Skills global recruiting trends 2014


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What you can expect when recruiting in 2014

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Skills global recruiting trends 2014

  1. 1. Global Recruiting Trends 2014 Tips and Hints Some Old Some New
  2. 2. The World Is Getting Smaller • Not materially in any physical sense • Communications continue to improve • Technology today, is central to most business activities • Competition has moved from local to national, across borders to become international and in some cases Global
  3. 3. Technology • Spread of advancement is astonishing, it will continue • We all need to adapt or die • Always remember to think back from the future not forward from the past • Two big ones for 2014 – Mobile Recruitment – Video Recruitment • Embrace them or be left behind
  4. 4. Communicating With The Market • Internet has brought change • It will bring further changes • Social Media as seen today did not exist 10 years ago. Where were LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? • Recruitment without a social element is now unthinkable. Read this report • You need to cover all angles for engagement
  5. 5. Engagement • It doesn’t matter what you want. It is what your audience wants that counts • Automation plays a role but can be spotted a mile away • SHOUTING does not bring engagement but dialogue does • Remember you have to be in it to win it and most tolerate a little spam. • Don’t be shy but be careful, Social Media can be a double edged sword!
  6. 6. Employer Branding • As the world recovers and demand for Talent increases Employers need to improve their presence • 2014 will be the year where corporate branding will become of increasing importance • What makes your organisation stand out from the crowd? • Provide insights to the organisation and how the new hire will fit in. Don’t be woolly or inarticulate.
  7. 7. Employers - Shut The Gate • Blindingly obvious is an effective retention policy – This becomes more important as global demand picks up • Internal hiring is also vital, value your assets, the people you already have, reduce your external hiring burden • Constantly work on enhancing internal communication
  8. 8. Death By Data • Are you drowning? • Are you confused, conflicted? – It happens, we have the same issues. • The answer is to simplify, simplify, simplify. • Go for a few simple measurements that are useful to YOU, nobody else. • What are they? We don’t know. You should.
  9. 9. 2014 – The Year Of The Tradesman • Recruitment demand is getting polarised • At the top Head-hunters are still required to find top management • In the middle we have certified experienced tradesman where demand is set to outstrip supply • “Managers” are now an endangered species with low demand • We predict it will be a great year for men in overalls and a bad one for men in suits
  10. 10. Global Skills Shortages • View this video • Healthcare, Engineering and IT could be said to be in a crisis • Many of the Skills are available but in the wrong location • Our job is to help you get the right people in the right place, but cross border recruitment takes time
  11. 11. Employers – Your Challenges • Excellence in communication will bring its rewards • Branding makes your proposition much stronger • Keep strategic partners in the loop • Understand the international recruitment cycle. See our guide on Talent Management • Make decisions quickly or you will lose the candidate
  12. 12. Political • Control over Visas is understandable • The speed of processing is something that national governments can control • Australia, Canada and The Middle East have challenges • Candidates will and do walk. Wouldn’t you? • We predict 2014 will see visa relaxations in areas of critical skills shortages
  13. 13. Candidates • You need to up your game • A stereotyped CV is simply not good enough • What about your own website to showcase your talent? • Have you got all your paperwork in one folder to enable instant responses to opportunities? Use this guide to set yourself up • Get that video done! Download Skype • How will you stand out from the crowd? • It is survival of the fittest, so get fit!
  14. 14. Skills Provision • We are constantly upping our game • We have a global perspective • We endeavour to offer services tailored to our clients needs • If you think we can be of assistance to you please do get in touch
  15. 15. Change Agents If employers require confidential assistance make a Quick Enquiry now.