r.o. Czech Republic (Pilsen) 2009 Foundation of soleg s.r.l. Italy (Arezzo) 2010 Sales office in Slovenia (Ljubljana) 2011 Sales office in Austria and representation in Greece, Office & Warehouse Verona, Italy 2012 Entering business fields of solar process heat and wind energy
  • 5. Complete dedication, for the sun – and for you. Our portfolio Distributor for photovoltaics, solar thermal and wood fired heating • Quality products from manufacturers that set standards with their innovations • Optimal price-performance ratio • Best service, even many years from now •Solar heating concepts for 100% independence Professional PV equipment and services Wind energy EPC and turnkey provider of PV power plants • e.g. shadowing analysis tool SunEye™ 210, distance meter Leica Disto™ D8 • Solar services for manufacturers, distributors and operators of solar plants • International project development, EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and sales of PV projects • Individual planning service from A-Z with investment guarantee • Site evaluation, planning, turnkey construction of plants, technical and commercial operations management • Experience in the project development of regenerative energy plants since 2003
  • 6. Distributor for photovoltaics, solar heating and wood fired heating • Technical planning and engineering of PV plants • PV installation training for new clients • All system components in stock – short delivery time • Fast provision of replacement modules in case of damage due to our extensive stock • Technical telephone support by engineers and technicians • Experienced since 1994
  • 7. PV equipment and services PV equipment: Tools for the installer - for professional advice and obtaining optimum yields with PV systems • Shade analysis tool Sun SunEye™ 210 • Distance meter Leica Disto™ D8 • Knipex tool box photovoltaics • Benning PV installation tester: Battery operated PV installation tester for mobile testing of mains coupled photovoltaic systems Services • Error analysis, quality and efficiency control of solar and wind power plants • Support with coordination and operative handling of exchanges or claims • Logistics and deadline coordination, stock and transport management • Property maintenance
  • 8. Our suppliers - International
  • 9. Distributor for solar heating and wood fired heating • own production of large scale collectors for roof or facade • Systems components (from domestic water heating and heating support up to the almost completely solar • heated building) • Warehousing of components – short delivery times • soleg chimney insert SKE • Warehousing of all system components – short delivery times
  • 10. Our specialty: Sonnenhaus – Living off and with the sun • The future way of living – maximum independence from classic energy sources • Highest living comfort with little energy consumption • Minimal heating costs and very low fuel requirement • Solar collector, passive use of solar energy through big window spaces, solar tank • Additional heating with logs or pellets • Solar system for heating and warm water can cover up to 100% of demand We offer planning and consulting competence from many sucessful Sonnenhaus projects
  • 11. Major turnkey PV projects Investment companies, private equity investors, general contractors and utilities also rely on our expertise. For power plants larger than aprox. 1 MWp on roofs and in the open we assume – according to customer wishes – responsibility for the entire realisation of the project or of partial services, for example: • as a technology and engineering supplier for general contractors • as a general contractor for the creation of turnkey solar parks on open land an on industrial roofs on behalf of investors • as a project developer: we create investment possiblities for institutional and private investors • technical and commercial business management
  • 12. References major PV turnkey plants Solar park Zorbau Hamburger Zeile, Germany • Start-Up: May 2010 • Installed capacity (kWp): 1.200 • Electricity production (year/MWh): approx. 1190,76 • Modules: REC, Inverters: REFU Solar park Montemarciano, Italy • Start-Up: May 2011 • Installed capacity (kWp): 1.000 • Electricity production (year/MWh): aprox. 1.360 • Modules: Sovello, Inverters: REFU
  • 13. References major PV turnkey plants Solar park Saalfeld / Saale, Germany • Start-Up: June 2012 • Installed capacity (kWp): 990 • Energy production (year/MWh): approx. 935 • Modules: REC, Inverters: Power-One Solar power plant San Martino D/A, Italy • Start-Up: June 2012 • Installed capacity (kWp): 923 • Energy production (year/MWh): approx. 1.100 • Modules: REC, Inverters: Power-One
  • 14. Solar process heat • Process heat for low-temperature industrial applications Use of thermal sun enery for processes under a hundred degrees Celsius (e.g. drying, washing, pasteurizing, bleaching, brewing, preheating) • SOLwash – system solution for operators and owners of car wash facilities – up to 60 per cent savings on heating costs Very good subsidy situation for solar process heat in Germany, it is also possible to upgrade existing facilities
  • 15. Heating with photovoltaics and heat pumps • The prices for photovoltaic systems have declined significantly. Thus, the production of heat from electricity generated by photovoltaics becomes more and more interesting. The electric energy is transformed into thermal energy with the help of a heat pump. • Photovoltaic energy can be used entirely for: - the use of electrical devices - the generation of heat - powering lighting (with use of a storage device) - feeding energy into the grid (according to renewable energy law – EEG)
  • 16. Wind energy • We are point of reference for private and public land owners who want to establish a wind power plant or lease space. • Services: Site evaluation, planning, turnkey construction of plants, technical and commercial operations management • We want to preserve the interests of all parties involved: We work in close coordination with authorities, municipalities, neighbors,farmers, land owners etc. We offer citizen participations. • soleg has gained experience in the development of regenerative energy projects since 2003. soleg is member of the German Wind Energy Association.
  • 17. soleg in Europe
  • 18. soleg GmbH Technologiecampus 6 94244 Teisnach/Germany Tel. +49 9923 80106-0 Fax +49 9923 80106-99 Renewables are our energy 18 soleg srl Via Ca Nova Zampieri 4e 37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR) Tel. +39 045 8750870 Fax +39 045 8751009