The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Three
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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Three



The 3rd Chapter. ...

The 3rd Chapter.
Part III like The Godfather.........but better!

This is the Brillzdom Book
Chapter Three

Brillzdom Can't Stop.
Won't Stop.
It does not even know HOW to stop.

Brillzdom Explained.
Brillzdom Visualized.
Brillzdom for the People.

To this love it.



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The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Three The Brillzdom Book: Chapter Three Presentation Transcript

  • Book The Brillzdom Three Chapter
  • Quick story. A boy around 11 threatens to leave his home after a quarrel with his parents and goes to his room emotional. A mess of thoughts is a good way to describe how he was feeling. Well amongst this mess, he has what is called his first brilliant and insightful wisdom or “Brillzdom” at the age of 11. Just 11. Wisdom at 11? Improbable. Brilliant at 11? Surely, you jest! But I kid you not, with this golden insight that he recorded and looks back on to this day, this young boy transformed his life situation into Brillzdom that has stood the test of time outlasting the dinosaurs, man, Koreobots (Korean robots of 3009 Neo-Seoul) and even taxes. Brillzdom was born. Brillzdom lives. Chapter Three, come on. III/X
  • Whether you love your dog, your creations or even grilled cheese sandwiches, sharing it with everyone will bring you happiness. Sharing what you love not only transfers love which could cause a contagious effect but also transfers passion. Even if your passion is sliced cheese on bread, sharing your intense enthusiasm brings happiness to (at least) yourself and could possibly rub off on someone else. Barney the Dinosaur (or somebody) said it best. Sharing is Caring and when it comes to passion, no other caring can bring as much happiness. People love it too? Cool. If not, cool. There’s an endless amount of people out there to share with....... View slide
  • Thanks to guy’s overbearing desperation for sex, they end up looking like the hopeless needy gender which may be true but that doesn’t mean girls don’t want it as bad. They’re just classier and don’t let off the stench of desperation like guys do. But don’t be fooled by the aloofness. They want it just as bad. I mean, this is the same gender with a much larger sex toy market, competition against each other and deeper emotional connection. They may come off like they could live years without it, but that’s the female gender. A complex actress hiding desires in the most secretive ways. But it’s true. View slide
  • This is usually said after drinking but why not say it anytime? before doing anything? After doing anything? During doing anything? It’s like a beautiful tandem. It combines the self-assurance that you, yourself are a great person as well as disregarding any outside influence on your self- assurance. The absolute best thing you could tell yourself simply because there is nothing really to care about that could ever make you any less awesome. You may have heard this from that night you drank a lot. Perhaps, you’ll hear it on sober nights too....
  • The magic of new places is that it gives you an opportunity to get lost, despite what magic GPS your electronic device may come equipped with. The lost feeling brings a sense of wonder as you twist, turn and go through facades of a place most don’t see unless they’re as lost as you are. This wonder develops familiarity, builds your bearings, increases survival intuition and most importantly acquaints you with the place to develop a knowledge one may need much more time to gain. But you gotta get lost. Crazy lost. Beyond where-the-hell-am-I and more approaching this-looks-unfamiliar-ohshit-I’m- crazylost. With that you will truly know a place
  • There is no official “English to Girl” translation guide out there for guys to read but if there is one word that they MUST know it is “Maybe”. Maybe in girl translates to NO. 0%. Not happening. Nah. It’s basically a softening/not totally honest way to say “No”. Because saying “No” would be too harsh. “Maybe” leaves men in suspense and we all know it’s less disheartening to wait in suspense than be told a direct “No” right? Hell no. So when you hear “Maybe” go on to the next girl cause this girl is over. If “Maybe” had an entry in the translation guide it would say “No, so go on to the next one. Sorry.”
  • Despite what Facebook may have you believe, friends are definitely a quality over quantity deal. In fact 3 or 4 is sufficient but why go that high? All the satisfaction, joy, delight and everything else one expects to gain from friendship can be attained with a single friend. One GOOD friend. This friend doesn’t even have to be a person. Dogs, animals, bears, whatever. Point is, you just really need one quintessential “Swiss Army Knife” friend and you’re good. You’ll no longer have a need to fill any other vacant position of “friend” cause you don’t need it and when you don’t need it you don’t desire it and when you don’t desire something you don’t need then you’re good.
  • Some people put other people in front of them whether it be children, loved ones or people that they’ve never even met. Problem is when they’re gasping they’re last breath they’re exhaling a sigh of regret on not living more for them. Because for all you know, you could be the only living person, alive. You’re living just one life and the most important person that will matter most is you. The person you live, feel and control. You. The person you are most responsible for. You. The reason for your existence. People in your life will matter. But can’t take that top spot. I mean how could they? They aren’t you
