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Wolfstar credentials

  1. 1. Wolfstar: PR and social mediaWolfstar is the UK‟s first public relations company to specialisein online and social media.Past and current clients comprise some of the world‟s biggestcompanies, including: Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Sony Ericsson,PayPal and the United Nations.Established in 2007, Wolfstar is independently owned withoffices in London and Leeds and has won numerous industryawards for its work.
  2. 2. We are a new type of PR consultancythat believes in working smarter for ourclients in an ever changing new medialandscape.
  3. 3. The traditional PR channels of newspapers, radioand TV still matter…
  4. 4. …but so do search patterns,social media conversations,analytic data, influence,behavior profiles, blogs,Twitter, Google+, tumblr, flickr,forums, the list goes on…
  5. 5. …and that‟s why, in 2007, we formedWolfstar, the UK‟s first specialist PR andsocial media agency.Because we simply wanted public relations tomake sense to modern marketers.
  6. 6. Our social media firsts:• The world‟s first dynamic social media newsroom • The UK‟s first mummy blogger meet-up• One of the world‟s first public relations blogs • The UK‟s first Twitter campaign• World‟s first multi-language social media newsroom
  7. 7. We call our approach Integrative SocialEngagement.It is unique (for now) and puts „social‟ at theheart of your business.
  8. 8. It‟s an approach that has allowed us todeliver outstanding results: • Worldwide trending Twitter topic, most downloaded lifestyle App in UK (PizzaExpress) • Launch of “PlayStation” phone – content viewed 2.5m times (Sony Ericsson) • 200,000 Facebook „Likes‟ in one month, at just £0.08 per „Like‟ (PayPal ) • The UK‟s first, and only, „social bank‟ (first direct)
  9. 9. Our core skills will plantIntegrative Social Engagementfirmly into your organisation:• Smart media relations consultancy• Creative tactical and digital solutions• Online insight and interrogation• Customised measurement
  10. 10. Integrative Social Engagement :Smart media relationsconsultancyJust like any other PR agency, we offer strategic counsel, plan andexecute creative communications campaigns. Where we differ frommost other agencies is in the nature of our expertise and the breadthof channels through which we can work. We help clients understand theimpact social media is having or is likely to have on their business andintegrate this into strategies that will make the most of opportunitiesand deliver campaigns in new ways and through new channels.
  11. 11. Integrative Social Engagement :Creative tactical and digitalsolutionsWe‟re not a digital agency, but through a programme that we call ourconfederacy we work with some of the most talented freelancers in thecountry to create engaging websites, applications, widgets andinteractive content. The confederacy gives us access to vast resourcesof digital talent without the overheads of a traditional digital agency,meaning that we are often able to inject a little realism in the to costingof web builds.
  12. 12. Integrative Social Engagement :Online insight andinterrogationWe have developed a set of research tools, processes and metricsthat help our clients to make sense out of social media. Our socialmedia audit is designed to filter out the vast amount of “white noise”and help you get to the right information whether that is mappinginfluencers, monitoring your competitors or picking out key trends.
  13. 13. Integrative Social Engagement :Customised measurementWe offer customised measurement for every client on everyproject helping you clearly see, hear and understand whatpeople are saying about your products, services or brands.
  14. 14. Portfolio of products:• Smart media relations • Influencer audit reports • Futures workshops • Protocol guidelines • Multimedia newsrooms • Blogger outreach and online media liaison • Enhanced web editorial for SEO • Web platform design and content population • Social media content creation • Hacker toolkits • On site social activation for events • Online event management • App design and outreach • Online video
  15. 15. We keep good company:
  16. 16. These are the people that have made it happen: Tim Sinclair, Managing Sam Oakley, Director Director Sam has worked across a number of fields Tim has more than 25 years‟ experience from public sector and politics to finance and in PR. In the eighties he established consumer tech. At Wolfstar since its inception award winning agency Sinclair Mason he has managed many key clients. More and grew it to be one of the largest recently he has become focussed on marketing consultancies in the UK, developing Wolfstar‟s new products and is the working with BT, Reebok, Cadburys, strategic lead on partnerships and projects that Visa and more. He founded Wolfstar sit outside core business. and is responsible for its growth. Will McIntyre, Director Chris Woolford, Account Director Will has over 14 years agency experience in Chris has more than 10 years‟ PR and social tech communications. He spent several media experience working for major brands years in Sydney working for many of the across consumer tech, telecoms, food, retail largest names in technology such Dell, and public sector. A strategic campaign BlackBerry, Intel and Microsoft. He returned manager he heads Wolfstar‟s team of account to the UK to manage Wolfstar‟s London managers and executives that operate from office and strategically lead on key accounts. within the Leeds office.
