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7 Effective Ways to Raise Your Search Engine Ranking - Social Media

  1. 1. 7 Effective Ways To Raise Your Search Engine Ranking
  2. 2. These days it’s not enough to have aweb presence, you need to be ranking for the best search terms in your niche. If your business website has been struggling to get onto the first three pages of Google, we have somegreat tips for you. Best of all, these tips are all based on social media, and are easy to integrate into your online marketing strategy.
  3. 3. #1: Add a Blog To Your Website
  4. 4. Google is mad about fresh content,which is why static websites that don’thave blogs, don’t rank well. You need ablog on your business website domain, so that you can add new content to it on a daily basis. Google will see that your site has nice new content all the time, and automatically boosts your ranking.
  5. 5. #2: Include Keywords in Your Blog Posts
  6. 6. What’s better than fresh content? Fresh content with great keywords! Whenever you publish a new post,make sure that it’s optimized for the search engines. Use high and low competition keywords, to attractpeople to your blog. Use your Google keyword tool for research, or aWordPress plugin like Inbound Writer. Both will help you rank like a champion!
  7. 7. #3: Write For Links
  8. 8. For a triple whammy, write posts that you know will get linked to by topranking blogs and websites. These are called ‘link-bait’ posts, and are edgy, controversial or very interesting. The easiest way to do this, is to write a blog based on someone else’s blog, credit them for it and invite a response.
  9. 9. #4: Use Google Places and Optimize It
  10. 10. Sign up for Google Places and use the code on your website. When you’re going through the descriptions, use the right keywords to increase your chances of being found in generalsearches. Always include your locationin the keywords, and track your clicks.Adapt your keywords as needed basedon the free analytics Google provides.
  11. 11. #5: Optimize Your LinkedIn Page
  12. 12. If you need your business to be on thefirst page of Google, create a LinkedIn page for it, and optimize. Do this by carefully inserting great keywords in the information section of your page. Be sure to include links to your othersocial media pages, and your business website here for an additional boost.
  13. 13. #6: Youtube Videos on Your Website
  14. 14. Youtube is the second largest searchengine in the world, and it’s owned by Google. Post business videos to Youtube, then embed them on your business website. You’ll get moretraffic coming from Youtube, and more traffic going to your Youtube page It’s a win-win! Remember to optimize each video title, description and keywords for best results.
  15. 15. #7: Internal Linking Power
  16. 16. Need to get your pagerank up? Work on your internal link network. That means create a network of links on your business website that leads toother pages. People will spend more time on your site, you’ll get moretraffic, and Google will rank your site higher than ever before.
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