  • Ever been offered something and said yes for whatever reason? Girl scout cookies, your money for a donation, anything in between? Regardless, you said yes and used your “purchasing power” not because the product was great, per-se but more because you were offered. So the rule of offering goes, when one is offered something, the results are much higher than when something isn’t offered, no? Same goes with girls. Countless women have accepted offers, sometimes ludicrous ones, just cause they were offered. Offer and you just might get a buyer. Don’t offer and be content with no sale.
  • The Total Package. The Renaissance Man/Woman. The Dream. It’s funny how this differs so much between men and women and how nobody ever seems to find their package despite their simple criteria. What it tells you is that the total package is overly focused on what the person has/is rather than what the person does. Oh yeah, they got money and a hot What happens when it fades? People’s adjectives change. Their verbs, not too often. It strikes me as strange. There is an increase in matchmaking companies and websites to link people up better than ever, yet the divorce rate is on the increase. Perhaps there’s a fault in one’s idea of the “Total Package”.
  • There’s a big speculation on what it is to “try” and to “do” but let’s be real. Trying = Doing without being sure of the outcome. With that said, if you did it even though you knew the outcome was as unknown as the dark, then you could probably do it. It’s the whole “not being sure of the outcome” that sets people back from doing something but that’s the joy. The gratification one gets from accomplishing something that they’re not sure of accomplishing trumps the gratification of doing something that they are certain of the outcome. And even if you couldn’t do it, you probably could if you “tried” again.
  • Girls are scoped out MUCH more often than guys are. No surprise with their hair, eyes, mouth, body and etcetera that attract eyes like colors. But when one is used to having eyes on them, one can feel when someone’s eyes have overstayed their visit. Generally, the rule is 2 seconds if it’s a random girl, and anything past that they WILL feel and won’t be able to help but associate you as a creeper. And nobody wants a creeper looking at them, right? Unfortunately this doesn’t work for guys, since not only do we not get looked at nearly as much but we can’t feel those eyes on us quite as potently as girls. To conclude, 2 seconds is the limit cause your eyes on them is double-obvious since they’re used to them.
  • It’s true. It’s just a matter of how, right? Well, fortunately for you I got 4 easy steps that can not only prove this right, BUT make you believe it too! Step I) KNOW what you want. Be as clear as a cloudless sky. Step II) Make a plan of action. Without that, you’re just wishing and wishing is the same as daydreaming. Useless. Step III) Work towards that plan constantly. Continuously. Always. You want it, right? Right? Right??? Step IV) Get It. It won’t come to your lap and it definitely won’t be fate, luck, or some other bullshit. You do the work (yeah, work, iknorite?) of Steps I-IV and you too can always get what you want. Always.
  • Money talks but what happens when you talk back? What you say is “Oh I hear ya boy, I can hear ya clear son”. When you’re talking to money you can’t help but have a pleasant conversation that says “I’m talking to a wad of notes because I made it. I got this money. I hear you” The money may not talk back. Your senses will kick in like you were Helen Keller and you will feel a warm sense of accomplishment. How the conversation goes is all up to your journey up to that conversation. But one thing’s for certain. Nobody has ever not made it and talked to money. And nobody has ever hung up on money either.
  • We all like to think personality plays the most important role in a girl and it’s important. Vitally Important. Crucial even. But it can’t take the top spot because when her personality isn’t being presented through her words/actions, you’re looking at her face and that face has gotta be good. Granted it may not stand the test of time, but it’s gotta be a face you can look at now, maybe 5,000 times and a face that can make you feel things. This is just good investing. You look at the face a lot more than the rest of her and you also have more contact with her face than anything when she isn’t speaking, so it’s an important factor to invest in. Like a bed. You’re with it 1/3rd of your life. Make it good.
  • Girls being told that they’re pretty is at the top of their wish list. So high that they would use a speakerphone to request hearing it if they could. Sure, they’d like to hear things about their clothes, shoes and personality (do they?), but at the top is being told they’re pretty. To them, that’s like a verbal Christmas present. Even if they hear it too much, it’s what their ears want. Whether they deserve it or you should be telling them this, is up to speculation. But deep down what every girl wants is to be a princess and the definition (and only real role) of a princess is being told “you’re pretty”.
  • Ever climb a mountain? Or a big, steep, elevation? It’s not an easy task. But once you reach the top, the feeling of accomplishment can’t be helped but felt up & down your body. Same thing goes with most things in life. Most challenges or obstacles require a certain deal of effort. They take time. Depending on your mentality that time could pass by like an ocean of sand or a normal work week and your progress might be slower than a retarded snail. But you know, that’s most things in life and once you complete that epic stroll that has cost a whole lot of time, effort, frustration and loss then you’re at the top and have made it. A long, slow fucking climb up. That feeling up top tho.