  17. 17. Our advisory board whom guide us behind the scenes:Merran Wrigley, ChairOver 15 years of global communications experience working at Cisco Systems, Sony Corporation andSony Ericsson. She has led campaigns for Sony Ericsson‟s Walkman, Sony‟s Vaio computers andPlayStation.Jag Singh, Technology advisorLeading digital expert who advises on technology in the political arena, he has advised several USPresidential candidates including Hillary Clinton. Jag recently served as Director of Digital for the NO toAV referendum campaign. He is a trained economist who entered University at 16.Paul Willis, Public Relations advisorPaul is the Director of the Centre for Public Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University. A former boardlevel public relations practitioner at Ptarmigan Consultants, he has provided strategic counsel to arange of organisations and brands operating in the private, public and NGO sectors.
  18. 18. Our advisory board whom guide us behind the scenes:Bachi Mehta, Businss advisorBachi worked in investment banking for JP Morgan for over 20 years. He has successfully developedbusinesses including Tiger Two and Petrolhead Nirvana. Tiger Two is an industry leader in social mediatraining. Petrolhead Nirvana provides driving enthusiasts with the best in global automotive road trips.Don Gibson, Information Security specialistDon began in the Investment Banking sector as the Information Security specialist and global expert onelectronic transferable media and portable device computing for Citibank. Don founded consultancyfirm Omnia Quae Ltd. in 2009. He has an reputation for creating secure information frameworks andbrings his wealth of knowledge to Wolfstar ensuring that the security risks inherent in social media aretruly mitigated.
  19. 19. Our awards:• PRWeek Top 40 Technology PR Consultancy | 2011• PRWeek Top 40 Consultancy outside London | 2011• Digital Impact Awards | PayPal & PizzaExpress | Best Multimedia Press Release | Gold | 2011• PRWeek Top 150 PR Consultancy | 2010• PRWeek Top 40 Technology PR Consultancy | 2010• PRWeek Top 40 Consultancy outside London | 2010• CorpComms Digi Awards | First Direct | Best Social Media Press Office | Winner | 2010• CorpComms Digi Awards | Best Agency with Integrated Digital Expertise | Runner-up | 2010• Communicate Digital Impact Awards | Best Social Media News Release | Gold | 2010• Communicate Digital Impact Awards | Best Social Media Newsroom | Silver | 2010• DADI Awards | First Direct | Best Use of Social Media Press Office | Highly Commended | 2010• UKTI Digital Mission | SXSWi South by Southwest Interactive | 2010• PRWeek Awards | Best New Consultancy | Highly Commended | 2009• CIPR President‟s Grand Prix | Sony Ericsson | Best Use of Social Media | 2009• CIPR President‟s Grand Prix | Outstanding Small Consultancy | 2008
  20. 20. Specialisms.
  21. 21. Smart media relations• Social media has challenged the mainstream media to create a much more interactive user experience.• The decline in paper circulation and a proliferation in the broadcast space, has meant that much more is expected of journalists in terms of the way they create their stories with multimedia content.• Unlike many PR agencies, Wolfstar understands this environment and produces stories in ways that make the journalists‟ jobs easier.• Wolfstar knows the kinds of collateral you need to offer in order to be successful and can create the multi-media content that will help you gain increased exposure with the online versions of the big news titles.
  22. 22. Social strategy and blogger outreach• Wolfstar provides the specific tactics to modernise your media relations programme and take into account the new ways that audiences and mainstream media interact.• Bloggers are a vital part of the new media landscape and Wolfstar knows the techniques, and has the strong relationships, to leverage bloggers and generate valuable news content.• Wolfstar also helps brands generate an increase in exposure on Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social networks, providing a platform for comment and discussion from customers.
  23. 23. Digital content management• Wolfstar is experienced in providing digital asset content management, in many differing forms, for our brands.• Wolfstar can: • Design and build mobile and Facebook apps to drive Likes and capture data • Distribute videos and webchats from live events and conferences • Audit and advise on content held on social media platforms • Provide and manage blog content to enable users to submit their own content such as images and video, be it for competitions or online community projects
  24. 24. Social media newsroom• Wolfstar has developed a unique and award-winning social media newsroom platform which allows brands to share rich content, such as video, images, social feeds, infographics and much more with key influencers in the media and across top tier blogs.• Newsrooms vary from simple wordpress platforms to dynamic, real- time newsrooms which provide live updates to media during press conferences and product launches.• Clients which have used Wolfstar‟s bespoke online newsrooms include Sony Ericsson, first direct, PizzaExpress, Phillips and more.
