Google Makes Their Move Check Mate and Search Changes Forever


Published on - Google Makes Their Move Check Mate and Search Changes Forever
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Google Makes Their Move Check Mate and Search Changes Forever

  1. 1. Google Makes Their Move: CheckMate! And Search Changes Forever
  2. 2. Google has finally made their move, and it’s shocked the social marketing world. They have managed to integrate Google+ and search so completely, that suddenly having a Google+ account is equally, or morevaluable, than traditional forms of high paid PPC advertising. Now, socialmarketers have the opportunity to get top placements – the cost? A content division tacked onto your business.
  3. 3. Google+ On The Top Right of Search Results
  4. 4. Google has placed Google+ accounts on the top right of targeted search terms on the search engine’s pages.The implications of this bold move arefar reaching, and they’re going to have a massive effect on the social marketing niche. Let’s explore how.
  5. 5. • This change to their algorithmmeans that Google+ accounts are now vitally important to SEO. In fact, we predict that account sign ups willskyrocket, now that Google has made their social network so desirable to marketers.
  6. 6. • The new algorithm makes socialnetworking a dominant player in the success of any business online. The more you connect and share onGoogle+, the higher your chances of getting free placement on a top ranking search result.
  7. 7. • Marketers will begin to move away from traditional forms of SEO, like mass backlinking or the more dubious black hat techniques to get high rankings. You can’t trick thissystem, placement has to be earned.
  8. 8. • The size of your network on Google+ matters, the amount ofcontent you publish daily, and the level of interaction you have on your page. With a great Google+ account, you won’t have to invest so much cash in PPC marketing.
  9. 9. • Social influence is now irrevocablylinked to your Google+ account. We expect to see larger social budgets, and more time and effort spent ondeveloping and maintaining Google+ pages.
  10. 10. • Search and social are now combined. You’ll be able to search logged into your account, to receive apersonal search display, based on yourGoogle+ preferences and tracked data.You’ll also be able to search logged out for more general results. Either way, Google’s new social network will be there.
  11. 11. • Content creators will have moreinfluence online, and better SEO. Your business will need to feed your company’s content engine, if you’re going to place well. This means that you’ll need a lot more content, more often. Social divisions in companies, and outsourcing social marketing just became more important than ever.
  12. 12. • Stickiness matters. In other words,its not enough to publish content, this content has to keep people reading, interacting and returning for more. You could have 8 million updates, butif you don’t have ‘stickiness’ you won’t rank for this new SEO opportunity.
  13. 13. It’s clear that Google has finally donesomething right. Gone are the days of bots, fake humans and automatedcampaigns. It’s virtually impossible tocheat in social media, because people only interact with other people.
  14. 14. The opportunity has presented itself. Almost overnight, Google+ has become one of the most influentialtools in your social marketing box of tricks. Use it well!
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