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  • Dear all i am a MBA student i have doubts about some case study please help me case details : as a private placement consultants, one of the leading finance company has approached for the recruitment of chartered accountants to handle their accounts up to finalization and other taxation matters for their company. How they will prepare?. 2. How will they conduct an interview? 3. What chronology will they follow? 4 . Ohter Suggessions if any?
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General Presentation Kinley & Connelly

  1. 2. <ul><li>Introduction </li></ul><ul><li>Kinley & Connelly Team </li></ul><ul><li>About Kinley & Connelly </li></ul><ul><li>Mission Critical Leadership </li></ul><ul><li>Our Approach to the Leadership Search Process </li></ul><ul><li>Successful Searches Lead by our Partners </li></ul><ul><li>Biography—Heather Connelly </li></ul><ul><li>Professional Fees & Expenses </li></ul>LEADERSHIP SEARCH Presentation Overview
  2. 3. David Kinley, Chief Executive Officer ext. 222 [email_address] Heather Connelly, President ext. 224 [email_address] Hart Hillman, Managing Partner ext. 240 [email_address] Stephen Moore, Partner ext. 241 [email_address] Jeffrey Freeborough, Partner ext. 230 [email_address] Agnieszka Guellard, VP, Finance ext. 223 [email_address] Peter Hebb, Director IT ext. 244 [email_address] Cheryl Lai, Research Associate ext. 228 [email_address] 220 King Street West, 5 th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5H 1K4 416.593.5550 direct 416.593.4441 fax Christie Sharp, Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator ext. 221 [email_address] C.J. Augustine, Research Associate ext. 238 [email_address] Victoria Zylberberg, Research Associate ext. 239 [email_address] Josephine Petix, Senior Project Coordinator ext. 231 [email_address] Kinley & Connelly Toronto Office
  3. 4. Kinley & Connelly is a premiere North American search firm led by industry-leading search professionals. Its mission is to bring strong leadership assessment, search, transition, and governance knowledge at executive and Board levels to private and public sector organizations. Kinley & Connelly
  4. 5. David Kinley is a veteran of the hi-tech and venture capital industries who understands the skills required in entrepreneurial and fast-changing organizations. Heather Connelly has 27 years of senior search experience and is a seasoned professional in assessing leadership needs, the complex processes associated with change at the senior level, and the transition strategies required - since these can impact greatly the objectives of change. Hart Hillman has held senior management roles in hi-tech and publishing companies including Apple, Compaq, and Pearson Publishing. He led the technology sector for Heidrick & Struggles before joining Kinley & Connelly. Kinley & Connelly
  5. 6. All principals have a track record of highly personalized and excellent customer service with a global experience. We are structured to provide the consultation, diagnosis, and leadership solutions that only seasoned partners can provide. We have very few hands-off issues and will be able to produce candidates from all source organizations. We have a demonstrated track record, commitment to quality , and sense of urgency that differentiates us in the executive search field. Kinley & Connelly
  6. 7. With offices in the Silicon Valley and Toronto, Kinley & Connelly, with our partners in Asia and London, is truly a global organization. Fully resourced with dedicated research and information resources. We offer a full range of leadership services to help organizations acquire, develop, and retain top talent. We have a strategic partnership with SPB International, the largest Industrial Psychology firm in Canada. Kinley & Connelly
  7. 8. Kinley & Connelly is recognized as the leading North American search boutique, delivering mission-critical leadership for clients within the technology, financial services, media, and advanced manufacturing industries. We create shareholder value for the clients we serve by recruiting high-impact candidates. As a human capital consulting firm, our expertise and focus is on finding top talent, organizational design, management assessments, and retention planning for early stage start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. We understand the business challenges our clients face at a strategic level and approach the industries we serve with an insider’s perspective. Kinley & Connelly stands behind our ability and track record to deliver by implementing a performance-based business model that is built on a shared commitment to excellence. The long standing relationships we enjoy with many of North America’s most successful companies are a testament to the success of this approach. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Palo Alto, California, and alliances in Europe and Asia, Kinley & Connelly has a local presence with a global reach. Our size is one of the defining attributes that drives our success. This translates to higher client satisfaction through better client service, fewer hands-off restrictions, and no internal competition for the best candidates. Combining an extensive network of today’s business leaders and a reputation earned at multi-national search firms, our partners are able to deliver first-rate service with a focus on personal attention that only a boutique can deliver. Mission Critical Leadership
