Uk pv market strategy execution cb


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Operational plans for entry into the UK solar photovoltaic market.

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Uk pv market strategy execution cb

  1. 1. Wir entwickeln Energie und MärkteSunEnergy in the United Kingdom:Strategy ExecutionChristian BogueMonday May 2nd, 2011Hamburg, Germany
  2. 2. Market Entry Strategy….Remember this?● Outsourced sales to micro-installers● Serve the early-phase, new entrant installer market● good potential, but have practically no business in PV● In house sales to established retail partners● Become the dominant supplier for local market leadinginstallers: firms with 20-30 installs per month● Targeted Niche Development● Build SEE brand in 1-2 vertical markets….● Such as district councils and/or state-funded schools● Tailored marketing strategies required● Serve carbon reduction compliance markets● Where PV is seen as tool to comply with environmental lawand not as an income generating asset
  3. 3. Sales Agents Services, Ltd. – Sales Territory and Product Portfolio● Two regional agents serving:● England, South East● England, South West● These regions have the UK’s highest insolation; equivalentto selling in Bavaria● Product offering will be straight components● No engineering work needed (Auslegung)● No warehousing work needed (assembling PV Kits)● Components shipped weekly or bi-weekly● By the container full, from Hamburg (no facilities in UK)● Companies using this service already:
  4. 4. Sales Agents Services, Ltd. – Sales Cycle Process1. Agents makes informal “soft offers” to customer2. Formal offer drafted by SEE sales team3. Sales cycle from Monday AM to Sunday PM;1. weekend orders added to last week’s cycle2. delivery order made on following Monday3. Orders bundled into batches by the container4. Sales reporting due to CB by Monday 12 noon4. Customer makes payment to SEE; SEE makespayment to Agent
  5. 5. Established Retail Partners● Considered as „Key Accounts“● Restricted to major demand centers: London, Birmingham, Leeds, etc.● Key Accounts evaluated by:● Length of time in PV● Total installed power to date● Total installations to date● Monthy installed power● Monthly installations● Date of MCS certification● Quality of website● No. of staff allocated to marketing/sales● Number of employees
  6. 6. Top Demand Centers – Our Geographical Focusrank City Population1 London 7,172,0912 Birmingham 970,8923 Glasgow 629,5014 Liverpool 469,0175 Manchester 464,2006 Leeds 443,2477 Sheffield 439,8668 Edinburgh 430,0829 Bristol 420,55610 Leicester 330,574
  7. 7. London based Installers● “Greater London”defined by theencircling M25motorway.● GeographicallyDense: all pointsaccessible via theTube.● Direct flights fromHH.
  8. 8. The regretful reality: EcoBuild leads● Project developers and investors pulled out of the market● Most of the installers leads….● Have no experience to date…● …or are newly MCS certified● …or are engineers wanting to start their own company.● Expect marketing/sales support first, before buying product● Those already established very hesitant to switch suppliers;● Our USP must be superior to their current suppliers.● ….but defining this as a foreign firm not on location is difficult.
  9. 9. London & Partners – Touchdown Programme● L&P is an economic development agency attracting newbusinesses to the UK; They’re offering:● Desk space for 12 months at a cost of 112€/month, incl:● Phone and internet connections● Receptionist services (mail, message taking, etc.)● Printing, photocopying, faxing, etc.● Access to meeting room● Meant for new businesses not yet ready to hire personnel oropen their own office, but need to be close to the customer.● Perhaps something for SEE?
  10. 10. Defining our Niche(s)● Strategic alliances with the following firms to leverage ourrespective strengths:● Town&Country – Energy Shed● SolarShire – higher education sector● DueSouth Energy – agricultural sector● Tripos Consulting – affordable housing sector● What does this strategic alliance look like?● Website content Joint press relations, etc.
  11. 11. Website Development● International SEE site too vague to fit to UK market● “Roof & Land Owners…” who does that mean?● Investors? Not in a micro market like the UK.● Individual tabs for our target groups needed● Information on UK FiT, FAQs, etc. needed as well● UK Contact Us information● Logos of BPVA and REA membership● Good News is: & are already reserved
  12. 12. Defining a TimelineMarket “entry” is inherently only a temporary process until said market is“penetrated.” What that means for SunEnergy, however, has yet to bedefined. In line with our corporate strategy and financial and humanresources, the company needs to answer the following questions:How do we know when the market is “entered?”What milestones are we using to define this?In what time frame does this fit?Without knowing the answer to these questions, we will not be able tomeasure our success or even know when the process can be completedand handed over to formal sale staff.Just a thought.
  13. 13. Thank you.