  25. 25. Influencer audit• Developed over more than 18 months the Wolfstar Consultancy Influencer Index is an online mainstream media and social media audit programme.• The Influencer Index identifies key influencers and topics online and analyses the environment in which the company operates.• This information is then used to counsel clients on future activity to promote and protect corporate reputation online.• The Influencer Index has been used to conduct both UK and global audits for clients including Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, Independent Police Complaints Authority, SunGard, British Waterways and more.
  26. 26. Case studies.
  27. 27. United Nations: Global CSR reportThe United Nations commissioned Wolfstar to undertake astudy to gauge which of the world‟s largest organisationswere using social media to communicate their corporatesocial media activity and initiatives.The initiative sought to understand which of the world‟s largestcompanies were committing to a transparent dialogue around theirbusiness practices in order to support the United Nations Office forPartnerships in the furtherance of the Millennium Developmentgoals.Wolfstar launched the report at Communciate Magazine‟s SocialMedia in a Corporate Context conference in June 2011. Thekeynote and findings were supported by a forum discussioninvolving Wolfstar director Tim Sinclair, Will Kennedy (SeniorProgramme Officer, United Nations Office for Partnerships), MerranWrigley (Cisco and ex-Sony Ericsson), Tim Johns (FishburnHedges and ex-Unilever) and Peter Bull (HSBC).Wolfstar will undertake the second UN Global CSR Report in2012.
  28. 28. Sony Ericsson: Global social media strategy Wolfstar Consultancy has been Sony Ericsson‟s global social media agency of record since 2008 responsible for: • Global social media strategy • Corporate social media activity • Online media relations • Blogger outreach and events • Content creation and distribution • Social media guidelines, policies and training • Public relations support for marketing communications product launches “A master class for companies to actually implement social media strategies” Somesso global corporate social media conference
  29. 29. Sony Ericsson: Xperia PLAY global launch • Launch of „PlayStation phone‟ – Sony Ericsson‟s flagship product in 2011 • World‟s first dynamic, real-time, social media newsroom • Every top target media published official content: BBC, The Guardian, Engadget • News releases downloaded 2,000 times to 35,000 viewers Wolfstar was responsible for all research, monitoring, strategic guidance, messaging, online media relations and elements of the launch event, held on the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Wolfstar Consultancy worked with a number of key agencies to create all campaign content that fed both approved quotes and links directly to the journalists live-blogging at the event. By publishing content in this way we were able to achieve a far greater level of cut-through than would have otherwise been possible. Sentiment: Across all measures, the average sentiment ratio was 7:1. Seven positive comments for every negative one.
  30. 30. Sony Ericsson: Jalou• Launch of Jalou phone, partnership with Dolce & Gabbana• Created highly stylised social media news release to promote YouTube commercial• Extensive global online coverage achieved• Beat CocaCola to win Communicate magazine Digital Impact Award 2010 for Best Multimedia Press Release _________________________________________________________________________ To promote the Jalou, a TV commercial (TVC) was produced, but crucially no commercial airtime was booked and it was only released on YouTube. Wolfstar created a branded social media news release (SMNR) to promote the TVC and outreached it to key online mainstream media and global fashion and technology blogs. The TVC video was supplemented by a specially shot interview with the director and behind the scenes stills placed on photo sharing site Picassa. Extensive global online coverage was achieved and the campaign won the Digital Impact Award 2010 for Best Multimedia Press Release.
  31. 31. Sony Ericsson: Launch of Xperia• Global launch of the Xperia X1, Sony Ericsson‟s first smartphone launched in partnership with Microsoft• More than 1.4 million mentions• 258,000 visitors, 222% more than similar sites• Coverage in 192 different countries, speaking 111 different languages• 61st most viewed Science and Technology video of all time _______________________________________________________________________ Wolfstar ran social media strategy and implementation for the global launch of the Xperia X1, Sony Ericsson‟s first smartphone launched in partnership with Microsoft. Wolfstar‟s blogger outreach campaign created the Xperiancers blogger resource centre which resulted in more than 1.4 million mentions and Almost ¾ million page views.
