The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Two
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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Two



This is The Brillzdom Book. ...

This is The Brillzdom Book.

As the second chapter unfolds, the brilliant wisdom that is Brillzdom goes on.

Come take this journey together.

Brillzdom Explained.
Brillzdom Visualized.
Brillzdom for the People.

You still love it.



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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Two The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Two Presentation Transcript

  • Two Chapter Brillzdom Book The
  • II/X The Madness Continues. More Brillzdom. More Explanations. Philosophers have delved into the meanings. Scribes have tried to decipher the code of Brillzdom’s depth. Paleontologists have even lent their efforts to link the Brilliant Wisdom known as Brillzdom to Prehistoric times and their importance in the re-emergence of the Neo-Dinosaurs. But that all ends here. The second chapter of Brillzdom explained in the Brillzdom Book Chapter Two. What does it all mean? At the end of this book you will be answering that question with the greatest of ease. This is Brillzdom. This is Brillzdom Explained...........
  • Apparently in this day & age, people believe it’s SO difficult to start a conversation with another person when all it requires is a simple 3 letter word. Not a whole spiel, not a line, not an interesting question or even an anecdote about yourself to gain approval. “Sup” works perfectly because if they respond well to it, then they are friendly and are worth talking to. If they respond coldly to it then they weren't worth talking to in the first place. A banana with a penis can do it. Sup
  • The law of averages states that after a certain number of attempts, a result is bound. In the magical world of statistics and probability, you are guaranteed success after enough attempts, hence always in your favor. Send your resumé enough places, you’ll get a call back. Approach enough girls, you’ll get a date. Practice enough time, you’ll become a master. The magic of the law of averages is that you WILL succeed, and with that guarantee, why not keep trying? Thanks to the law of averages, after (X) attempts you will get (Y) successes.
  • Without a convincing sales pitch, you’re just hoping that the customer will buy off their own desire. That’s not how sales work and selling yourself to the opposite sex is just the same. How many times have you been convinced to buy something you initially thought you wouldn’t buy? Same deal. If you want a girl to invest in you, you gotta sell you. If business didn’t work like that, there would be much less spending in this world. That and lonely people. Fortunately, the sales world is for all markets and applies to people too. Simple.
  • If you ask kids what they want to be, it’s cute when they say a dinosaur, dog or even a Captain of Playstation (wtf?). But when you ask adults and they say anything but themselves then it’s a little discouraging. But it’s true. People have grown to dislike themselves so much that they’d prefer to be something/anything else. But why? Is it because being them is so hard? Or is being something else SO much more desirable? Answer: None of the above. Real Answer: No Love. For themselves.
  • You know you’re doing something that should burn the WRONG way/Lazy way/ Half Ass way when it isn’t burning. When you have that burning feeling somewhere and you’re telling yourself “That Fucking Burns” then you’re doing it right. This could be physical or mental but regardless it should be painfully obvious (no pun intended) and more as a sign of progress than demotivation. Half Assing has never led to that burning sensation/progress cause it isn’t the right way. Now that burn doesn’t feel too bad now.....
  • A whopping 150,000 people die each day and I’m betting that a good percentage of those people didn’t even think that they would die that day when they woke up in the morning. Had they known, I’m sure they would have done everything they’ve ever wanted to do. But why wait til’ the day you die to do what you want? It could be today, next week, October 17th 2021, whatever. Since your death day is unknown, it’s best to just do what you want now. You’ll die happier. No regrets.
  • In life you’ll be given a few jobs at once and at times just one job. One main duty. One key task to complete and when you have just one thing to do and nothing else to distract your focus on that job, best believe it should be done with the highest calibre of quality. If it isn’t done right, then not only are you falling short of your work but you’re falling short as a person. You have just one job. Whatever it is, do it right. For you. For your well being. For your progress.
  • If a first date is going sideways and not going how you or the other person planned, it’s time to go for broke. Asking “Do you like porn?” is a simple date-killer or date- reviver depending on the date’s answer. Note this should only be used when needed. When the date is suffering, at a standstill or going downhill for you. The answer may surprise you. And if the date is killed, then hey! You saved time. If it’s revived, then.....
  • Key determinant in stress in life is the over giving of a fuck. If that makes any sense. Thankfully you could take two actions to find a solution. Do one action less often or the opposite action more often. Whichever you choose is fine, but try to make that action VERY frequent/infrequent. Depending of course on which you choose. Perhaps you work best doing something more. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who is good at cutting back. Maybe you could do both! Regardless, choose one. Or 2.
  • The brilliant innovators at UV Vodka have created a hybrid alcohol/dessert with their Chocolate Cake Vodka but what makes it so d r i n k a b l e / e n j oya b l e c o m p a r e d t o something that could cause cringing in some people is that it isn’t chocolate flavored vodka but a vodka flavored chocolate drink. Perhaps this new medium is the trick for successful hybrids. More of one thing than the other. Imagine the possibilities. Education that wasn’t fun, but instead fun that had educational value. And it all began with Chocolate Cake Vodka........
  • While the absolute thought of approaching a girl may seem paralyzing to some guys, the sooner they understand this truth, the more logically they will think and just approach already. Some guys don’t need to approach. Bad news is that this is an extremely small demographic and most likely not you. Not to worry because approaching is a skill that could be used in all aspects of life, way past girls. Sales, business, transactions, relations, etc. But this is the rule and you probably aren’t this guy so go, approach them.Yes, you
