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How Not To Get An ESL Job
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How Not To Get An ESL Job


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A guide for ESL teachers on how NOT to apply for positions, showing common errors made by applicants.

A guide for ESL teachers on how NOT to apply for positions, showing common errors made by applicants.

Published in: Education, Career

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  • 1. “Professional People Recruited Professionally”How Not To Get An ESL JobCommon Errors Made By Applicants
  • 2. Research• The internet is your friend – use it.• Do you really, really want to leave home?• Can you cope with a change of climate and culture?• Study you target markets, what can you do for them?• Understand the ESL market place, requirements and demands.
  • 3. It’s Not All About You• There is no “I” in team.• Are you flexible?• Are you adaptable?• Can you cope with the unexpected?• Why do you want to work in…………….?• What can you bring to the table?
  • 4. Preparing Your Application• Give your self time.• This is your calling card.• Quality, quality, quality!• Read the instructions. Read them again!• Answer all the questions, tick all the boxes.• If specific documents are requested then supply all of them, not some of them.
  • 5. School Boy Howlers• As recruiters it never ceases to amaze us how bad ESL Teachers applications are: – Spelling mistakes – use spell check – Grammar errors – use grammar check – Use of language that makes no sense – Failure to read the instructions – very sad – Incomplete applications – Completely inappropriate unqualified applications – Illegible attachments
  • 6. Recruiters Are Your Friend• Do you like wasting your time? – No, nor do we.• We want to help you, but you need to help us.• Would you hire “you” if you can’t/don’t read simple instructions? – Thought not.• Check and recheck everything before dispatch• Is everything there or am I trying to cheat?• Are all my attachments included and readable?
  • 7. Clear Communication• Do you need to add anything to achieve greater clarity?• Do you have the minimum “package” requirements not covered in the application pack?• Is your notice period and contract start date crystal clear?• Are your contact details up to date and “working” i.e. Email, Skype, etc. – Make sure you only use ONE email address
  • 8. Are We Teaching You To Suck Eggs• Yes!• Is it necessary? • Sadly yes• Will it eliminate self inflicted damage through a lack of professionalism and attention to detail? • NO - but it might help some of you land the job you are seeking by not ending up in the “RECRUITERS NO HOPERS PILE”• Your life, your choice.
  • 9. RESPONDING TO AN ADVERT• Read the advert, better still print it off so you can double check you are a suitable applicant.• If an advert specifies Male or Female there is a reason for that – We will quickly see if you fit the criteria – your passport gives us this information!• If an MA/BA/PhD is part of the required package and you don’t have either – then don’t apply.• If CELTA/TESOL qualifications are requested with 120 hrs. classroom teaching experience – make sure you have them. Tutoring doesn’t count.• In order to place YOU as an applicant you need to fulfil ALL the requirements – we can’t make you into something you aren’t.