Is HootSuite Bad? How to Schedule Content Without Damaging Your Edgerank Score


Published on - Is HootSuite Bad? How to Schedule Content Without Damaging Your Edgerank Score

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Is HootSuite Bad? How to Schedule Content Without Damaging Your Edgerank Score

  1. 1. Is Hootsuite Bad? How To Schedule Content Without Damaging Your Edgerank Score
  2. 2. Facebook is in a transition period, and a lot of things are changing. If you’ve noticed a decrease in your Facebookpage interaction, it might be becauseyou’re scheduling posts on Hootsuite.The social networking giant has never liked third party apps, instead siding with manually published posts, but this may be getter worse.
  3. 3. Until Facebook figures out how to incorporate a scheduling program in the site, you’re in trouble. In themeantime, here’s what you need to doto keep your edgerank score as high as humanly possible.
  4. 4. What We Know About Facebook
  5. 5. All the recent Facebook changes aremoving towards one thing – and that’s increased one-on-one interactionbetween real people. It’s getting rid ofall of those automated ways marketers and spammers can contact the masses, or publish posts – without much real-time effort.
  6. 6. For the Facebook team, this is a big no-no. In fact the popular site‘Edgerank Checker’ did a study, which concluded that publishing from third party apps like Hootsuite may decrease interaction by 70%!
  7. 7. So, Facebook has reduced the weight of objects published on third party sites to increase ad impressions and publication on their own platform. There are ways around this – but you’re not going to like them.
  8. 8. Continue Using Sites Like Hootsuite
  9. 9. No-one has the time to be at their computer 24/7, which is why scheduling content is so popular. It saves time, and keeps your pagepopulated. If you’re going to continueusing sites like Hootsuite, there is only one thing you can really do here.
  10. 10. Make sure that every single scheduled post is packed with interactive features. Images, videos, links – thelot. Optimize each scheduled post for Facebook before scheduling it in.
  11. 11. Getting Around Scheduling Content
  12. 12. Facebook penalizes third partypublications enough to consider other ways of getting around the problem. The most simple solution is to hire either a company or freelancer to publish your posts for you.
  13. 13. That way they can acknowledge timeoptimization, and get posts out when they have the most impact. Thismeans manually publishing each post at a specific time. It’s worth the trouble.
  14. 14. You can also do it yourself. Instead of using Hootsuite for scheduling, you can simply create posts in a spreadsheet and publish them whenyou have the time – ignoring that yourfans are on at certain times of the day.This means dedicating yourself to yourFacebook campaign by contributing at least an hour each day to your page.
  15. 15. Marketers are now in a difficultposition. Hootsuite’s analytics alone is an excellent service. So what do you give up? The answer is nothing. Balance out your campaign. Postmanually everyday, but also schedule posts on Hootsuite.
  16. 16. Work the system, by doing whatFacebook wants AND maintaining yourHootsuite analytics. Both will help you in the end. Logically, this is the only way you’ll be able to maintain a high edgerank score on Facebook. If you have to do one over the other, always choose manual publication.
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