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A simple PowerPoint explaining my company\'s offerings.

A simple PowerPoint explaining my company\'s offerings.



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CJM Construction Consulting Presentation CJM Construction Consulting Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • “The Owner’s Representative”
  • Construction Projects Create Crazy Dynamics.
    CJM Construction Consulting can help you negotiate those dynamics, and produce profitable outcomes that impact your project in positive ways.
  • Core Services
    Owner Representation
    Clerk of the Works
    Quality Assurance
    Project Management
    As Built Photography
  • Owner Representation
    What will an Owner’s Rep do for my project??
    Review proposed project schedule from the General Contractor.
    Review all plans and specifications.
    Assist the Architect with the bidding process and recommendations for award.
    Review, analyze, and track submittals, requisitions, and change orders.
    Attend the Project Meetings held by the Architect.
    Site supervisionand constructionmonitoring.
    Assist the Architect with managing the punch lists and project closeout.
  • Outline of Services
    Pre-Construction Services
    Project Planning
    Prepare a Project Summary Document.
    Assist with site selection and procurement.
    Forecast a comprehensive project budget & estimate.
    Create a reasonable project master schedule.
    Structure & Implement a chain of communication and approval plan.
    Develop & Implement a contract review process.
    Design Phase 
     Orchestrate the design selection process.
    Conduct a feasibility assessment by reviewing drawings and specifications to assure constructability.
    Analyze the design cost estimate.
    Identify any potential cost savings.
    Monitor schedule and delivery on any items with a long lead time.
    Assist in expediting the design process.
    Conduct and record project meetings.
    Assist with building code and other regulatory approvals.
    Review pay requisitions and recommend payment on all invoices.
  • Pre-Construction Services Continued……
    Procurement & Bidding 
    Review project logistics and delivery options.
    Conduct the contractor selection, bid awards, and procurement process.
    Administer direct purchasing on behalf of the owner.
    Prepare bid tabs and analysis.
  • Construction Services
    Project Start-Up
    Develop, engage, and monitor project control systems.
    Prepare simple to comprehensive cash flow projections.
    Establish & implement a communication and reporting plan.
    During Construction
    Monitor & report all activity on-site.
    Review pay requisitions and invoices, and recommend payment action.
    Create and maintain a running punch list process.
    Document, communicate, negotiate, and advise on all change orders.
    Review and analyze progress made toward project milestones.
    Develop schedule recovery strategies
    Review and manage change order requests.
    Manage the Owner's direct purchase vendors and sub-contractors.
    Schedule, lead, and document construction meetings.
    Be proactive in all issue resolution processes.
    Document and report on daily, weekly, and monthly progress.
    Maintain all necessary project documentation.
  • Construction Services Continued……..
    Project Closeout
    Verify Substantial Completion. (A.I.A. Form G704)
    Oversee all final inspections.
    Maintain and manage punch list to completion.
    Review and document all warrantees.
    Assist with the assembly of all operations & maintenance manuals.
    Schedule and coordinate procurement, delivery, and installation of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
    Schedule and coordinate all move in activity.
  • Clerk of the Works
    What will a Clerk of the Works do for my project?
    Keep owner informed of any construction issues, and consult on decisions to be made.
    Reporting on a regular basis to the owner and his/her team, to aid in resolution of issues as they arise.
    Cost Tracking through updating budgets on a regular basis or as determined by the project owner.
    Construction cost tracking, budget analysis, records keeping, testing documentation, and quality assurance.
    Submittalreview, analysis, and approval recommendation.
    Change order review, analysis, and approval recommendation.
    Contract document & specification conformance and documentation.
    Coordinate MEP systems training and the assembly of O&M manuals.
  • What you can expect from a CJM Clerk of the Works
    Be familiarwith the purpose of the facility to be constructed.
    Know the owner's requirements.
    Communicate the design& related specifications.
    Track and report on the budget.
    Understand the contract documents.
    This familiarity translates to cost savings and operationalefficiency, and assures the successful commissioningand readiness of your facility.
  • Quality Assurance
    ........"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."  
    (William A. Foster)
  • Quality Assurance Representation
    Why hire Quality Assurance representation?
    Minimizeyour liability exposure.
    Reducecall-backs, warranty claims, and punch Lists.
