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10 Super Charged Facebook Marketing Tips - Social Media
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10 Super Charged Facebook Marketing Tips - Social Media

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http://www.smmulive.com/register - 10 Super Charged Facebook Marketing Tips - Social Media....

http://www.smmulive.com/register - 10 Super Charged Facebook Marketing Tips - Social Media.

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  • 1. 10 Super ChargedFacebook Marketing Tips
  • 2. Have you been wondering how to improve your Facebook page?Sometimes you need more fans, sometimes more engagement.
  • 3. The bottom line – you can never knowtoo much about Facebook marketing. Here’s our hot new list of ten super charged marketing tips for the new Facebook!
  • 4. #1: Tricks With Reveal Tabs
  • 5. If you don’t have a reveal tab – get one. You don’t have to hire adeveloper to do it for you, you can do it yourself.
  • 6. Just buy a template, and customize it. They very rarely cost more than $50.00, and they’re totally worth it!
  • 7. #2: Time For Incentives
  • 8. If you don’t have enough fans orinteraction – try running a competition or promotion. Fans want a reason to be on your page, so give them one.
  • 9. You can add incentives to just aboutanything – apps, images, videos, get creative.
  • 10. #3: Change Your Questions
  • 11. Everyone asks questions, and people do respond. But if your questionsaren’t getting any responses, then you need to look into changing your question strategy.
  • 12. Make them personal, specific and interesting. People love the opportunity to show off!
  • 13. #4: Create Occasions
  • 14. You have to start thinking like a mediacompany. That means your page needs to host certain occasions to keep people coming back.
  • 15. Mondays can be your day for liveFacebook chats, Fridays can be video sharing day. Again be creative.
  • 16. #5: Target Your Ad Campaigns
  • 17. If you’re on a limited budget, be smart about when you run your Facebook ads. If a holiday is coming up, build a campaign around that.
  • 18. People are way more likely to like, chat and buy from businesses that target their ads.
  • 19. #6: Give Something Incredible Away
  • 20. If you want more attention onFacebook, try giving something of real value away. You’ll get a ton of newlikes, and lots of new comments. Bestof all, your page will probably go viral. Make it big, and worth sharing.
  • 21. #7: Harness The Power of Humor
  • 22. We’ve said before that it’s a bad idea to use random humor on yourFacebook page. Instead use targeted humor! People love to interact withfunny images and videos, so find oneevery now and then that is related to your niche.
  • 23. #8: Ask Fans Personal Questions
  • 24. If you want to engage your audience,find out more about them. Stop talking about yourself and your business, and ask them personal questions. Where are they from, what do they do? Form personal relationships!
  • 25. #9: Facebook Wall Advertising
  • 26. You can use Facebook to advertise special events that you’re hosting on your other social media pages. In factif something is happening – you should always put it on Facebook. If you want more attendees, make an event.
  • 27. #10: Friend Your Competition
  • 28. Interesting business opportunities can result from actively ‘liking’ a competitor’s page. Don’t only like it – get involved. Share your community,and promote their posts as well. Greatthings happen when people stop being competitive.
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