  • A girl with a sex drive like a guy is like finding a guy who likes to talk about feelings. Not impossible but definitely not likely. But they’re out there and if you stumble upon a girl like that, stay with her. Not only is it good for the relationship but it shows that she is attracted to more than your charm. Plus, it’s less you have to ask for. Definitely do NOT abuse this opportunity because this is just one quality of the elusive Great White Buffalo. A rarity.
  • Whether you like to admit it or not, your electronic deVICE (I see what I did there) is choking you from the fresh air called reality. It’s causing the lack of mental oxygen to your mind creating a social suffocation that crosses out the eyes and makes reality and technology two different atmospheres. It’s all happening. What was once not too difficult or imperative before has now become a mindless task with the feeling drowned out and the vibrancy choked to suffocation and it’s happening. Welcome.
  • Unless you’re hooking up with a freak or have a steady supply of Adderall, neither come easy. But when they do, especially the focus, you’re just in a whirlwind of power, control, and a sensation of accomplishment which brings the most awesome feeling. A feeling similar to anal sex for those who can relate (Guys/Gay guys amirite?) Having focus is awesome when you have it because let’s be real. In this day & age (see last page) focus is becoming scarce and when you got it, ride it out. Same goes for anal.
  • Giving is truly better than receiving. Giving anything. Love, support, help, goods. Whatever. One thing however should NEVER be given and that’s a fuck. When you give a fuck, you’re giving your valiance, your ability to control and worst o f a l l y o u ’ r e g i v i n g y o u r s e l f t o vulnerability. Essentially what giving a fuck means is placing an overemphasized care for a situation and given how short life is and how valuable your time is, nothing, absolutely nothing is worth giving this overemphasized care or concern. Everything else, Give. You’ll feel better.
  • They go together like bacon and eggs. A pairing to perfection. One cannot be done without the other. If you look good, you will feel good. If you feel good, you will look good. The complementing effect of looking good results in feeling better where feeling good results to looking better. Also in the same way where the opposite directly applies. You look bad, you feel bad. You feel bad, you probably look bad. Solution: try to look good or feel good.
  • Fortunately, the human brain can only focus on so many things at once. This creates a sort of first-in-first-out effect especially when something bad is on your mind. Thinking about a million different things can stray whatever it is you want to forget. You could think of anything. The sky, animals, the animals in the sky, Reagan, reggae, word associations, anything. It’s like you’re distracting yourself. If your mind is like anyone else’s this day & age, then it’s racing and it shouldn’t be hard to think of a plethora of things to forget another.
  • There’s a fine line between fantasizing and visualizing. Fantasizing=daydreaming with no real action plan. Visualizing= creates a mental image with a concept & outcome. Fa n t a s i z i n g = Wo u l d n ’ t i t b e n i c e ? Visualizing= This how I’m finna do it. Fantasizing= I wish I had this. (End.) Visualizing= I want this enough to find the means to get it. As you can see, fantasizing doesn’t do a whole lot. Visualize, form a plan, find the means and you can get this.
  • Tattoos have become this growing trend that has not been alive long enough to see how it measures out in the long term. But as we can see from biker gangs, old prisoners and pirates, these tattoos stay forever and turn a decaying brownish green, just like the flesh they’re imprinted on. With that said, if a girl with flourishing skin and radiantly colored tattoos looks good now, then if you stay with her forever, you’ll get the tattoos minus the pizzaz that made it look lustrous in the beginning. Something to consider......
  • Many factors determine what is paradise to somebody. It could be the weather, people, tranquility, food, culture, safety, cost of living, amount of sun, whatever. Whatever it is defined as, you will never find it until you can properly define it. The universal image of paradise with palm trees, ocean breeze, beaches and sun may not be your cup of tea. Does that mean paradise doesn’t exist for you and you’ll never find it or do you just need to define what is paradise to ME before going out to find it? Idyllic abode
  • When you believe “I don’ givva fuck nigga” when you say it, you’re releasing every square inch of you that focuses your core energy on caring/stressing and are straight up free of concern. If you believe it, of course. In other words, you are the absolute opposite of stressed/caring about stuff that doesn’t matter/concerned. Talking with no pants on. I don’t givva fuck. Handling situations. I don’t givva a fuck. Life. I don’ givva fuck nigga. Feel better. And Nigga is just a word. You don’t give a fuck enough to use it’s meaning.
  • Acknowledging a girl’s beauty is essential in making them feel good despite how little impact the same action would have on yourself. But what if she’s homely? Well, you don’t acknowledge that she’s beautiful. Of course not, don’t be crazy! But beauty to acknowledge can range from anything from eyelashes to cheek bones. Teeth to freckles. Ear lobes to fingernails. Whatever. Point is, that acknowledgement is key when improving communication and rapport. There HAS to be something, otherwise you’re talking to the wrong girls
  • You ever worry about falling when you’re walking? What about riding a bike? It probably doesn’t even cross your mind because it doesn’t even phase you. Or vice versa. The two are compatible and if something never crosses your mind, you can bet that it’s something that you shouldn’t be worrying about anyways. If something phases you, I’m sure it zigzags through your mind. So you want something to not phase you? Don’t let it cross your mind. A Moat.....
  • Settling can be defined as accepting something less satisfactory. Yet people continue to do it, especially when it comes to their significant others. But why? Is it because selection is limited? Because it’s not. Lovely ladies/guys are all over if you’re willing to put in the effort because yes, there are many more than you’d think. Not to mention people come and go so a circulation effect takes place. Settling usually results in a less satisfactory life where as in the opposite of settling (going for it) results in satisfactory results. Don’t settle for settling.
  • You’ve heard The Secret. “Ask and you shall receive”. It couldn’t be more applicable than when it comes to girls. Girls aren’t the species who do the asking and most of the time aren’t willing to. So it’s the man’s job to ask. Ask for anything. The magic to asking is that it’s customary so it shouldn't be unwelcome and it creates a win-win situation. If you get the “dreaded” No, you move on. You find what’s better out there because there always is. Asking sparks the momentum of progress not to mention takes seconds to do. Ask..........