  8. 9. We launch every search by conducting in-depth discussions with all key stakeholders within your organization. We ask hard questions – and we tell hard truths. We have candid discussions surrounding the desired qualifications needed in the new leader with a focus on identifying the results that the business must achieve in the selected candidate’s first two years. We develop a detailed position profile that becomes the primary marketing document for your assignment. From here, we create a comprehensive sourcing strategy and reach out to our extensive network of business leaders in the markets that we want to target. We target the most successful companies in your market; companies with successful business models aligned with where you want to go; and benchmark organizations where great candidates will be found. As a secondary tactic, we draw up a list of out-of-the-box sources and organizations where great leadership may be found to enrich your business domain. By providing the latest innovation in finding top talent and creating exclusive business models and processes, our clients benefit from a faster, easier, and more reliable process that delivers exactly what they desire; namely, exceptional talent. Corporate Evangelists
  9. 10. Our search philosophy is simple – a candidate’s knowledge and experience are not the final selection criteria; they are the minimum qualifications for consideration. Our final selection focus is always based on the candidate’s “is” and “can do” elements of leadership. We seek great leaders by projecting the candidate’s future potential for accomplishment based on motives, vision, personal values, and leadership attributes. After all, leadership is about where a company is going – its future – not its past. Kinley & Connelly then applies a rigorous set of recruitment principles that guarantees our success: We check the reputation of all candidates during the research phase. We screen all candidates using behavioral interviews. We thoroughly review all candidates with the search committee prior to interviews; including a comparison chart ranking all candidates on the key hiring criteria. We conduct 360 degree references on all final candidates and present you with complete reports. We will finalize the hiring decision and negotiate an offer. We develop a 90 day transition plan for the successful candidate.   Candidate Assessment
  10. 11. Project Planning How your Search Committee will work with the Kinley & Connelly team; develop a work plan together; establish the means for consulting within your internal organization to gain an appreciation of your culture, and the mandate and profile required to meet your needs; determine confidentiality guidelines, lines of communications, and timelines. Advance Analysis and Consultations with Stakeholder Groups We usually undertake an internal (and external if so desired) consultation process with all relevant people (Board of Directors and any other relevant stakeholders, etc.) to develop an understanding of their perspectives on the issues and challenges/opportunities that the position will face, the strengths and barriers within the organization he/she will encounter, the values of the organization, performance expectations (how people will measure success), and candidate profile. We use this input to draft a mandate for the position and a candidate profile against which to seek out, recruit, evaluate, and assess candidates. This process also helps build a sense of involvement and “ownership” amongst the people with whom the new person will work and smooth his/her transition into the organization. It will be important to ensure the Search Committee is onside and fully supportive of the mandate and profile prior to going forward with the search. Outreach/Recruitment Strategy Once we have determined the candidate profile, we will develop an appropriate outreach recruitment strategy that could include appropriate website postings, targeted research identifying those organizations and people we should be approaching, networking with our contacts across sectors, our database, broadcast letters, etc. Approach
  11. 12. <ul><li>Assessment of Candidates (Our Preliminary Evaluations) </li></ul><ul><li>To be conducted by Kinley & Connelly; behaviorally-based exploration of career history, performance, motivation, transitions from one position to another, achievements, leadership/management approach, compensation history, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Long List/Short List Meeting </li></ul><ul><li>In today’s marketplace, it is difficult to plan such meetings given the urgency needed. However, it is appropriate to set targets for the presentation of the best candidates, fully documented (with detailed Assessment Reports based on the Position Profile), so that we can select candidates to be interviewed by your Search Committee. </li></ul><ul><li>Develop Interview Format and Content </li></ul><ul><li>Interactively prepare interview format and content for members of the Search Committee. This interview generally involves a candidate presentation followed by questions we develop together based on the mandate and the candidate profile. Evaluation tools are developed to assist the Search Committee. </li></ul><ul><li>First Interviews </li></ul><ul><li>To be conducted by the screening authority of the Search Committee. </li></ul><ul><li>Detailed References </li></ul><ul><li>360 degree referencing (face-to-face wherever possible) with those to whom the individual has reported, as well as his/her peers and direct reports. </li></ul><ul><li>Second Interviews </li></ul><ul><li>Less formal, but focused, leading to finalization of the hiring decision. </li></ul>Approach cont’d.
