One drop is all it takes: Instant engine and vehicle fluid health check


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For almost every kind of engine, there's a test to help you, your customers or your company. Choose from our easy to use diagnosis solutions. With no training you can easily check the lubricants of:


Reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and ensure you never guess again when you need to change the oil.

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  • Revolutionary, OE Approved "in shop" testing system for the oils and fluids that keep our vehicles moving.  For just pennies per test your can determine the condition of motor oils, differential fluids, transmission fluids, rear ends, transfer cases and more.   Don't guess or be caught off guard when you recommend a flush or fluid change and your customers says... prove it with FluidRx.For New Car Dealers or Fleet Operators...we do have single application kits for individual vehicle testing, with record keeping option.
  • The ChallengeVarying conditions and driving styles means that lubricants and fluids are not always changed at the correct point.  The result is fluids that are changed prematurely or too late and hence when the sludge build-up is greater than what the additive pack in the fluid can cope with.  This wastes money or worse, creates unnecessary damage and subsequent downtime to vehicles or machinery.Fluid Rx provides the solution to both of these problems.  The patented Radial Planar Chromatography (RPC) technology accurately determines when a fluid needs to be changed.   For just pennies per test, Fluid Rx® allows you to see total sludge content and determine when a fluid has reached its functional limits.Purchasing a Vehicle?A lot of attention is paid to a vehicles cosmetic condition when looking to purchase.  Many also take the time to examine the mechanical condition and even the fluid levels.  However, very few pay attention to the quality of the lubricants and fluids – Until Now.Fluid Rx can be used to accurately determine the quality of all oils and fluids prior to making a purchase.  If fluids are tired then it will enable you, the purchaser, to leverage a free service or discount on the overall purchase price.It also provides invaluable information concerning the ownership of the vehicle – has it been looked after?  Does the last recorded service interval fit in with the condition of the fluids?Use Fluid Rx to ensure that the servicing is up to date on any potential purchase.Fluid Distributors, Retailers, Service Centres & Fleet OperatorsBuild customer confidence and credibility as well as improve the profitability of your business.OEM Tested and Approved by Ford, Hyundai, Kia, and more , Fluid Rx is the new generation of automotive fluid analysis and is increasing the bottom line for lubricant distributors and service centres around the world.Radial planar chromatographic technology developed by Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics is the ultimate proof positive when it’s time to change fluids and lubricants. Service operators, owners and managers have found Fluid Rx Diagnostics to be a valuable tool for growing their business.The leading voice of the oil change industry recognized the power of a truly scientific process for determining fluid condition. “New Fluid Diagnostics Kits Tell Operators, and Customers, What Fluid Service Intervals Should Really Be.”
  • Also OEM by Kia and Hyundai,
  • One drop is all it takes: Instant engine and vehicle fluid health check

