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Chris Koenig - Krakow CodeCamp Slides

  1. 1. Chris Koenig Developer Evangelist 7 czerwca 2008
  2. 2. Web development has evolved so that developers are expected to deliver rich user experiences
  3. 3. } Are Everywhere… {
  4. 4. { } Less Effort, More Effect Faster, Easier Development A powerful, new HTML designer Functional testing for ASP.NET AJAX and JavaScript CSS management Integrated code metrics JavaScript debugging and Intellisense® Improved performance and Support for LINQ scalability profiling New ListView Control Breakthrough User Experiences ASP.NET AJAX built-in Enhanced AJAX functionality AJAX Control Toolkit Nested master pages Silverlight and Deep Zoom for Rich Interactive Applications Integration with Expression Blend
  5. 5. { } New HTML Designer The Challenge HTML is getting more and more complicated – we need help! The Solution Visual Studio® 2008 provides a powerful new HTML designer that tames even the most complicated HTML; it includes A split view that enables you to see your HTML from a source and design perspective at the same time. Nested master pages to help you factor your HTML more efficiently
  6. 6. { } CSS Manager The Challenge Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are ubiquitous because they promote accessibility and standards compliance However, designer-generated CSS can be difficult/intimidating for developers to work with The Solution New features for working with CSS style sheets Intellisense for CSS Filtered lists of which styles are being in a page or selection Visually apply styles to elements Even the most complicated, designer-created CSS styles are now simple to work with
  7. 7. { } ASP.NET Support for LINQ The Challenge The Solution It’s always about data! Use LINQ directly in an ASP.NET page with LinqDataSource Just another data source, so it works with any ASP.NET control
  8. 8. { } JavaScript Debugging and IntelliSense The Challenge Languages like JavaScript are more and more popular Their type-less, dynamic nature presents challenges to traditional development activities like debugging and statement completion The Solution Visual Studio 2008 makes JavaScript a 1st class development experience with Syntax coloring Intellisense Debugging
  9. 9. { }
  10. 10. { } Integrated ASP.NET AJAX The Solution Visual Studio 2008 integrates and enhances ASP.NET AJAX: Adding UpdatePanels and ScriptManagers to an existing ASP.NET application can dramatically decrease the number of post backs All of the ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 controls and functionality are part of the tool box ASP.NET AJAX Script Control Library available as a free download from CodePlex The following new Project Items have been added: AJAX Master Page AJAX Client Library AJAX Web Form AJAX Client Control AJAX Client Behavior Control AJAX enabled WCF Service
  11. 11. { } ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit The Solution Add common features to AJAX applications with no code required Free open source download from CodePlex Sample site is available for viewing Lots of tutorials, samples, documents and forums available Write your own Extenders!
  12. 12. { } Microsoft Silverlight and Deep Zoom The Challenge My customers are demanding more from my web UIs - how to I take advantage of high-definition video and rich interactive applications in ASP.NET? The Solution Microsoft Silverlight provides a cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device framework for building rich interactive applications on the web Supports high-definition video via the VC-1 codec Tooling support in Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio create a rich design and development experience Silverlight Hosting offers high-bandwidth, high-quality streaming at low cost DeepZoom provides the ability to smoothly present and navigate large amounts of visual information (images) regardless of the size of the data, and optimizing the bandwidth available to download it.
  13. 13. { } 2D, Graphics .NET Support* Audio, Video C# and VB.NET* Animations Python and Ruby* Text, Text Input* LINQ* Controls* XML APIs* Layout* Generics* Styles/Templates* HTML Integration* Data Binding* JSON Serializer Networking Local storage* HTTP/S and Sockets* Crypto APIs (AES)* Threading* * New in Silverlight 2
  14. 14. { } Designer / Developer Workflow The Challenge Getting information from designers to developers is a manual, painful process The Solution Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008 work better together Based on a common language – XAML Tooling supports editing of artifacts from within both environments
  15. 15. { }
  16. 16. { } Web and Unit Testing improvements The Challenge AJAX-enabled web applications are very popular, but their asynchronous nature makes testing them very difficult Practicing formal Test Driven Development (TDD) is very demanding for even the most sophisticated of development tools The Solution Visual Studio 2008 Team System makes great strides towards making TDD more productive. These improvements include Better Execution Times Run Tests Disable Deployment Test Inheritance Directly go to the Point of Failure Visual Studio 2008 Team System enables captures HTTP requests whether user or script generated
  17. 17. { } JavaScript localization The Challenge Less than 15% of the world uses English as their everyday language The Solution Visual Studio 2008 and ASP.NET provide many different ways to ensure that your web application is ready for the world The ScriptManager supports a setting that enables client script to format a JavaScript Date or Number object based on a culture value; this does not require a post back to the server Localized resources can be included in a ScriptManager registered JavaScript file and used throughout your application
  18. 18. { } Integrated code metrics The Challenge How do developers know they are writing code that can be maintained and understood in the future? The Solution Visual Studio 2008 Team System integrates sophisticated code metrics that enable developers to clearly understand how maintainable and complex the code they are building is; This understanding is gathered from the following metrics Cyclometic complexity Maintainability Index Inheritance Depth Class Coupling Lines of code
  19. 19. { } Integrated code metrics
  20. 20. { } Enhanced code analysis The Challenge Code reviews are time consuming, error prone and depends on ‘group’ knowledge The Solution Code analysis examines every path code might take; looking for known problems and concerns; This feature has been greatly enhanced in Visual Studio 2008 Better discoverability of the feature through the Developer top-level menu More flexible warning suppressions Code analysis report comparison Enhanced code analysis check-in policy Code-aware spell checker
  21. 21. { } Performance profiler The Challenge Understanding data gathered by a profiler is difficult and tedious The Solution In Visual Studio 2008 Team System, the industrial strength profiler has been enhanced across the board; this includes New data collection control WCF support New ability to visually compare performance data
  22. 22. { } Performance profiler Dynamically control Compare 2 how performance performance data is gathered. reports against each other Insert ‘marks’ which help you correlate data
  23. 23. { } Install Visual Studio 2008 Trial version available Get the latest on ASP.NET Download Starter kits, hands-on-labs and videos Get the latest on Silverlight Subscribe to my blog
  24. 24. { Dziękujemy! } CodeCamp Kraków 7 czerwca 2008