  12. 13. <ul><li>Negotiation of Offer </li></ul><ul><li>Subject to Client or Board approval. </li></ul><ul><li>Communications Strategy </li></ul><ul><li>Develop plans for internal/external announcement of candidate placement. </li></ul><ul><li>Transition Planning </li></ul><ul><li>The transition process associated with new senior executives is critical to success - we will use our extensive experience to assist you in planning and implementing a transition strategy. </li></ul><ul><li>Client Liaison and Support </li></ul><ul><li>At the initial planning meeting, we will establish the means of regular communication that will work best for the Search Committee (e.g. weekly e-mail, bi-weekly conference call, progress meetings) and with whom. </li></ul><ul><li>Our other resources include private meeting/interviewing rooms, videoconferencing, a comprehensive database, access to all major databases and sources, and a superb administrative staff to ensure administrative excellence. </li></ul>Approach cont’d.
  13. 14. We have built High-Performance Executive Teams for some of the World’s most demanding Leaders. We are pleased to have represented the following Technology clients, amongst others: Our Clients
  14. 15. Successful searches lead by our Partners Position(s) Organization Director of Canada (ITSS) Kana Software Head of WW Sales and Service 724 Solutions President GEAC Software (Interealty Corporation) Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Director, Engineering Director, Mobility Wireless Director, Platform Development ATI Technologies Senior Vice President, Marketing Vice President, Finance, SMB Vice President, Finance, Residential Vice President, Programming Vice President, Managed Services (2) Vice President, Wireless West Six (6) Directors Bell Canada Chief Operating Officer Vice President, Software Development Vice President, Hardware Vice President, Quality Research In Motion (RIM)
  15. 16. Successful searches lead by our Partners Vice President Education Sector Vice President, Ontario Sales Director Education Sector Sun Microsystems CEO TrueContext Position(s) Organization CEO University of Toronto Press CEO Mount Sinai Foundation CEO and VP Sales AvantGo CEO and VP Marketing Linmor Technologies CEO, VP U.S. Sales and VP WW Sales Avotus Corporation Vice President, Business Lead Public Sector Industry Practice Manager Solutions Architect Microsoft Canada Vice President, Business Networks Vice President, Marketing Vice President, Technology Vice President, Enhanced Services TELUS Business Solutions Senior Vice President, Information Technology CGI Group Inc. Preferred Kinley & Connelly Relationships: Sun Microsystems VP Education Sector, VP Ontario Sales, Director Education Sector Microsoft Canada
  16. 17. Successful searches lead by our Partners Position(s) Organization Founding and current CEO The Learning Partnership CEO Vision TV VP Sales Bell Nexxia President Humber, George Brown, Sheridan, Northern, Canadore and Fleming Colleges CEO York University Foundation Superintendent of Business and Chief Auditor Lakehead Board of Education Director of Education Lakehead Board of Education Deputy Minister of Education Province of Ontario and Territory of Nunavut President & COO Castek Software President & COO and CTO MKS Systems President & COO Vice President, Finance Corel Corporation
  17. 18. Successful searches lead by our Partners Position(s) Organization President Lakehead University Editor in Chief Canadian Medical Association Journal Deputy Minister Team (9) Government of Nunavut CEO Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Regional Manager, VP Product Management Pearson Education CEO Canadian Tax Foundation CEO Ontario Medical Association Leadership Assessments, 22 senior executives Pearson Education CEO Routes America President Asurion Asia, CEO, CIO, COO Asurion Preferred Kinley & Connelly Relationships: Sun Microsystems VP Education Sector, VP Ontario Sales, Director Education Sector Microsoft Canada
  18. 19. David Kinley Former Board Member and Managing Partner at Christian & Timbers, the world’s largest technology based executive search firm. Previous search partner and Managing Partner of the contract search practice at The Caldwell Partners International. Recent experience recruiting leadership and working with Boards in the U.S., Canada, and Asia. Member of the Leadership Advisory Board, University of Toronto. Frequent speaker on the &quot;War For Talent&quot;. Founding member of EMAGINE. Member of the Commercialization Committee for Roberts Research Institute, Canada’s premiere research institute split off from The University of Western Ontario. Strong global networks with one of the highest completion rates in the industry. Extensive experience in sales and marketing leadership and corporate fundraising. Graduate of Dalhousie University. Biography
  19. 20. Heather Connelly Heather has 27 years of executive search experience in Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario (former Partner, Heidrick & Struggles-Leadership Services leader, Canada; former Partner, Caldwell Partners International and KPMG); her first 10 years of executive search experience were spent in Industrial Psychology practices. Vice Chair of Board and former Chair of The Learning Partnership (a partnership between public education and business); Board of Directors, Change Foundation, Ontario Hospital Association; Board of Directors, VON Canada Foundation; Governance Committees of United Way Toronto, Wellspring, Learning Partnership and Change Foundation; former Chair, Strategic Planning, VON (Ontario). Has conducted senior leadership searches in both the public and private sector - at governance and operational levels. Frequent speaker on corporate and organizational governance. Certified in Change Management Methodology. Strong networks across Canada. Graduate of Dalhousie University in Arts and Education. Biography
