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PHD USA selected seven seniors at The University of Georgia's Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication to participate in a "creative collective" in which the students undertook media research projects assigned by PHD. In March, the students—aka "The Grady Bunch"—traveled to New York and presented their findings to PHD staffers and their partners.

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Phd Consumer Insight Presentation

  1. 1. CreativeCollectivePHD
  2. 2. group picturest h e g r a d y b u n c h
  3. 3. Understanding Hot-TechnologiesContext, Content & DevicesThe Ever-Presence of DigitalMultimedia Viewing of TV ContentFacebookStorytellingMedia vs. Creative Agencies
  4. 4. MILLENNIALS&MediaCurateCreateConceivePerpetuateInitiate
  5. 5. I’m a Millennial and Imy personal montage.[ ]tweetCanadian-American. Unofficial Massage Therapist.Wannabe Barefoot Contessa.
  6. 6. I’m a Millennial and I[ ]my personal montage.exploreNorth Carolinian. Concert-Goer. Football Fanatic.
  7. 7. technologiesHOTunderstanding
  8. 8. How do young adults learn about thecoolnewthing in technology?
  9. 9. I purchased my firstsmartphone out of peerpressure and the desireto be ‘with it’.“
  10. 10. The Network EffectInnovation InfluencersSocialgraphicsCrowdsourcing
  11. 11. Simplicity Is Key
  12. 12. How do consumers decide what makessomething blowup?
  13. 13. Communities of ParticipationTastemakersUnexpectedness
  14. 14. Tastemakers
  15. 15. Communities ofParticipation
  16. 16. Unexpectedness
  17. 17. The Age of the FeedInternal Validation &The Fear of Missing Out
  18. 18. What are the types of relationships thatMillennials have with their devices ?
  19. 19. Laptop. Tablet. Smartphone
  20. 20. LaptopThe Baby & Retail Catalog
  21. 21. Container of Precious InformationToolbox of Applications
  22. 22. Product RecommendationsPortal to the World of Internet CommerceBang for Your Buck
  23. 23. TabletA Luxury & The Entertainer
  24. 24. Center for Living Room EntertainmentGlorified iPhone
  25. 25. SmartphoneThe Buddy & The Fifth Limb
  26. 26. Fabric for the Modern RelationshipDetermination for Communication
  27. 27. Necessity for LifeAll-Encompassing Device
  28. 28. Enabling & DisablingTechnology Reflects Our ValuesOver-SaturationInterrupted Human Interaction
  29. 29. I’m a Millennial and Imy personal montage.[ ]pinMilitary Brat. Animal Lover. Beer Connoisseur.
  30. 30. ContentContextDevices&
  31. 31. How does the contextand contentof anad affect how young adults perceive it ?
  32. 32. On-Demand
  33. 33. prior product tastesMore receptive to new products if found on sites that arebased on previous preferences.
  34. 34. “More receptive to new products if recommended.If I find something I like onPinterest, Wanelo or Etsy, I’llsave it for later, even if I’venever bought from that brand orshop before.
  35. 35. How do Millennials perceiveinfomercials and directresponse?
  36. 36. “”Millennials are skeptical of infomercials. They lowerour opinion about the brand.I don’t really pay attentionbecause I don’t believe any of itanyway.
  37. 37. Guilty Pleasure Entertainment1-800-CheapProduct
  38. 38. What types of ads make Millennials look atbrands in a favorable light?
  39. 39. Similar StrangersThe Power of Celebrity
  40. 40. I’m a Millennial and I[ ]my personal montage.filterThor Doppleganger. #mrhashtag. Wood Worker.
  41. 41. ver presenceDigitalofE
  42. 42. How effective is a digital billboard vs. astandard billboard?
  43. 43. Digital ads can beupdated often... that couldbe put to use.“”Ads with relevant information can leave lasting impression.
  44. 44. #sftb
  45. 45. What are Millennials’ perceptions ofdigital screens?
  46. 46. I feel like a lot of thescreens in retail locationsare just clutter.“”Millennials don’t like clutter. Eliminate the noise.
