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Civics Chapter 22 pp



American political parties

American political parties



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Civics Chapter 22 pp Civics Chapter 22 pp Presentation Transcript

  • Two-Party System The US has two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans = There are other political parties but almost all major positions, including President, have been Dems or Reps. President = Democrat Congress = 535 members = 2 independents 50 Governors = all Reps or Dems
  • A Brief History of Political Parties In the beginning there were no political parties…. Washington even warned against it. Thomas Jefferson’ Democratic-Republicans (Todays Democrats) v. Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists.
  • Federalists V. Democratic-Republicans Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson Wanted a strong central government. Supported by the North / Merchants Wanted to see the states have more power. Supported by the South / Farmers
  • Federalists faded away leaving the DEM-REPS as only party…they got bored so changed their name to…. Democratic Party Andrew Jackson Whig Party v Democrats
  • 1854 = Whigs divided over issue of slavery = Split A new party is formed Republican Party
  • REPUBLICANS V DEMOCRATS Which is your party? Complete the worksheet to see which party you belong to….
  • REPUBLICANS V DEMOCRATS Conservative Liberal Pro-Life Pro-Choice Tough on crime Rehabilitate Private Healthcare Public Healthcare
  • Left-Wing Right-Wing LIBERALS CONSERVATIVES Communism/ Socialism Fascism Democrats Republicans Moderates Average American sees themselves as in the center
  • Why we choose a party. It is often easy to predict how people will vote if you know some background.
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Where you live
    • Occupation
    • Gender
    • Wealth
  • WHAT PARTIES STAND FOR... Best place to check is their PARTY PLATFORM = list of principles and beliefs Plank = one part Becareful getting info from other sources like the media = can be bias
  • THIRD PARTIES Third Parties have played an important role in our nationals political history. Complete the worksheet to learn more about these guys. Single-Issue Ideological Independent Candidates Example: Prohibitionists Want to change society in a major way
  • OTHER TYPES OF PARTY SYSTEM We have already stated that we have a two-party system in the US. In many countries they have numerous strong political parties = Multi-Party System ISRAEL ITALY JAPAN
  • One-Party System Country’s politics is dominated by one political party. Not democratic…..often a dictatorship. CHINA NORTH KOREA CUBA
  • National Convention National Chairperson National Committee State Chairperson State Committee Local Chairperson City, Town, County Committees Precinct Captain Precinct Workers Congressional Campaign Committee Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • Political Machines When one party gains too much control of a city or state – leads to corruption BOSS TWEED One of the most famous political machine existed in New York…Boss Tweeds Tammany Hall
  • Andrew Jackson Spoils System In the past it was easy for political leaders to reward loyal supporters with government jobs. This is called patronage. Started by Andrew Jackson Graft Making money off of government projects
  • ROLE OF POLITICAL PARTIES Choosing candidates Getting candidate elected Connect different levels of government
    • Federal
    • State
    • Local
    Act as Watchdog When not in power, question the other parties actions -CANVASSING
  • CHOOSING A CANDIDATE Before John McCain could run as the REPUBLICAN candidate in 2008, the party had to pick him. There were others that wanted to represent the party.
  • Selection process is called a Primary OPEN CLOSED Registered voters from both party can vote for a candidate Only registered democrats or republicans can vote for a candidate
  • National Convention Every 4 years each party holds a national convention = decide on party platform and candidate for president
  • #1 Goal of Political Parties Get your candidates elected