Magazine cover presntation


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Magazine cover presntation

  1. 1. Magazine Front Cover Analysis Christian Owens
  2. 2. Do a mood board of different music magazines…..
  3. 3. Place a music magazine cover here, select one which will have a similar target audience to your own
  4. 4. Title of Magazine  I believe that this magazine is aimed at 15 – 25 male and female target audience. This is because the colours are red, white and black which don’t connote to specific female or male target audience.  The type of music that is being displayed is indie rock music because of the topics that the text is speaking about and also the main image of a Johnny Marr a world renowned Artist.
  5. 5. Masthead & Selling Line    The logo has been placed in the background of the magazine because the audience that would typically by this product would already know what type of magazine they are buying. The selling point for the audience to buy the magazine is the exclusive news story of Johnny Marr that can only be found at MOJO. This is amongst other thriller story from the music industry. The lettering is plain and bold so it is eye catching at first glance. The particular colours that are used as solid colours so that the text is easy to read and entices the audience to buy the magazine. Are there any other distinguishing features which would appeal to the target audience. Another feature that would appeal to the target audience is that they can get a free CD with the purchase of the magazine. Also it says that there are over 117 reviews to be seen in this magazine. This would leave the audience thinking that the magazine can kill time for them.
  6. 6. Main Image  The main image that is used for this magazine is celebrity promotion as they use Johnny Marr. The image is to look like Johnny Marr is choosing you for the magazine. This works well with the text used on the front cover as it shows a exclusive story with Johnny Marr, this is so the audience can put a face to a name and know that it is important.  The magazine came out around February 2014. Just as the artist on the front cover was promoting his album. Also the top of the magazine shows a 2013 preview.
  7. 7. Cover Lines & Main Sells  Tell me some about the cover lines and main sells  Placement and size of text in relation to image  Look at style of language used  Colour of cover lines & main sells  Italics or Bold use of text
  8. 8. Do the same thing for another magazine…select one with adifferent genre to make a good comparison.
  9. 9. Comparisons  This front cover is more bland, using white text for all headlines. The magazine focuses on using more images that are used showing off the bands. The target audience want to see you their favourite bands rather than the stories that are seen on the front cover.  The creator of the magazine has put a lot of promotion onto the front cover to sell the magazine much easily. Such as Free posters and stickers for the audience that have bought the magazine.
  10. 10. Ideas for your own magazine  Consider the following  Colours  I will be using colours such as Red and blue mixed with White and blacks to make a sophisticated Magazine that attracts the reader with bold colours.  Styles of text  Language used  A bold and plain text shall be used so that the text is clearly readable from a distance to catch the eye the audience. This also allows me to fill all the spaces with making the magazine look unprofessional.  A formal language will be used with some informal language depending on the topic that is being written. Such as a interview would be more informal than a headline.