10 Things Every Buyer should do!


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10 things absolutely every real estate buyer must know. For more information visit us online at www.sellingfredericton.com or call Chris Pitman at 506-238-4497

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10 Things Every Buyer should do!

  1. 1. Ten things every home buyer should do www.sellingfredericton.com
  2. 2. Use a REALTOR® A REALTOR® can offer invaluable service to you in your property search, negotiations and closing procedures. As a trusted advisor, your REALTOR® will help you make a good buying decision.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  3. 3. Get financial advice Consult a lender or mortgage broker about your home buying limits and various mortgage products. Plan in advance to have funds in place to give a deposit with your offer on a property.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  4. 4. Rally support In addition to your REALTOR®, you’ll need others on your team - a supportive family member, lawyer, home inspector, accountant. Get your team on your side early in the process.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  5. 5. Analyze your needs and wants Carefully consider what you and your family need, what you want and what you can live without. Your REALTOR® can help you categorize and evaluate your options.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  6. 6. Be realistic There’s a property for everyone, but no house is perfect. You may not be able to afford the “dream home” yet, but you can find a property that will fulfill your needs.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  7. 7. Keep an open mind A property may not appear to be “the one”, but listen to your REALTOR®’s advice. For example, in the perfect location, consider how a future renovation might make the home perfect too.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  8. 8. Give feedback Let your REALTOR® know what you are feeling during the process and what you think about the properties you are seeing. Constructive feedback will help your REALTOR® better meet your needs.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  9. 9. Protect yourself Listen to your REALTOR®’s advice about offer conditions that will protect your interests. Keep within your affordable range. Rely only on a written contract - never on oral communications.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  10. 10. Negotiate reasonably Everyone wants a good deal, but the best transactions are those where both parties feel they have attained their goals. Overly aggressive negotiations can end in no deal at all.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  11. 11. Follow through on commitments Follow through on commitments. When you enter into a purchase contract, you are responsible for fulfilling conditions and contract terms. Your REALTOR® and your team can help you meet these commitments.© 2013 www. sellingfredericton.com
  12. 12. www.sellingfredericton.com