COMM2F00 M6.2 : July Talk


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My presentation for COMM2F00 M6.2 : July Talk

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COMM2F00 M6.2 : July Talk

  1. 1. During this presentation, click on any of the provided hyperlinks to view the linked content. A music video will play on the next slide, hosted by
  2. 2. Who is July Talk? “Imagine Tom Waits and Amy Millan shouting whiskey-soaked lullabies while backed by the members of Crazy Horse and you would have a good start” - July Talk is a Toronto based indie band formed in 2012 who have quickly found a solid fan base. After touring with acts such as Billy Talent, Sam Roberts, Edge Fest, and Arkells the young artists have proven just how talented they are. July Talk has been nominated for the Breakthough Group Of The Year Juno this year.
  3. 3. Peter Dreimanis Peter possesses the powerful, gritty vocals that front the band. He also plays guitar and projects pure energy and passion into his music. Peter does not seem to have much of a social media presence at this time.
  4. 4. Leah Fay Leah adds the softer, more feminine vocals to the mix. Her style of clothing is often a mix of Forever 21 and thrift shop couture. On stage her passion for her music and art shine through in her highly energetic performances. Leah is an active Instagram user (leah_fay) and also uses Twitter (@whiskeyandcake). Leah’s mother is also an active Instagram user (artlady1) and shows her support for the band often.
  5. 5. Ian Docherty Ian’s talented guitar playing helps add the unique sound to the band. His social media life can be found on Twitter (@iandoch) and Instagram (iandoch).
  6. 6. Josh Warburton Josh, the band’s bass player, helps add depth and the blues sound that makes July Talk so unique. He does not seem to have much of a social media presence.
  7. 7. Danny Miles Danny adds his talent to the band in form of drumming. He is a Twitter user (@dannyptmiles)
  8. 8. July Talk Online The band itself has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The accounts are (most likely) run by their record label, Sleepless Records. The band does not seem to communicate as frequently as others do with their fans. Facebook Twitter Instagram
  9. 9. The band also has a small selection of merch and their album for sale on their BandCamp. Their album is also available on iTunes. July Talk has a playlist SoundCloud to share their album for free with fans. Music videos can be found on their label’s YouTube. Their videos have a great amount of views, the most popular being “Guns + Ammunition” with 366,687 views in under a year.
  10. 10. Find Your Audience By opening for similar sounding acts, July Talk has been able to introduce themselves to potential fans. July Talk is proudly Canadian and shows that by supporting other up-and-coming Canadian acts, such as Dinosaur Bones. I believe that July Talk has been successful in finding their audience. By starting out and opening for Canadian acts, they have been able to build the fan base of people who enjoy supporting talented young Canadians.
  11. 11. Post Meaningful, Shareable Content The best part about social media is that it is all easily shared. July Talk posts updates often about upcoming concerts, when the tickets will go on sale, new videos, photos from shows, and showing their support for Team Canada’s hockey team!
  12. 12. Engage Your Current Fans July Talk’s fan base is brand new, as the band is only two years old. They engage their current fans by posting often on their social media (personal and “professional”) and being very approachable at shows. When my family and I saw them open for Billy Talent a few months ago, Peter was a very charming young man and took the time to chat with my kids. For a band to be so new, it is important for them to reach out to their fans and show that their support matters to them. No matter How big a band gets, it’s the fans that showed up to their opening gigs that really helped them reach their fame.
  13. 13. Continue The Social Push IRL The “in real life” presence of July Talk seems to be limited. They can sell merch at shows (as well as online) but people don’t put up flyers as often as they once did. I believe that their IRL social push is their willingness to interact with fans, putting on an entertaining show and still being real people on their social media.
  14. 14. Post Consistently July Talk posts very regularly over their three main social media outlets. They keep their fans informed of updates, such as adding a new date for a tour or ticket sale information. They also encourage fans to reach out to them and tag them in their own social media.
  15. 15. Why Do Fans Like July Talk? Aside from their wild stage presence, interesting blend of vocals, and the We Are Canadian element, July Talk appeals to different people for different reasons. Their 80’s undertones, indie feel, and fresh, young, modern sound help reach out to such a wide range of listeners. My family all listens to July Talk. My children saw them at Edge Fest this past summer, bought their album, which I soon “borrowed”, and shared with my husband.
  16. 16. Is July Talk Successful At Social Media? As up-and-comers, July Talk’s fan base is ever growing. Because of social media new bands are able to show case themselves to not only the 100+ fans at a venue, but to just about everyone who is activity on any form of social media. By following July Talk on their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or by following the tag feeds on any of them) it is easy to see that they have very loyal fans who only want to see them succeed.
  17. 17. Thank You For Viewing Images provided by Video provided by