  • Being out of practice is normal. It happens. Perhaps from long periods of inactivity or some sort of mental block. Whatever it is, it’s never to be mistaken with the humiliating “You Suck” people tell themselves. You can’t go from being able to do something well to sucking at it just like that. It would take a grave accident or a GIANT lack of recent practice, none of which have happened to you. The process is this: Skilled-------> Rusty (Out of Practice)-------> Groove Back (Back In Practice). It’s like Stella and how she got her groove back. It was never lost. Just rusty. Just needed some gradient practice and BAM! Back to being skilled like Stella.
  • If you are worthy of something whether it be a vacation, a pay raise or a stack of pancakes then you surely deserve it. That’s the answer to the question “Do I deserve it?”. What is worthy, though? Worthy means worked was put in, effort was exerted, tasks were completed and that grand sense and joy of accomplishment was felt. If these were met, then you are worthy of whatever reward you see worthy of the work. Finished your work week? You deserve a party weekend. Made record sales this month? You deserve the promotion. Did anything you set out to do? You deserve the original buttermilk pancakes.
  • The magic thing about language is that there are words out there that may not even exist in your own language. Well, the Japanese word きもちいい (Pronounced Kimochii) is the expression said when something feels good. Lay down on a bed full of pillows? きもちいい. Take a bubble bath after running around all day? きもちいい. ANY sort of pleasure you’re feeling? きもちいい. No idea what that is in English. But that feeling, that expression, is what girl’s want to say and/or feel. And how can they say/feel きもちいい? That’s up to you, but just know this is said when any form of pleasure is felt. Girls love pleasure.....きもちいい
  • Commitment is basically an agreement with you and yourself. The terms of this understanding are that you will do whatever, absolutely whatever, it takes to accomplish said task until it’s done. It’s sort of a mental contract. Nothing physical is involved except the actions needed. The magic of mental game. It isn’t to be looked at as “you vs. your mind” but instead “you working co-op with your mind” to abide by the terms of this “Commitment Contract”. Commitment is a fine seductive mix of desire, effort and some negotiation with your mind. All mental game.
  • The cigarette companies have yet to make a cigarette that makes your mouth taste pleasant but until they do, smokey mouth is what you’ll be kissing and it usually doesn’t align with the beauty of the person attached to the mouth. It’s like plastic food models. Don’t taste as good as they look. The total package of ANYBODY (men & women) is a combination of the senses. Looks good? Yeah. Feels good? Oh yeah. Tastes good? No! The overall quality of the package is then lowered. If you want the total package of the sensual man/woman, you must consider the taste that will be in your mouth. A mouth accompanied by smoke usually doesn’t help that sensual kiss.........
  • You want money to come quick? Not that easy. You want girls to come quick (2XentendreWUT?). Really not easy. Not to say that it’s a dauntingly difficult task, but it is a challenge and requires effort. If they were to come quick, how valuable would they be? Once this is understood, you can pace the process correctly and have it as soon as possible. Whether you’re trying to get the money, the girl or the girl to........point is this. Understanding that these don’t come quick means you may have to plan your approach differently. And who knows? With this unconventional approach, you could have results sooner than you thought........
  • Drugs are something different. They alter. Alter you all over. But the psychedelic array of colors, patterns, designs and bizarre are not throughout your mind but more your heart. What your heart feels on drugs is a crazy hybrid of an out of body experience and an incredibly inner body experience that leaves your heart to decide what the next step is. And that’s much better than leaving your substance influenced mind up to decisions. When your heart is tripping absolute ballsack, you’re truly feeling the effects and are staring at your future in the face. This is when you make your next choice about drugs and some people have a different decision making process when their hearts are tripping.
  • Whoever said your parents had it easier than you do now is lying their face off dirty style , cause they didn’t. Whenever you were born was a more difficult time to raise a child than these days. Period. And if your mom could do it, during the hard times of many years ago, then there’s no doubt you can in this day & age where MOST things are easier. And come on, it’s your mom. The same lady who can barely operate such simple-to-use gadgets. What’s there to really fear? All the answers are online, products are better these days and if she (who you swear you’re smarter than) can do it then it’s DEFINITELY certain that you could too. Maybe even better......?
  • If a girl who, logistically speaking, can see you and is creating a tale to not go and see you, then she doesn’t really want to see you. End of story. The way it works is that if a girl really wants to see you, she’d jump through hoops, pull strings, call off engagements, cancel on other people and simply put, make an effort. It’s that effort that tells you that she really wants to see you. It’s as clear as day. If she puts in effort to give you an elaborate story on how she can’t because there’s this thing/person/feeling etc. then sorry Charlie, she doesn’t really wanna see you. The effort test never fails to reveal true interest