Selecting a Website Content Management System (CMS)


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As marketers, the content management system (CMS) is the engine that powers the most important marketing channel you have – your website. With so many to choose from, how do you select the best CMS for your needs? This presentation covers what must be considered when selecting a CMS platform as well as a CMS vendor.

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Selecting a Website Content Management System (CMS)

  1. 1. What to Consider When Selecting a Website Content Management System Chris Remington Trivera Business Marketing Association- Milwaukee January 29, 2014
  2. 2. A little bit about Trivera… •Founded in 1996 •Website Design since 1996 •SEO since 1997 •Email Marketing since 1998 •Website Hosting since 1998 •eCommerce since 1999 •Mobile since 2000 •Content Management Systems since 2007 •Social Media since 2008 •Thousands of Engagements, Hundreds of Clients
  3. 3. Trivera is ‘CMS Agnostic’
  4. 4. This presentation will be: High-level Questions to ask Things to consider Vendor and client perspective This presentation will NOT be: A sales pitch for any particular CMS Overly technical A side-by-side comparison of CMS tools and their options
  5. 5. The CMS Landscape… CMS usage across the web 64% of sites use non-monitored CMS tools or no CMS WP used by 21% of all sites = a 60% CMS market share Source:
  6. 6. The CMS Selection Process – WHY A CMS? Empowerment Not held hostage to HTML coders Facilitates execution of an ongoing content strategy Scalability & additional feature sets Enables cross-device optimization (responsive) "Question Mark Button" by Stuart Miles –
  7. 7. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat… Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory -Sun Tzu
  8. 8. The CMS Selection Process – BUSINESS GOALS What is the main function/goal of the website? External-facing, client/member portal, or both? What will be the most frequently utilized CMS features? What business processes/workflows can be improved? How must it drive your brand voice and value prop? How future-proof and scalable is the CMS?
  9. 9. The CMS Selection Process – WHO’S DRIVING THE BUS? Marketing? C-Suite? Board? IT? Know who is making the decision and funding the project Mantas Ruzveltas - Source:
  10. 10. The CMS Selection Process – CONTENT What is the content strategy? Who owns the content? Where is the content coming from? How frequently should it be updated? What are the primary content types? Is document/asset management important? "Creative Light Bulb With Technology Business Network Process" by KROMKRATHOG –
  11. 11. The CMS Selection Process – CONTENT Is globalization/translation important? Gated/password protected content? To what degree will Social Media content be integrated? To what degree will ‘Community’ be important? Will customers/non-employees be empowered to enter/edit content? "Creative Light Bulb With Technology Business Network Process" by KROMKRATHOG –
  12. 12. The CMS Selection Process – FUNCTIONALITY Asset/Document Management? Events Calendar? eCommerce? Gated Content? Blogging? Is the tail wagging the dog? Thoroughly define what’s needed & find a CMS that delivers "Waiting Lonely Dog" by Keattikorn –
  13. 13. The CMS Selection Process – RESOURCES Who will be responsible for using CMS to maintain site - what is their background and skill set? Technical Resources - internally vs. retaining developers? Will there be the need for various levels of access (e.g. Reviewer, Editor, Publisher, Super Admin)? Training? "Business Team Meeting" by Ambro –
  14. 14. The CMS Selection Process – BUDGET License Fees? Buildout? Post-launch Support/Maintenance? Upgrades? Resources – Internal? External? Glossy Yellow Dollar –
  15. 15. The CMS Selection Process – HOSTING .NET Solution? LAMP Stack? Emulation? Local vs. Cloud? Internal vs. External? "Cloud Computing" by hyena reality –
  16. 16. The CMS Selection Process – PLATFORM Open Source vs. Net vs. Hosted (SaaS)?
  17. 17. The CMS Selection Process – SEO IMPLICATIONS Customizable Page Titles & Meta Data CSS Drop-Down Nav URL Structure Support rel-canonical Tag XML Sitemap Creation No Frames/Iframes 301 Redirects, Not 302 Pagination Custom Alt Tags Breadcrumb Navigation - Ray Comstock "Hand Clicking Internet Search Page" by phanlop88 –
  18. 18. The CMS Selection Process – UPGRADE PATH How frequent? Mini-enhancements vs. new versions? Security or Functionality-driven? Forced by hosting companies? Risks of falling behind? Costs? "Stairway In Garden" by anankkml –
  19. 19. The CMS Selection Process – EXTENSIBILITY What comes ‘out-of-the-box’ with the CMS? How easily can things be added to it? Who can add things – Client/end user or Developer/Programmer/Platform Team? 3rd Party integration/APIs - e.g. Quick Books,, Constant Contact, PayPal? "Plastic Building Blocks" by nenovbrothers –
  20. 20. The CMS Selection Process – OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Size of community? Community vs. Vendor-built add-ons? What is the national roster of clients using the tool? Security? Versions – which is right for you? Source:
  21. 21. The VENDOR Selection Process Stability (freelancer vs. agency vs. proprietary) Site ownership - what is in the vendor’s ‘fine print’ about who owns the site? ‘One trick ponies’ ‘Jacks of all trades’ Relevant & related CMS experience What other services beyond the CMS does the vendor offer?
  22. 22. SUMMARY Plenty of options Assess your needs and goals Take time to ask questions and do research Understand the big picture beyond the initial build out Commit to an ongoing content strategy
  23. 23. Thank You, and Good Luck! Chris Remington @eMilwaukee on Twitter Trivera Interactive 262-250-9400