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Published on Sharing an approach to using Twitter for individuals or companies. Starting from the basics anyone can do this for little or no costs.

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Twitter slide show

  1. 1. An approach for using Twitter
  2. 2. Can you navigate social media effectively?
  3. 3. How do I get started in Twitter?
  4. 4. ● If you only post a message on the wall it may be difficult for your intended listener to notice it.● Its kinda like talking in a busy room, you cant hear everything. To direct a post to a select group of individuals address them using the ● ● @ symbolIE: @frederictonhome..and your message!
  5. 5. ● So, now when you use the @ symbol before someones name it creates a link to that persons Twitter profile● Then Twitter notifies that person via email that they were “mentioned”
  6. 6. Use the reply button to answer atweet and write in the box below
  7. 7. ● If you see someones content you want to share use the RT or retweet button
  8. 8. ● After you RT you will see some fields turn green, indicating that you have retweeted.
  9. 9. ● # sign or Hashtags are used in Twitter to make a certain term easily searchable. IE: #Movember, #Thenorthsidemarket, #Fredericton Hash Tags #
  10. 10. ● Road Trip... ● Bonus Points! – Time to set up ● Tweet the following your account message: and send a tweet. ● @frederictoned Im – Use @ and #, learning to use twitter Tweet to with Fredericton someone! Ambassador Chris Remember to Pitman. reply to them if they respond.
  11. 11. ● Now, it is time to search for friends, remember that an effective twitter experience is NOT a numbers game but is based on relationships.● Add friends and key people or groups of interest not just anyone.● You must develop relationships on twitter for it to be a beneficial experience.
  12. 12. Profile Summarycomes up How to follow someone
  13. 13. Click Here To Unfollow
  14. 14. Now youre on your way to using your new twitteraccount. Keep in mind that the same rules thatapply to a social situation in your face to faceexperiences still apply to social media. BE NICE!● Share your opinions on topics and engage conversations. Dos for effectively using Twitter
  15. 15. ● Be genuine, interesting and at times funny.● Comment on other peoples tweets and respond when they comment on yours.● Share information that others are interested in. Such as links, articles and points of interest.● Engage but keep it brief!!! You only get 140 characters.● Use a link shortener when possible.Dos for effectively using Twitter
  16. 16. ● Dont self promote on twitter (share information instead)● Dont broadcast your profession to everyone!● Dont try to sell your products or services● Dont upload your advertising material● Dont spam relationships! Dont for using Twitter
  17. 17. ● To organize your contacts into lists go to your profile and click on Lists,● Then click Create List● Add a name and description and select the privacy settings and click Save List. Creating a list
  18. 18. ● To Add people first select your list and enter someone into the search field. Once the results are populated press the button next to the follow button and select from the dropdown.
  19. 19. ● Remember... like any conversation the most important thing to do on Twitter is to Listen. – If you are using Twitter for business purposes people are telling you exactly what they want. All you have to do is actively listen and then act on it. BREAK TIME!!
  20. 20. ● Like anything in business Twitter works best if you have a plan. You need a strategy to ensure that the time you spend on Twitter brings in your desired end● There are some tools we can use to help us achieve this.USING TWITTER FOR BUSINESS
  21. 21. ● First we must consider what is important from a business perspective. – How can I use Twitter to save time? – How do I manage multiple accounts? – How do I manage my reputation? – How can I follow and unfollow effectively to optimize my account? – How do I get Twitter to work for me when Im offline? TIME = Money
  22. 22. How can I use Twitter to save time?
  23. 23. ● Use a Dashboard like Hootsuite, Gremln or Tweetadder to manage your accounts – You can manage your tweets; – Your reputation – Your leads – Follow or Unfollow and manage them in Ratios – Key word Search – Create RSS Feeds and automatically Syndicate
  24. 24. Dashboards- Tweetadder
  25. 25. Dashboard at
  26. 26. Hootsuite Dashboard
  27. 27. How do you manage your reputation?
  28. 28. How to follow or unfollow effectively
  29. 29. ● Check out;● Twitvid for Twitter Videos● Twitter Feed to feed your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and more...● Tweetboard puts your tweets onto your website● Twit Box, post to and monitor multiple accounts How do I get Twitter to work for me when Im offline?
  30. 30. Guide for getting started in Twitter
  31. 31. ● Book your next event today!● Call Chris Pitman 506-238-4497 or email Book your next event today!