    Ensure a consistent,quality product delivery.
    Ensure building and energy code compliance.
    Bring in your projects on-timeand within budget.
    Build an accountabilitystructurefor your trade contractors. (remember: non-confrontational, collaborative)
  • How do we achieve Quality Assurance?
    Quality Assurance is process based. At CJM Consulting we will customize a QA process based on your project needs; considering the schedule, budget, local codes, and other factors.
    Define the requirements of the client.
    Become familiar with chosen materials.
    Exercise Quality Control by inspecting and certifying that products meet the design & quality standards as defined by the Owner, and are installed per the specs and local building codes and requirements.
    Witness, verify, photograph, and document testing of systems, soils, concrete, etc.
    Assist you in planning the work flow, delivery of materials, traffic control, and scheduling of work ; and document it for future reference.
    Check, Inspect, Visual, Measurement, Instrumentation, Documentation.
  • Project Management
    What will a Professional Project Manager do for my project?
    Leadand create a project environment and framework in which all members of the project team serve the owner's best interest.
    Conduct weekly construction meetings that emphasize issue resolution.
    Create RFP’s, obtain proposals, and execute contracts with construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors. 
    Maintain continuous oversight of the construction project, including schedule, budget, and quality control.        
    Implement a construction reporting framework that keeps the owner informed of the issues as they arise to facilitate decision making.
    Manageand monitor the bidding and procurement process when performed by the general contractor.    
    Provide a strong owner's management presence on-site that promotes operational efficiency and success.
  • Inspection Services
    Property Condition Assessment
    Progress Inspections
    Utility & Infrastructure
  • Property Condition Assessment
    What issues will a Property Condition Assessment address?
    Foundation Condition
    Building Structure
    Existing Structure & Site Evaluation
    Building Components
    Roofing Systems & Materials
    Parking Lot Pavement Condition
    HVAC Equipment
    Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
    Interior and Exterior Finishes & Materials
    Identify Potential Hazardous Materials
    ADA Compliance (Access & Egress)
    Design & Maintenance Issues
    Potential Pest Infestations
  • Progress Inspections
    We review the project specifications and construction drawings prior to making the site inspection.
    We then perform a site inspection to examine and verify the claimed percentage of work completed.
    You receive a written report and photographs that will detail any discrepancies between the amount requested and the actual amount of work completed. 
  • Utility & Infrastructure Inspection
    Verify your contractor has a Quality Assurance Program in place.
    Verify your contractor’squalifications specific to the work being performed, prior to the start of construction.
    Assist you in developing a QA program & standards.
    Reports that include pictures & documentation.
    Testing verification & witnessing.
    Customized programs specific to your project.
  • As-Built Photography
  • As-Built Photography
    What are the benefits of As-built Photography??
    The ability to identify and properly locate MEP systems after construction is complete.
    You, the building owner, know where crucial system components are when performing the next round of additions/renovations, and when performing maintenance & repairs on said systems.
  • What do you get for As-Built Photos?
    You receive a finished photo album that is keyed to a site plan that can be easily followed by your facilities & maintenance staff, in both electronic and hard copy.
  • Professional Procurement Services
    We can design a customized procurement program that is tailored to the very specific needs of your project; keeping in mind scope, schedule, and budget.
  • Construction Procurement
    What CJM Construction Consulting can do for you.
    Create procurement Policy, Procedure, & Protocol that is customized to your project.
    Specification Writing & Bid Analysis
    Submittal Review, Analysis, and Purchase Recommendation.
    Assure that the procurement protocol put in place is approved by your Financial Institution, Auditors, Grantee, or GoverningAgency.
  • Professional Estimating Services
    General Construction
    Site Work
    Utilities & Infrastructure
  • Other Services
    Housing Rehabilitation & Redevelopment Consulting
    Construction Site Selection
    Business Relocation Assistance
    Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Procurement and Setup
    Utility and Infrastructure Consulting
    Small to Medium General Contractor Systems and Processes Consulting
    Davis-Bacon Wage Reporting and Prevailing Wage Compliance
    Demolition Project Management
    Construction Safety Program Consulting
  • Contact Us!!
    CJM Construction Consulting
    150 Sampson Street
    Jamestown, NY 14701
    (716)640-8672 (PH)
    (716)640-0253 (PH)
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