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Research task carrie

  1. 1. Unit 26: Film studies: PR2: Same Film, Different Time and Place Carrie Research Task and Article Writing Frame Carrie Trailers 2013 1976
  2. 2. Task 1 Find out the following information: Director Year of Production Distributor Budget Box office takings Sequels Carrie 1976 Brian De Palma 1976 United Artists 1,800,000 33,800,000 Carrie Carrie 2013 Kimberly Peirce 2013 Screen Gems 30,000,000 16,101,552 N/A Task 2: Read the articles about the new version of Carrie below and answer the following questions Article 1: interview with Kimberley Pierce Articles 2, 3 and 4: products related to the release of Carrie Task 3: THIS PART OF YOUR ARTICLE WILL FOLLOW DIRECTLY ON FROM YOUR COMPLETED WORK ON REC & QUARANTINE: Using the boxes below, continue with your article on remakes. Use your findings from the previous tasks to help you. When this work has been checked, cut and paste it into your work on Rec and Quarantine. Remember to illustrate your article with images from the films and any products that have been produced to tie in with the films (synergies)
  3. 3. 1. In two paragraphs, relate factual information about the version of Carrie produced in 1976 and the new version in 2013. Give details of the director, release date, distributor, and budget and box office takings. Describe the plot and cast briefly. The 1976 original film carrie created by director Brian De Palma about a young and timid 17 year old girl who is abused by her mother discovers she has telekinesis, and gets pushed to the limit on the night of her schools prom by a humiliaing prank. The film took the box office by storm, reeling in a total amount of 33,800,000. The cast of Sissy Spacek and John Travolta playing the roles of Carrie and Billy Nolan set a great atmosphere for the film with phenomenal performances. This is one of the films that started their success in an acting career. The remake of Carrie made in 2013 by director Kimberley Peirce was not so quick to its success using a budget of over 30,000,000. Even with the popularity of actress Chloë Grace Moretz, the film only reached a total of 16,000,000. 2. GiveKimberley Peirce’s reasons for remaking Carrie. Define the target audience for the film. I believe that the remake was made due to advancement in technology allowing the director Kimberley Peirce to grasp the audience with new techniques and styles that could not be created in for the original movie. The use of technology such as CGI would allow the audience to be immersed completely. Whereas the original would now be more than laughable for the effects they used. The director chose actressChloë Grace Moretz because she has originally stared in a big movie franchise like Kick Ass this made her popular for the target audience that Carrie was aiming at. As they used Chloe to attract the younger generation to the film. As the remake of the Film would attract the older generation as they would have seen the original. 3. Explain how some of Kimberley Pierce’s reasons for remaking Carrie could be to do with trends, particularly amongst the film’s target audience Kimberley Pierce’s reason for remaking Carrie is the rising trends of horror films being made this year. The audience loves to be scared but in the comfort of being around their friends and family. As the original Carrie was successful. The director would have proposed the idea to create a remake of the film as it would bring in more profit for people who have not seen the film. 4. Consider the companies responsible for the making of both films. What is their relationship? Describe the relationship and state why this is a financial factor.
  4. 4. The company that created Carrie in 2013 had to consider the popularity that Carrie originally had in 1976. The relationship that both Screen Gems and United Artists have in common is that they are both the production companies for the Carrie films. The reason that a remake was made is because with new advancements in technology a more modern film could be made with better special effects. This would appeal to a younger target audience but also would pull in a target audience that have seen the original but want to see if the modern version is better. This would maximise profits for both companies as the collective audience would pay to watch both films to compare the differences and similarities. 5. Consider the products that tie in with the release of Carrie and give details of: How synergy is a factor in the remake of the film How the films soundtrack will appeal to the target audience (try to find if any artists have released tracks individually to coincide with the release) Synergy is a big part factor for the films finacial profits as it ties in a lot of merchandise that you would have not found for the original Carrie film. Merchandise such as T-shirts, posters and toys could be found in shops, tis would create more profit towards the film but also promote the film so more people hear about it and the word gets spread that this is the film to see. The biggest profit that Carrie benefits from is the Stephan King novel that would have been rewrote to fit the film perfectly. The company would also put images of the film with the book so people can relate to what they have just watched. The soundtrack has taken songs from previous years and applied them to the film or certain artists have adapted work and made it to apply to the film. Certain songs such as Take a Walk – Passions Pits released their song years ago. The film company have hand selected these songs to fit the film in their image. Factors which influenced the remake of Carrie Financial factors Trends Genre and popularity Synergy (related products such as DVD’s/books/TShirts) Vertical integration (where a film company deals with the production, distribution and consumption of a film) In your magazine article you will need to comment upon all of the above P2 describe the relationshipbetween M2 explain the relationship between films and their D2 comprehensively explain the relationship between filmsand
  5. 5. films and theirproduction contexts withsome appropriate use ofsubject terminology[IE] production contexts with reference to detailed illustrative examples and generally correct use of subject terminology their production contextswith elucidated examplesand consistently using subjectterminology correctly Star Theory Why have producers of the carrie remake chosen Chloë Grace Moretz? The have chosen this actress because she has originally stared in a big movie franchise like Kick Ass this made her popular for the target audience that Carrie was aiming at. As they used Chole to attract the younger generation to the film. As the remake of the Film would attract the older generation as they would have seen the original.