Factors effecting positional accuracy of iBeacons


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Chris Thomson - Factors effecting positional accuracy of iBeacons
In September 2013 Apple Computer Inc. popularized the idea of using Bluetooth LE to indicate locational presence, the technology branded as iBeacon. iBeacons advertise frequently their presence with a unique identifier, a receiver can use this information to approximate the distance to the iBeacon based on the measured signal strength. Using the trilateration technique and a table of iBeacon locations it is possible to locate the receiver in three-dimensional space as long as three iBeacons are within range.
The measurement of the distance between the iBeacon and the receiver is imperfect due to interference. In particular a significant factor is the absorption of the radio carrier by water within an operators body, and other people near by. Using prototype iBeacons provided by Estimote Inc. I have investigated this effect. I will report on my initial findings and present proposals on the best placement for iBeacons and how accuracy might be improved by taking local environmental factors into account when estimating distance.

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Thomson, C. (2014) "Factors effecting positional accuracy of iBeacons" Presentation at R08 Associate Lecturer Scholarship Showcase, Open University, Manchester, 29th March

I have commentary available for the slides on my blog: http://bit.ly/1iSdh6L

Please email me if you have any questions chris@codepilots.com

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Factors effecting positional accuracy of iBeacons

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  23. 23. Codepilots.comComputer Consulting Future research Does other hardware suffer from the same directionality issues? Improve experimental protocol to eliminate operator issues, and take more accurate measurements. Collect further data on the variation in signal strength, to check for statistical significance of effects observed. Experiment with a predictive model to take observed effects into account.