  20. 21. Hart Hillman Prior to joining Kinley & Connelly, Hart was a Principal with Heidrick & Struggles’ International Technology Practice and is an active member of the Hardware, Software, and Telecommunication Specialty Practices. He has worked on assignments for Bell Canada, ATI, McGraw Hill, Thomson Corporation, Research In Motion, 724 Solutions, GEAC Computer, Kana Communications, Davnet, Pearson Education, O’Reilly, E2MS, and Indian Motorcycle. Hart brings more than twenty years of senior management experience in high technology, retail, consumer electronics, publishing, and the online world. Hart was the President and COO of, an online custom publisher, where he was responsible for setting strategic direction, global operations, recruiting, and the development of the executive management team. Prior to this, Hart was President of CDG-Macmillan Books Canada, a subsidiary of IDG Books Worldwide. He helped found and establish the new company in Canada. For four years prior to joining CDG-Macmillan, Hart was President of the Professional Trade & Reference Division of Prentice Hall/Simon & Schuster Canada where (under his leadership) Prentice Hall's PTR group became the top performing division of PH/Simon & Schuster worldwide. For the 12 years prior to joining Prentice Hall, Hart held senior sales and marketing positions both at Apple and Compaq Computer. He also spent 10 years in consumer electronics as both principal and in senior management positions. Hart received his B.A. from York University (Toronto) in Psychology/English and his Executive M.B.A., graduating (on the Dean's List) from the University of Toronto in 1994. Biography
  21. 22. Stephen Moore Stephen Moore was a Managing Partner of The Fathom Group, as well as a Practice leader in the firm’s Global Technology Practice. He also serves as a member of the company’s “Make-A-Wish” Foundation Advisory Board. His extensive search experience crosses multiple markets including high technology, financial services, and venture capital. Specializing in CEO and Board of Director assignments, Stephen views strategic partnerships as an integral component of his practice. With a client-centric approach and a refreshing sense of urgency, he focuses on delivering value to his clients by developing extensive market knowledge and supporting both parties from initiation of the search through placement and leadership transition. This comprehensive search strategy enables him to fully understand the needs and opportunities of his clients, and address these issues as the North American business community continues to experience global expansion. Stephen founded The Fathom Group in 1990 as Canada’s leading executive search boutique focusing within the high-tech and financial services sector. In 1999, The Fathom Group was acquired by Christian & Timbers, the world’s largest technology based executive search firm. As a founding Principal of the Toronto office and a Global Technology Practice leader, Stephen consulted to the CEO cabinet of client organizations on organizational design, performance management, talent review, acquisition, and retention planning. Stephen holds a B.A. from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  Biography
  22. 23. Jeffrey Freeborough Jeff is a Partner in the Toronto office with Kinley & Connelly, specializing in the North American Technology and Financial Services sectors. He has spent his entire career in professional services organizations with heavy emphasis on delivering strategy work and search assignments in the U.S. and Canada. Jeff brings a strong customer focus and has been recognized for his analysis and lateral thinking ability. Having worked in technology start-ups and consulting organizations, Jeff brings a unique hiring perspective and keen understanding of the strategic imperative for a company to build the right management team. Prior to his career in executive search, Jeff spent several years in Boston where he worked as an e-business strategist with Cambridge Technology Partners/Novell, and for a number of early-stage companies in various management roles. Prior to living in the U.S., Jeff spent several years as a top producer with a contingency recruitment firm in the Toronto area. Jeff completed his MBA at Babson College with a focus on entrepreneurship, and his B.A. in Economics at The University of Western Ontario. Biography
  23. 24. Professional Fees and Expenses Professional Fees The professional fees for this search (full process as defined) would be roughly equivalent to one third of year one total cash compensation. This fee would be invoiced in three equal installments: the first third as a retainer to begin the search, the second third in 30 days, and the final third upon successful completion. Expenses Direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred on client's behalf (e.g. travel, sourcing and interviewing expenses, printing, candidate travel expenses, advertising). There is no extra administrative fee or percentage charged . Candidate Warranty If the candidate’s employment must be terminated within the first year of employment or the candidate leaves the position within the first year of employment, we will repeat the search at no professional fee cost to you. Only out-of-pocket expenses would be charged. Confidentiality We stipulate that all information gleaned in our work with you would be kept in strictest confidence.