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Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
Omni Id Corp Pres Emea
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Omni Id Corp Pres Emea


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Omni-ID capabilities and products

Omni-ID capabilities and products

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  • 1. The Omni-ID Solution<br />
  • 2. Omni-ID is a highly innovative technology company, offering high performance, reliable radio frequency identification (RFID) tags <br />
  • 3. Identify With Innovation<br /><ul><li>Omni-ID designs and develops high performance passive UHF RFID tags
  • 4. Superior read rates on and off metal
  • 5. The only company focused on RFID tags that balance bandwidth and performance on metal, non-metal, and liquid assets
  • 6. Technological approach allows for continued innovation and new product design
  • 7. Omni-ID passive RFID tags have enabled cost-effective asset tracking in a wide range of</li></ul> environments<br />
  • 8. A Company of Innovators<br /><ul><li>Born from an environment of continuous innovation as a spin-off from a UK defence technology company
  • 9. QinetiQ
  • 10. Headquarters in Foster City, CA
  • 11. with offices and lab in Farnham, UK
  • 12. and sales office in Tokyo, Japan
  • 13. Experienced leadership team of experienced technology leaders and RFID experts</li></li></ul><li>RFID Tag Production Facility <br /><ul><li>Advanced supply chain capabilities through China subsidiary
  • 14. Omni-ID High Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 15. Includes manufacturing facility solely dedicated to production, assembly and QA of Omni-ID RFID tags
  • 16. Includes rapid prototype capability improving time-to-market and overall capacity</li></li></ul><li>Investors Committed to Innovation<br /><ul><li>Cody Gate Ventures
  • 17. $160M technology venture fund, launched in June 2007 by Coller Capital and QinetiQ
  • 18. Expertise in the commercialisation of defence technologies to meet needs of global corporations and governments
  • 19. Collective 20+ year track record as venture investors, entrepreneurs, and business builders
  • 20. Omni-ID is a privately held company</li></li></ul><li>Innovation Awards<br /><ul><li>Awards
  • 21. Wizard’s Choice Award “Best in Class”, 2009
  • 22. Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific Technology Innovation Award, 2009
  • 23. RFID Journal Live “Best In Show” finalist, 2008, 2010</li></li></ul><li>Industry Associations <br /><ul><li>Omni-ID is an active member of the following industry associations:
  • 24. EPCglobal
  • 25. International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM)</li></li></ul><li>Partner Ecosystem<br /><ul><li>Go-to-market strategy relies on a strong and reliable partner ecosystem, including:</li></li></ul><li>Technology Partners<br /><ul><li>Omni-ID also partners with leading RFID technology providers to deliver complete RFID solutions worldwide, including:</li></li></ul><li>World-Class Customers<br /><ul><li>Leading global companies across industries use Omni-ID RFID tags</li></li></ul><li>The Technology<br /><ul><li> Omni-ID has a fundamentally different approach to cost-effectively address passive RFID limitations:</li></ul>Most passive tags are unable to operate consistently – whether on, off, or near metals and liquids<br />Patented plasmonic structure enables Omni-ID to:<br />Develop tags that hold incoming waves without interference from nearby liquids and metals<br />Build tags with smaller footprint<br />Engineer industry innovations likeOn Demand deployment solution<br />Facilitate the development of broadband on-metal tag<br />Click picture for demo flash video<br />
  • 26. The Technology<br /><ul><li> Active versus Passive RFID Tag</li></li></ul><li>The Technology<br /><ul><li>Passive UHF RFID versus barcode technology</li></ul>Faster read rates<br />Multiple simultaneous tag reads<br />Non-line-of-sight reading<br />Programmable and re-programmable options<br />Enhanced security<br /><ul><li>Passive UHF RFID versus LF and HF</li></ul>Faster data transfer, higher baud rate<br />Capable of reading from longer distances<br />Operates with small antenna, allowing for<br /> a smaller tag <br />
  • 27. Balanced Performance<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />Tag performance vs substrate material<br />Max read distance<br />Read Range<br />Balanced performance read range<br />Off metal: negative frequency shift<br />On Metal: Positive frequency shift<br />ETSI Centre Frequency: 866MHz<br />Frequency<br />
