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Logo Case Studies

  1. 1. Analysis of Three Logo’s
  2. 2. MONSTER ENERGY Monster energy utilises a conceptual image for the main part of the logo; 3 jagged lines that appear to be claw marks, as if made by a “monster”. Cleverly these marks make the shape of an M, the first letter of the brand. The M is in a just off neon green colour that is representative of the Monster energy brand, this is likely done because neon fonts convey energy and the product that is being represented is an energy drink. Similarly green is often associated with horror & monsters which makes it a very relevant colour to use given the brand name. Another thing worth noting is that the M is almost exclusively displayed on top of black, and neon colours such as this shade of green work very well on black as they have a high contrast.
  3. 3. Beneath the graphic section of the logo is the name of the brand “Monster” written in a display font that is also jagged and resembles an old norse runic font, the font it self is written in white with a thin silver outline that gives the name some depth. The font has high line contrast and manages to convey a sense of chaos while maintaining neat, evenly spaced lettering. Beneath this can be found the word “Energy” again in capitals, this time it is in the same green colour as the graphic and in a sans-serif geometric font. The lettering has been spaced out to give it an increased element of strength and the fact that it shares the colour of the above graphic manages to balance out the colour scheme, following Green, White, Green.
  4. 4. I feel that the design is a powerful one and is successful in representing both the nature of the product as an energy drink and also the name and branding of the product. When displayed on the cans, the silver outlining on the logo makes it stand out very well from the black background and presents a reasonably minimal but yet detailed logo without the need for much else in the way of product design.
  5. 5. SUBWAY Subway uses a similar method of representing the literal meaning of the brand name, using two arrows the first on the base of the S and the second on top of the Y represents what I believe to be a sign giving directions like you would find in an actual subway; this could also connote the directions of trains moving between stations or even speedy preparation of food. The font used in a Sans-Serif bold font with little line contrast. The whole word is on a slight tilt but does not appear to actually be italicized which may also be suggesting movement and fast preparation of food.
  6. 6. The logo utilises the colours; green, yellow and white. The contrast between “SUB” being written in white and “WAY” in yellow might help bring more attention to the word “Sub” as this is the name of the actual product sold. The green outline is a rather heavy one and likely serves the purpose of making it readable when placed against a white background whilst also connoting nature and freshness as the tagline suggests “Eat Fresh”.
  7. 7. I feel that the logo is effective in standing out and grabbing attention, it also seeks to implant some links to the nature of the product and brand through the arrows and the green outline. Other than this I feel that it is a fairly straight forward logo that does what it needs to.
  8. 8. ★STARBUCKS★ The most recent version of the starbucks logo is a twin-tailed mermaid wearing a crown, on top of a green circle. The image of the mermaid is quite a simplified one and is made entirely with the two tones of white and green, which gives it a bold and easily visible appearance; however the tails appear to be some what obscure and it can’t clearly be seen that they are actually tails.
  9. 9. ★STARBUCKS★ The logo is detailed but still very simplistically done, this makes it quite a powerful logo and one that is memorable, similarly this shade of green has started to be associated with the brand even without the logo as it has now become such a widespread franchise. I feel that the design is unusual as mermaids have very little to do with coffee and nor does the colour green. However the logo is clear and straightforward, shown by itself it doesn’t do much in the way of representing the brand, but when combined with the word coffee it doesn’t need to.
  10. 10. Compare/Contrast One thing that all 3 of these logo’s and many others share in common is that they are all pretty simplistic, they don’t rely on huge attention to detail and can be easily recognised even if they were printed without colour. I feel that Monster and Subway are the stronger logo’s as they work well to represent the theme of the brand and the actual product sold by the brand, whereas subway’s logo is fairly irrelevant. My personal favourite is Monster, with its use of an off-neon green ontop of black and with its balance of colour, with the Green, White, Green sandwich. I also feel Monster has more personality to it.