  32. 32. Phillips: World’s first multi-languagesocial media newsroom• Wolfstar created the world‟s first multi-language social media newsroom• Appointed by Philips to create a newsroom for the four countries in the Nordic region – Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland• Wolfstar designed and built a suite of four websites based on a single template• It also provided extensive training and support to the in-house corporate communications, IT and digital teams to enable them to use the new social media newsrooms
  33. 33. PayPal: Pizza Express iPhone app• Launch of PizzaExpress iPhone App• Became no.1 downloaded Lifestyle App in UK• “PizzaExpress” a worldwide trending Twitter topic• Over 50 articles published, including Daily Mail, Sunday Times, New York Times, MSN and BBC News• Winner of Best Multimedia Press Release at Digital Impact Awards 2011 Wolfstar Consultancy project managed a social media campaign to support the launch of the new PizzaExpress iPhone app that enabled customers to pay in PizzaExpress restaurants via PayPal. Wolfstar created a Social Media News Release which featured news copy, video, images, and app Trending screenshots. Access to the SMNR was given to key topic on contacts across national, tech, food and marketing Twitter media. worldwide
  34. 34. PayPal: Facebook booster promotion• Drive PayPal UK‟s Facebook „Likes‟• 183,320 new Likes created in under one month, increase of 9,735%• Estimated cost of each „Like‟ just £0.08• PayPal became a trending topic on Twitter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfstar designed and built a shareable app to provide users with exclusive access to PayPal‟s Facebook wall, discount offers and entry into an iPad2 prize draw. A wave of anticipation was created through chat with users on Facebook wall and PayPal‟s „Let‟s Talk‟ blog. Wolfstar also seeded competition on competition sites, forums and blogs and managed an email marketing campaign. 183,320 195,047 ⇑9,735% Total Facebook likes New Facebook likes
  35. 35. first direct: UK’s first social bank• UK‟s first financial social media newsroom• Visitors to press office increased from just five per week to 2,400• Number one ranking on Google News• Identified as an exemplar of industry Best Practice• Multiple digital award winner ______________________________________________________________________ Wolfstar has provided strategic online public relations and social media consultancy to first direct since 2008. Together we created the UK‟s first social media newsroom for a financial services company. The first direct social media newsroom is acknowledged as an exemplar of best practice and is one of the most frequently cited case studies at social media and public relations conferences. Wolfstar‟s work for first direct has won numerous awards including: • CorpComms Digi Awards 2010 | Best Social Media Press Office | Winner • Communicate Digital Impact Awards 2010 | Best Multimedia Newsroom | Silver • DADI Awards 2010 | Best Use of Social Media | Highly Commended
  36. 36. first direct: Future of banking• Q&A sessions with First Direct CEO Matt Colebrook• Held online with The Times and Reuters and feature in The Independent• Live webchat with the three most influential banking innovation bloggers globally• Twitter coverage reached 88,000 impressions• A 300% increase in conversation Campaign designed to leverage new media channels to maximise traditional media coverage. A feature in The Independent was driven by a series of guest posts and a dedicated banking future channel on the Independent.co.uk website. Q&A sessions with First Direct CEO Matt Colebrook were arranged online with The Times and Reuters. The Times Q&A visible to the 200,000 readership. A live webchat was also organised with the three most influential banking innovation bloggers globally. Blog searches on “future of banking” returned three results on page one pointing to the activity.
  37. 37. BBC: Chuggington• UK‟s first mummy blogger meet up• 80% of target bloggers attended• Number one program on iPlayer• Previews watched 215,000 times on YouTube• Chuggington sold into 140 markets Wolfstar engaged with online influencers to generate interest in BBC‟s Chuggington. Wolfstar organised the UK‟s first mummy blogger meet up. The event was held at the Movieum in London and representatives answered questions and introduce exclusive episodes. Bloggers were encouraged to bring their children so their reaction to the show could be judged first hand. Majority of bloggers attended the event and as a result the executive interview was watched more than 14,000 times. Chuggington became the most watch show on iPlayer before being sold into more than 140 markets worldwide.
  38. 38. Discovery Channel: Wartime London• Promote Harry Harris WWII documentary• Overall result was 410% more viewers than any other programmes in series - this was the ONLY promotion• Exclusive video clip watched 16,724 times from coverage gained on political blog• Story viewed 111,021 times _________________________________________________________________________ Wolfstar provides social media and online public relations support to Discovery Networks Europe. Part of the role is to help increase viewers for specific programmes. To promote a documentary series on London in WWII the in-house team negotiated with the Mail on Sunday to give it exclusive pictures of a Nazi funeral in London. However, the Mail on Sunday then didn‟t run the story, which meant their was little time to get coverage before the programme aired. That same Sunday Wolfstar placed an exclusive video clip on Iain Dale‟s political blog knowing that it would secure both a direct audience and that journalists reading the blog might pick up the story and run it. The story appeared on the website of The Times, The Independent and Daily Mail, as well as ironically in the print version of the Daily Mail (by a different journalist who sourced it from the blog).