  • 28. Broadband performance<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 29. Omni-ID Technology Vision<br /><ul><li>To drive widespread adoption of passive UHF RFID technology as the optimal tracking and identification solution
  • 30. Exceed the expectations of customers in every way
  • 31. Manufacturing improvements
  • 32. Ensures time-to-market and capacity of high-quality, reliable, breakthrough technologies
  • 33. Technology Evolution
  • 34. Migration from Higgs 2 to Higgs 3 chip assures customers of increased memory and improved performance
  • 35. New moulded design of plasmonic device
  • 36. Improved stability and consistent reliability
  • 37. Smaller footprint without comprising performance
  • 38. Support customer-driven solutions with flexible options including encapsulation and attachment</li></li></ul><li>Products and Services<br /><ul><li>Passive UHF RFID Tags</li></ul>Omni-ID Prox™ - smallest formfactor, short range<br />Omni-ID Flex™ - mid-range<br />Omni-ID Max™ -long-range<br />Omni-ID Ultra ™ -very long range<br /><ul><li>Omni-ID Tag CommissioningService
  • 39. Pre-program chip; print barcodeor human readable informationso tags arrive ready to use</li></li></ul><li>Tag Attachment Options<br /><ul><li>Omni-ID offers a number of attachment options depending on the application and asset being tagged</li></ul>Rivet/Manual<br />Film and Foam Adhesive (film shown)<br />
  • 40. Omni-ID On Demand™<br /><ul><li>On-site RFID tag commissioning solution for large-scale deployments, real-time control
  • 41. Solution not available with any other metal-mount RFID tags
  • 42. Enables customers to save on deployment costs and streamline the tag commissioning process
  • 43. High-performance, synthetic compound RFID label and a rigid plasmonic structure
  • 44. Label is printed and encoded using industry standard UHF RFID thermal transfer printer
  • 45. Label applied to the plasmonic structure to create an RFID tag identical in specifications to the standard Omni-ID Prox™</li></li></ul><li>Omni-ID On Demand™<br /><ul><li>On Demand Technology Partners
  • 46. On Demand demo</li></ul>(may need to change permissions for Active X controls for this video)<br />
  • 47. Asset Visibility and Management<br />Inventory audit 15 x faster<br />Cycle time reduction from between 2 to 5 minutes per server rack to less than 10 seconds<br />Streamlined and accurate inventory management <br />Greater compliance at lower cost to financial and accounting requirements<br />Reduced downtime through improved maintenance <br />Improved uptime due to increased asset availability<br />Accurate billing for leased equipment<br />Efficient end-of-life management<br />Reduction in energy usage and lower environmental impact<br />Efficient Asset pool management for MRO applications<br />Improved ability for locating equipment, before, during and after repairs or upgrade process<br />Products designed for Data Centre Asset Management<br />Omni-ID ProxTM<br />2m read range<br />Small form factor 10 x 35mm<br />Ideal for servers and other narrow assets<br />Balanced read distance; can be used on metal, plastic or tethered<br />Omni-ID FlexTM for longer read range<br />5m read range<br />Medium form factor 15 x 77mm<br />Ideal for laptops & other mobile assets<br />Balanced reliable read performance, can be used on metal, plastic or tethered<br />Omni-ID in Information Technology<br />
  • 48. Real-World Solutions <br /><ul><li>Solving the problem of high value asset identification and tracking across industries
  • 49. Solutions
  • 50. Asset Tracking and Management
  • 51. Supply Chain Management
  • 52. Work-in-Process
  • 53. Cargo and Container Tracking
  • 54. Industries
  • 55. Industrial and Manufacturing
  • 56. Aerospace and defence
  • 57. Information and Comms Technology
  • 58. Financial Services
  • 59. Retail</li></li></ul><li>Asset Tracking and Management<br /><ul><li>RFID asset tracking delivers ROI impossible to achieve with manual or barcode methods
  • 60. Asset Tracking Benefits
  • 61. Deliver successful read rates in metal-rich environments
  • 62. Improve asset visibility
  • 63. Improve security and regulatory compliance
  • 64. Streamline inventory and reporting
  • 65. Replace labor-intensive barcode system
  • 66. Solutions
  • 67. Data Center Inventory & Asset Management
  • 68. Laptop Tracking
  • 69. Tool/equipment tracking
