Design for persuasion


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Introduction on design for persuasuion, with Belgian and international examples.

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  • Off line persuasion in daily life. -Speed control- Government campaigns on driving more safely and carefully- Safe Sex, numerous campaigns after aids in 80’s
  • WII Sports/revalidation with the elderlyKine reaction – speed/balance tinetti test (valpreventie test)Ergo motoriek, attention, problem solvingcoordination eyes/hands/general condition/memoryLogo attention/verbal/visionSocial Grant children/competition/Unique within geriatriePsyche –New element whithin the cure for the problem/less depression (will be reseached with psycholoog
  • 6 billion others, What have you learnt from your parents? What do you want to pass on to your children? What difficult circumstances have you been through? What does love mean to you? BNP Paris Bas - French initaitiveInternet makes this possible to bring it world wide, no bounderies here
  • Schmap, city guides, uses flickr to get photos for their city guides. Stimulating to make beautiful pictures and to tag wellCitysense, mobile app where you subscribe, and analysis where your interests are, the more you use it, the more profilig there is, the more directions you get to go theatres, film, disco, bars musea etc…Who took my badjas and SMAA, are perfect examples how to create fans for brands, stimulate people to buy, or subscribe to digital services/tv, the latter is cross media campaign, and because of its success, they also started a community around it. For SMAA, is playing with the social media hype (although I think we can not speak of hype anymore.
  • FutureInternet as a mass mediumMobile as a necessity (development countries)Once data communication is cheaper, it will be bigger then the internetChannelsOnline videoGames (edutainment/education/simulation and so forth)Mobile devices /smart devices/ Specific persuasive devices (WII+ IPOD in combination with sensors Nike+)Social media and networks (Social/global/theme Based)
  • Market growthCommerce (buying and branding)Education (edutainment from the old days, now possible online, learning processes,simulations for security in companiesHealthcare ( building for addicts), specific persuasive devices (WII fitness)Non profit area, global awareness, make people conscious and influence for a better world
  • Kind a tricky, there are probably more examples…., but these are pretty actual.Let it ring - collectiveWII for revalidation - healthcareBranding and marketing (who took my badjas en sonyviao – SMAA) – branding and -Nike+ - wellness
  • Design for persuasion

    1. 1. Design for persuasion<br />Christel De Maeyer<br />October 1st 2009<br />
    2. 2. Off line persuasion<br />
    3. 3. <ul><li>wii = kiné
    4. 4. wii = ergo
    5. 5. wii = logo
    6. 6. wii = sociaal
    7. 7. wii = psycho
    8. 8. wii = verpleging
    9. 9. wii = wouw </li></li></ul><li>
    10. 10.
    11. 11. online<br />Social media – socializing<br />Schmap city guides – flickr<br />
    12. 12. Branding <br />Sony VIAO W serie<br />
    13. 13. Stef Andries on facebook:<br /> I&apos;m getting old today... Nope, not the *big one* yet... <br />One year to go. For colleagues, drop by my office for some koeken, <br />and don&apos;t forget your badjas<br />Branding<br />Who took my badjas – promoting digital tv<br />
    14. 14. Channels<br />Online video<br />Games (edutainment – blended learning – simulations)<br />Mobile -Smart Devices – Specific persuasive devices (Ipod+Nike+, WII)<br />Social media and networks (Local/global/theme based)<br />