    1. 1. Fluid diagnostic kits DROP TEST WHITE LABEL SOLUTIONS 16/02/2014
    2. 2. Problem statement What do you do when you think the condition of your customers vehicle’s fluids need to be changed? Do you: A) Guess? B) Prove it? OR 16/02/2014
    3. 3. Value statement  Even for a seasoned service technician, the most common way to know ‘when’ to change fluids is based on a vehicles age or the amount of Kilometres travelled  This approach not only presumes we all drive the same, but it also assumes that fluids react the same in every car, in all driving conditions but with different drivers  A diagnostic kit removes the guesswork and shows the technician and the customer it’s time for a change 16/02/2014
    4. 4. White label option 1 16/02/2014
    5. 5. Credibility and customer care in one easy step Being visual, the results deliver credible and easy to communicate outcomes Customer satisfaction improves by only changing fluids when the customer needs to 16/02/2014
    6. 6. New car example Support your warranty with a set of tests that are quick and easy to use without the need to pop the bonnet Keep in contact with your customer and deliver a clear picture of the state of the vehicles fluids 16/02/2014
    7. 7. Used car health check example When buying a used car, reduce the risk of unseen problems after the purchase. If selling a used car, stand-out from the crowd by demonstrating the quality of the fluids and the health of the vehicle. 16/02/2014
    8. 8. Fleet management example Fleet management downtime can be improved by ensuring vehicles are kept on the road for as long as necessary, without putting them at risk Drivers can perform the tests themselves and self-diagnose or send in the results to a centralised point 16/02/2014
    9. 9. Auto-parts retailer example As a retailer, your target audience varies from the novice to the DIY car enthusiast/mechanic Both can be assisted through this ‘on the shelf’ solution, branded to keep you top-ofmind 16/02/2014
    10. 10. Regular preventative maintenance example For many people, a vehicle is their second most expensive purchase A test, offered as part of a regular maintenance process gives customers peace of mind and well informed 16/02/2014 1
    11. 11. Fluid supplier example In a crowded market, offering something as simple as a test will keep your brand focus on the customer QR codes can be added to link the test to a website, to upsell and gain insight into your customers 16/02/2014
    12. 12. VIP customer care example Jiffy Lubes brand promise is – to help customers leave worry behind when it comes to maintaining their vehicles Helping to achieve this, is simple and undeniable proof of the condition of a vehicles vital fluids 16/02/2014
    13. 13. Ford OEM approved since 2009 Being OEM approved, Fluid RX has undergone hours of assessment and testing In recent years Ford and other manufacturers have strived to reduce costs to the motorist by slowing-down a fluids aging process 16/02/2014
    14. 14. White label as a complete kit or separately 16/02/2014
    15. 15. White label option 2 16/02/2014
    16. 16. Tested and approved MOTORcheckUp has been tested under strict conditions by TÜV SÜD Automotive, probably the strictest quality approval agency in the world. Test number: B 13 04 72718 001 16/02/2014 The TÜV Süd confirms the ongoing functionality and effectiveness of MOTORcheckUp through constant monitored by TÜV Süd.
    17. 17. Simple to use for detailed oil diagnosis 16/02/2014
    18. 18. Simple to use for detailed engine diagnosis MOTORcheckUp comes with a simple to use image chart, showing what each part of the Droptest diagnoses and suggested course of action 16/02/2014
    19. 19. Single test cards Testing a drop of engine oil, reveals potential grime, water, antifreeze, fuel contamination and the overall condition of the oil itself The test can help find the cause of mechanical breakdown or simply help with preventative maintenance by recognising possible defects early on 16/02/2014
    20. 20. Six pack test card Follow the diagnosis on an ongoing basis per vehicle, by choosing a six pack test card Continue to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction by testing the vehicle over time, maintaining a regular touchpoint to encourage the customer to stick with your business for servicing 16/02/2014
    21. 21. Check the fluids on more than just cars The FLUIDcheckUP kit tests vital fluids for plant, ships, trucks, forklifts, agricultural vehicles and more Test the condition, wear and aging of relevant aggregates for: • • • • Hydraulics Differential Gears Compressors
    22. 22. Turn your tests into relationship management tools Every time a test is used, your customer is reminded of the quality and customer care your brand offers. To continue this relationship, use the test to collect customer odometer readings, email address’ for reminders for servicing, and make/model and registration for your ongoing technical analysis
    23. 23. All you need to do now is choose which test And then contact Chris Wilkins, Business Development Manager DR Publishing Limited, Nelson, New Zealand +64 3 544 00 44 16/02/2014
    24. 24. And then monitor the results Remain 16/02/2014
    25. 25. Who are DriveRight?  Founded in 2001, DriveRight is a globally recognised leading independent supplier of wheel and tyre specific data for the automotive industry and its aftermarket  DriveRight specialises in global tyre and wheel data solutions with information on more than 50,000 vehicles and fitment details, such as original tyre size, offset, PCD and nut and bolt requirements  Advisors to Tyresafe (UK), TNPF (France), Vaco (Netherlands) and SEMA Wheel and Tire council (US)  Continually updated, DriveRight fitment data is accessed globally over 8.5 million times every month, supporting 8,000 customer websites and is used internationally by business partners like Amazon, eBay, Goodyear-Dunlop, Bridgestone, Momo, Oxigin, Nokian and OZ  2012 appointed exclusive Asia-Pacific reseller for Fluid RX and MOTORcheckUP diagnosis kits 16/02/2014 1