2013 lms track info


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2013 lms track info

  1. 1. Lincoln Middle School TrackTeam Rules: 1. Maintain a satisfactory academic standing (2.0 or higher) at all times 2. Represent yourself and your team in a positive manner at all times. 3. Support your teammates at all times 4. Work hard and do your best at all times, including workouts that are “on your own.” 5. Attend all scheduled practices and meets. “Drop-Ins” will not remain on the team. 6. Schedule your rides so that you can get picked up from practice at 4:30 pm. Athletes should not be hanging around the school late after practice. Athletes picked up after 4:50 will be removed from the team.Uniforms: Team t-shirts will cost $8. This shirt is the athletes to keep at the end of the season.Athletes will also need to purchase black running shorts on their own.Requirements to practice: All physicals and health forms must be turned into the athletic office before an athlete can practice. Athletes need to wear running shoes (not racing spikes), and running clothes appropriate for the weather to practice every day. We practice outside at the track. Street clothes are not appropriate for practice. A water bottle and watch are also needed. All fees must be paid by Thursday, March 28th, 6th grade $35, 7th & 8th one time pay to play fee $100 per year.Team expectations:Do Not Bring iPods, MP3 players, or cell phones to practice and meets. You can not beaware of what is going on around you when you can not hear. Phones need to be off and put awayuntil after practice. Track and field is a TEAM sport. Just like in football, soccer, basketball, etc. an athlete does not leavethe competition until the competition is over. There are many times, as in other sports when anathlete is injured or sick and a substitution has to be made in the line up. If the substitutes have gonehome the TEAM looses the points because we can not compete. Also, we need our whole team thereto help encourage each other. When the home meets are over, our athletes need to stay a few minutesand help pick up the infield. If everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves this will only takea few minutes.Track meets do not have a set finish time. It all depends on how many heats of each event are run.You can expect meets to finish anywhere between 7:15 and 8:00 pm. For away meets you will need toadd in travel time to get home from the meet. I will ask athletes to use their cell phones to call homeand let parents know we are returning when we are on our way home and can give an accurate arrivaltime.Important dates: Monday March 18th Track practice begins, 3:00-4:30, have a ride here to pick you up at 4:30. Thursday March 14th parent meeting 5:30-6:30 Middle School Cafeteria Thursday March 28th all participation fees must be paid by this dateWe will have a shortened practice when the High School has home meets. This will be on 4/17and 5/1. Practice will be over by 4:00 to allow the High School to use the track.
  2. 2. LMS Boys and Girls Track 6th, 7th, & 8thPractice begins Monday, March 19th 3:00-4:30. Athletes, please make sure you have a ridehome at 4:30. Athletes will not be let back into the building after practice. Rides should pick upat the track. Athletes picked up after 4:50 will be removed from the team.Must have a 2.0 grade point average to participate.Physicals must be turned into athletic office before you can practice. Forms available fromMs Guziel or the athletic office. Coaches can not collect physical forms or fees.Important Parent Meeting: Thursday, March 14th 5:30-6:30 pmWe strongly encourage parents to bring any unpaid fees to the meeting. A representative from theathletic office will be on hand to collect them.Participation fees (pay to play) must be turned in to the athletic office by Thursday, March 28. 7th and8th grade $100 one time a year fee, 6th grade $35 for track only. To pay on line, go towww.lincolncommunityeducation.com, click on the Athletic Fees tab on the right, and follow thedirections on the website. If you do not already have an account, you may need to create one.No Athletes will be allowed to join the team after Spring BreakMiddle School Track Meet Schedule:Wed. April 17 at Chelsea AwayWed. April 24 vs Dexter HomeMon. April 29 vs Monroe HomeThur. May 2 vs Saline HomeThur. May 9 at Bedford AwayMon. May 13 vs Tecumseh, HomeThur. May 16 w/Saline at Adrian Away6th grade does not travel to away meets. There is not practice for 6th gradeon days of away meets.