Where to Search For Jobs? Don't Limit Yourself


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Where to Search For Jobs? Don't Limit Yourself

  1. 1. Where to Search for Jobs? Don’t Limit Yourself
  2. 2. If you’ve recently lost your job, you’re probably overwhelmed. You’re probably intimidated by the question of where to search for jobs. After all, your fellow job seekers seem to beexperts at using such social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to connect with the professionals who can assist them on their job searches.
  3. 3. These social media sites are important places to search for jobs and, just asimportantly, job leads. But they’re not your only option. To find a job today, you’ll have to rely, too, on old- fashioned networking skills, the kind that happen in real life, not online.
  4. 4. So when you ask yourself where to search for jobs, some of the rightanswers include your local chamber of commerce’s monthly luncheon, the weekly meeting of the area RotaryClub, and even the local park at which a host of professional parents gathereach Saturday morning with their kids.
  5. 5. The Ideal Job Search
  6. 6. The ideal job search today includes both offline and online components.For instance, when searching for a job, you might make sure to attend the monthly meeting of your chamber of commerce.
  7. 7. After all, a host of business pros will be in attendance. By chatting with them, you might learn of an opening at the mortgage company one town over or of an area college that needs a new science teacher.
  8. 8. At the park, you might reconnect with a parent of two who just happens towork in engineering, just like you. Thisparent might have heard rumors thathis company is soon to go on a hiring spree.
  9. 9. Armed with this information, you canget your resume in ahead of other job seekers. This small advantage might leave you with an interview and a chance to impress the company’s hiring manager.
  10. 10. Social Media Job Search
  11. 11. While conducting this brick-and- mortar job search, you should also betapping the power of social media andonline employment sites to search forjob openings, reconnect with far-flung professionals in your field, and ferret out job leads.
  12. 12. Again, the best job search is the one that combines the new – a social media job search – with the old- fashioned, but still effective, networking skills that can help you land a job as quickly as possible.
  13. 13. Get Hired Boot Camp Can Help
  14. 14. If you need help polishing either your online job search skills or traditional networking skills, be sure toinvestigate our Get Hired Boot Camp.We rely on a staff of experts who canhelp you hone your interviewing skills, fashion a search for jobs that doesn’t show up in the classifieds section.
  15. 15. Interested in Finding Out More about Job Search Strategies and Job Search Advice? Please come and visit us at http://www.GetHiredFast.com