  • 70. Disk Drive Destruction</li></li></ul><li>Police Weapons management (Italy)<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 71. Oil and Gas Industry: asset tracking<br />
  • 72. Gulf of Mexico: Asset tracking use case<br />C-Logistics Port Fourchon<br />RFID tagging for Oil and Gas logistics<br />ATEX Requirements for off shore use<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 73. Port Fourchon, LouisianaLouisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP)<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 74. Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO)<br />One of the world’s largest marine transportation and logistics companies<br />Design, build, own and operate fleet of offshore service vessels supporting U.S. Gulf deepwater market<br />Chouest’s C-Logistics Division<br />Provides complete integrated logistics package<br />Develop and provide customized supply management plans<br />Orders and/or rents equipment and supplies on behalf of customers<br />Transports assets, including consumables, tools and heavy machinery to oil platforms as needed<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 75. Port Fourchon Operations<br />ECO operates a 24-acre yard at Port Fourchon<br />Receives and stores supplies and equipment for offshore platforms<br />Site includes 9 slips where supply vessels are loaded with cargo<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 76. Business Challenges<br />Lower costs and mitigate risks associated with challenges in port staging operations<br />Lost or misplaced assets<br />Inventory management and accuracy for vendor staging<br />Improved customer service delivery and time to processing through port<br />Workforce management and efficiency<br />Challenging regulatory compliance<br />Real time reporting<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 77. Benefits <br />Real time visibility of assets <br />Reduction in labour searching for misplaced parts<br />Increase vessel turn time, decrease slip time<br />Assurance correct parts are on the correct vessel<br />Reduction in vessel audits<br />Reduction of paperwork and automation of vessel manifest<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 78. Custom “Pipe tags” Curv LT<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 79. Pipes, slings and shackles<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 80. Containers/Carriers for offshore transit<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 81. Roll Cage Tracking<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 82. Supply Chain Conveyance Tracking -Automotive Assembly Plant<br />Region/Country: UK<br />Product: Omni-ID Max™<br />Read Range (m): 6.5<br />Application: Supply Chain Management - 100,000 tags deployed to date<br />36<br />
  • 83. Supply Chain Management<br /><ul><li>Improve supply chain inventory visibility and ROI using on-metal passive UHF RFID
  • 84. Benefits
  • 85. Improved inventory visibility and control
  • 86. Improved efficiency and retrieval of inventory
  • 87. Eliminate stock outs and excess inventory
  • 88. Forecast demand changes with precision
  • 89. Decrease errors in shipments
  • 90. Solutions
  • 91. Retail Warehouse Inventory Tracking
  • 92. Returnable Transport Items – RTIs (Containers and conveyances)</li></li></ul><li>Work-In-Process<br /><ul><li>Identify assets in work process flow with greater accuracy and efficiency
  • 93. Benefits
  • 94. Tight control of work, tool and equipment movement
  • 95. Automated checkout and personnel association for high-value assets from stores
  • 96. Improved efficiency over manual and barcode job tracking processes
  • 97. Reduction of loss and theft
  • 98. Successful read rates in metal-rich environments
  • 99. Solutions
  • 100. Tool Tracking
  • 101. Job Tracking
  • 102. Part bins, product carriers </li></li></ul><li>The complete portfolio<br />Capability<br />Technology<br />Scientific approach to problems<br />Enables solutions for applications<br />Selectable Read Range<br />Balanced performance<br />Global readability<br />Works on all materials<br />Patented IP<br />Consistent and repeatable read range<br />Tested for harsh environments<br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 103. Contact details<br />Chris Hood<br />Channel Sales Manager EMEA<br />Farnham, UK Office.<br />Tel: +44 1252 748029<br />Mob: +44 7919 410205<br />Email:<br />Web:<br />Data sheets and case studies etc available on <br /><br />Omni-ID Confidential<br />
  • 104. Leading the Way in Innovative RFID Tagging Solutions<br />Thank You<br /><br />