  39. 39. Discovery Channel: Dino Gangs • Promote Dino Gangs documentary • Discovery‟s first web chat via Facebook • Experts brought in from across the globe • Special science feature in The Guardian The Dino Gangs campaign focused on driving potential Discovery UK viewers to a live web-chat on Discovery UK‟s Facebook page. Dinosaur experts and bloggers from across the world were recruited to take part in the chat to lend their knowledge to the debate and drive additional traffic to the chat from their blogs and twitter feeds. Coverage appeared on The Guardian‟s Science Blog, BeyondBONES and Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. In total 54 viewers took an active part in the 30 min chat submitting a total of 34 questions.
  40. 40. NHS: Up for it• Social marketing campaign to reduce obesity amongst FE and HE students in Kirklees• Research indicated students would reject overt health messages so „nudge‟ strategy used• Wolfstar launched “Up For It” with a viral video competition asking students to submit their own active, healthy or cooking themed short videos• “Dance your Ass Off” event held in Huddersfield attracting over 300 students• James Martin hosted a special “Take on the Takeaway” event, with over 300 students attending• Media coverage achieved in regional press, on Calendar breakfast TV news• Responses showed that students would now think about eating more healthily and a high percentage said they would try healthy recipes at home
  41. 41. World Vision: Online public affairs• Public affairs campaign ran 100% online• Make UK‟s main political parties request meeting• Editorial secured on 90% of targeted political blogs• Webchat on The Independent website received more than 60,000 unique visitors• Campaign succeeded in securing requests all three parties _________________________________________________________________________________ The global development charity launched an international initiative on infant mortality and wanted to secure the support of a major government. It targeted the UK as it was in the run-up to a general election. The objective was to make one of the three main political parties request a meeting. Embargoed approach secured editorial on all mainstream media and political blogs. The campaign was supported by banner advertising targeted to appear on computers on networks with specific IP addresses e.g. Conservative Central Office. The online public affairs campaign succeeded in securing meeting requests from all three major parties.
  42. 42. World Vision: Growing for change• Wolfstar worked with World Vision to take village veg competition global• UK gardeners submit oversized veg to online competition to raise awareness of malnutrition in Bolivia• Unique Wordpress platform built and outreached to key influencers• Campaign supported by Anthony Worrel-Thompson• Over 100 entrants and 2,000 site views
  43. 43. Silver Cross: Halo and Doodle• UK mummy blogger meet up• Promote two new products, Halo and Doodle• Reached out to key „mummy‟ bloggers and organised London launch event• Over 40 bloggers attended with their children• Silver Cross on hand to talk about new products and demonstrate• Following event 12 blog posts written and over 123 comments• Seven of top ten Google blog search results directly from the campaign “My thanks go to Silver Cross, my faith in the quality of your brand has been restored and Im really proud to own a British pushchair.” Being a Mummy
  44. 44. Yalp!: Yoghurt Lassi• Wolfstar worked with Yalp! to launch their Yoghurt Lassi into Morrisons stores nationwide• Campaign implemented combining traditional media relations, social media and promotions• Blog built and Twitter created for Yalp to convey messages and engage with consumers.• Product samples sent to national consumer magazines and media relations handled with trade press• Online Flickr competition held• Coverage achieved in key titles: • Yorkshire Post • The Grocer • Woman• Product sales went beyond client expectations
  45. 45. Go Ape!: Online drive• Blogger outreach campaign• Encourage interest in Go Ape! action days• Boost SEO for key search words such as “family”, “fun”• Increased online sales by 17% __________________________________________________________________ Go Ape! wanted to increase its awareness to consumers searching for family activity days online. Wolfstar created a blogger outreach programme encouraging UK bloggers writing about days out, attractions, adventure and parenting to blogger meet ups with other like minded bloggers in their area. Wolfstar provided content including images, videos and site maps. Following the events Wolfstar monitored and engaged with the bloggers prolonging and amplifying discussion of Go Ape!. The activity created multiple blog posts and generated „buzz‟ on Twitter, subsequently online sales by 17%.
  46. 46. Contact Tim Sinclair. tim@wolfstarpr.com www.wolfstarpr.com +44 (0)845 838 7282 71 – 75 Shelton Street Morwick Hall Covent Garden Mortec Park London Leeds WC2H 9JQ LS15 4TA