  47. 47. Streamline Retail ProcessOffer Incentives & Helpful InformationThe Creation of a Digital Community
  48. 48. Do digital elements affectMillennials’ perceptions of a brand?
  49. 49. The Creep FactorOpt-In to the Network
  50. 50. I’m a Millennial and I[ ]my personal montage.blogFashion Blogger. Half-Filipino. Game Of Thrones Junkie.
  51. 51. television video&content
  52. 52. How do we engage with video entertainment?
  53. 53. “I like to marathon, but if Ireally like a show, like“The Walking Dead” I don’twant to miss out.
  54. 54. on-demand commandengage through relevancy
  55. 55. What devices do Millennials use to watchTV?
  56. 56. “I can just hold it. I don’thave a TV in my room somy laptop is my TV.
  57. 57. laptop is kingcomfort in scaling back
  58. 58. Are cable & TV networks stillimportant to us?
  59. 59. It came with my lease, but Ifeel like I’d still buy it becauseit’s cable... I wouldn’t knowhow to live without it.“”
  60. 60. I’ll find showsillegally if I can’t findthem anywhere else.“”
  61. 61. What types of behavior occur duringmulti-screen viewing?
  62. 62. “Partnering with social media and offering exclusive content.If I’m watching TV on a TV,then I’m usually not payingattention. I’m on my iPhoneor my laptop. But if I’m on mylaptop, I’m pretty focused.
  63. 63. reactions to distractionattention with apps
  64. 64. challenges: time, interest & creativityContent Watchers > Content Makers
  65. 65. I’m a Millennial and I[ ]my personal montage.updateWorld-traveler. Future Food Critic. Sleep-lover.
  66. 66. acebookf
  67. 67. Is our relationship with Facebook changingasit continues to evolve?Text
  68. 68. “”We still use Facebook, but not in the same way.It’s not all about howFacebook is changing, buthow I’m changing too.
  69. 69. Is Facebook still always open in a browseron our computer or phone? Is it as cool as itonce was?
  70. 70. “Facebook is not as cool as it used to be.I’m not as interested in it asI used to be... 3 or 4 yearsago it would have been myhomepage.
  71. 71. Who are those that are using it less orperhaps not at all?
  72. 72. “ Millennials are moving away from Facebook.I have push notifications formy close friends, but if not, Idon’t care. I try to avoid itmost of the time.
  73. 73. Is there a different form of socialmedia that is taking it’s place?
  74. 74. he saidshe said
  75. 75. New FacebookAGAIN
  76. 76. I’m a Millennial and Imy personal montage.[ ]syncMusic Lover. Purple Lover. Snapshot Lover.
  77. 77. Storytelling
  78. 78. Do young adults want to have a relationshipwith brands? Do these relationships exist?
  79. 79. I don’t think about therelationship I have with them,but I do appreciate that they aregiving me another way toconnect with their product.“
  80. 80. Relationships:People Not Brands
  81. 81. Understanding how we use different socialmedia is key to understand how to engagewith us on those media.
  82. 82. If you want them [brands] tolisten, you’ll do it on socialmedia“”
  83. 83. Show us.Don’t tell us.
  84. 84. Which channels do Millennials desire tobe reached by?
  85. 85. When brands have their own Facebookpage it doesn’t feel like advertising.
  86. 86. Personal InterestLeads to LikesLike Doesn’t Equal Purchase
  87. 87. What makes people identify with a brand?
  88. 88. “”Clean, classy, not overlyflashy and down to earth.They just get me.
  89. 89. Millennials are unique individuals who wantto be included in the collective community.
  90. 90. How do advertisers disaggregate the brandfrom the technology?
  91. 91. Technology makes itpossible to participate inyour brand’s story.
  92. 92. MediavsCreative
  93. 93. How are Advertising agency structuresperceived by future Ad professionals?
  94. 94. Narrow View of Media AgencyCreative Equals CreationDefined by Medium
  95. 95. We are Millennials and weour personal montage.[ ]pinupdate tweet blog filter syncexplore
  96. 96. Questions?