Automating Monitoring with Puppet
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Automating Monitoring with Puppet



Talk on using puppet to configure icinga monitoring

Talk on using puppet to configure icinga monitoring



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  • Hello again,
    About my previous (most recent) comment (question!): Here's a ref to a post by a fellow with the same concern/question:
    Kind Regards,
    Ian James Gordon
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  • Hi,
    Are your hostgroups empty before Puppet collects nagios_hosts? If so, how do you deal with nagios failing to start because there is a service defined for the hostgroup while the hostgroup has no members? If not, what host(s) populate(s) your hostgroup(s) before puppet collects nagios_hosts?
    Kind Regards,
    Ian James Gordon
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Automating Monitoring with Puppet Automating Monitoring with Puppet Presentation Transcript

  • Automating Monitoring with PuppetChris MagueMoovwebMay 23, 2012 1
  • Where I Want to be..... + 2
  • What Ill Settle For..... 3 View slide
  • RequirementsRock solid stabilityAutomated node addition (discovery)Scales horizontallyService dependency modelsEasy to write pluginsPromotes sane workflowsUnified front end viewFlexible configuration 4 View slide
  • Tool Stack 5
  • What????but #monitoringsucks and #ihatenagios How could you? 6
  • In defense of Nagios Been around since 1996 Has Service dependencies Easy to write plugins Easy-ish to troubleshoot ROCK SOLID 7
  • Valid attacks on NagiosNo automated discoveryIts complicated to setupText files – really?Front end wont win any beauty contestsDevelopment is slowStats collection is a PITA 8
  • SolutionsUse Icinga!Use Puppet to auto configureStats – leave it to graphite. Its really good at thatBig boys and girls learn their tools 9
  • IcingaFork of NagiosConfigurations are compatibleMore solid architecture ( core, API, Web, IDODB )Nice front end, nice mobile front endCan use NRPE 10
  • High Level View 11
  • Configure Icinga Serversusing Puppet Standard Types 12
  • Things to configure with Standard Typesicinga.cfg (file) => icinga main config fileApache icinga.conf (file) => http access to each servercgiauth.cfg (file) => cgi accesscgi.cfg (file) => options, userstemplates.cfg (file) got lazy => use for basic classesidomod.cfg (template) => template for hostname to DB 13
  • Configure Icinga using Nagios Types 14
  • Puppet Nagios Typesnagios_command nagios_hostgroupnagios_contact nagios_servicenagios_contactgroup nagios_servicedependencynagios_host nagios_serviceescalationnagios_hostdependency nagios_serviceextinfonagios_hostescalation nagios_servicegroupnagios_hostextinfo nagios_timeperiod 15
  • Configuring Hosts 16
  • Overview 17
  • Detailed Overview 18
  • Store ConfigsStore puppet info in a DBRetrieve information from DBShare info across nodesUse thin_storeconfigsSet up on puppet master 19
  • Exporting Nagios_host ResourcesExport = Save to DBUse facter for dynamic dataPRO TIP: use ENCPRO TIP: use targetsPRO TIP: hostgroupsPRO TIP: use tags 20
  • PRO TIP: Use your ENC 21
  • PRO TIP: use targetsUse cfg_dir in icinga.cfgCreate a unique file per host or serviceAddition and removal are now super easyAlso default dirs are in a horrible place /etc/nagios 22
  • PRO TIP: hostgroupsAdd machines to a hostgroupAdd services to a hostgroupNew machines inherit all of the services associated with a hostgroup 23
  • PRO TIP: use tagsTags allow you to filter resources so that you only realize those resources that you need 24
  • Configuring Services/Commands 25
  • Icinga ServicesOR Stuff I want to monitorAssociate with a hostgroupUse a target 26
  • Icinga CommandsOR What actually gets runUse Macros to set paths in resource.cfg 27
  • Dependencies 28
  • PRO TIP: DependenciesUnreliable servicesCut down on the number of alertsTell me whats really wrongRoute alerts accordingly 29
  • Nagios_servicedependencies 30
  • NRPE 31
  • NRPERuns on clientSecured via SSLHas ACLsRuns as nobodyCan run commandsUseful for other things... 32
  • Configuring NRPE 33
  • NRPE Checks 34
  • Plugins 35
  • 36
  • Writing PluginsWrite in any languageOutput 1 line to stdoutNRPE/Icinga/Nagios all use exit codes to determine statusRun by hand to check 37
  • Workflows 38
  • Watching Monitoring 39
  • Scheduling Downtime 40
  • Filtering 41
  • Alerting 42
  • #monitoringisawesomeREMOVE unreliable checksJust MONITOR – dont bolt on - especially statsTIER your monitoringUse timeperiods for sanityDelegate responsesUse dependencies to pin down problems quicklyWork smart 43
  • 44
  • ResourcesIcingahttp://icinga.orgPuppet, #icinga,, @maguec, #gaijin (freenode), http://blog.mague.comThanks 45