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Brand exploration for Punta Cacique, Costa Rica

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Pc Aesthetic Explorations

  1. 1. Aesthetic Explorations for Punta Cacique
  2. 2. Statement of Purpose:On the following pages, Hill Mullikin has begun an exploration ofPunta Cacique branding and messaging. The creative platformswe have created are based upon what we know about PuntaCacique today, and should continue to evolve.
  3. 3. Option A: Paradise Personalized
  4. 4. Punta Cacique would never dare to be all things to all people—just allthings to the people who live there. The privileged residents of thisCosta Rican paradise will be privy to experiences that reflect their ownpersonal tastes and preferences. A diversity and range of experiencesand adventures made possible by Punta Cacique’s exciting integrationof hospitality brands and an uncompromising commitment to providefive-star resort services to every resident. Punta Cacique is not pat-terned after any other place; it is not being created in accordance withformula. It is a paradise defined daily by the people who live here.
  5. 5. Option B: Immersive Living
  6. 6. Surrounded by tropical enchantment. Enveloped by imaginative, indulgent ameni-ties. Embraced by the finest luxury and hospitality. Punta Cacique is for people whoseek something more. It is a community that rewards the adventurous, satisfies insa-tiable spirits and welcomes those who wish to immerse themselves in the best that lifehas to offer. We call this refreshing approach Immersive Living, a stimulating, fulland vibrant way of looking at resort living that can only be found at Punta Cacique.
  7. 7. Option C: Most Revolutions Begin Quietly
  8. 8. Most revolutions begin individually, personally. Deep inside, a notion stirs that things can change. Experiences can be more pleasing. More personal. More evolved. Punta Cacique is a revolution inresort living inspired by an cadre of iconic hospitality brands, inescapable natural beauty, an array of inspired choices and intuitive, five-star service. This revolution has begun, and is proceeding peacefully in Costa Rica.
  9. 9. Option D: Life Unlimited
  10. 10. Absolute freedom is but a few short hours away on the awe-inspiring tropi-cal shores of Costa Rica. This unfettered bliss, this satisfying independenceis made possible by the reinvention of resort living at Punta Cacique. A re-invention that unites the world’s finest hospitality brands and culminates inunprecedented ownership opportunities. Residents of Punta Cacique areenveloped in a private world of service, choice and adventure. A world that islimited only by time itself.
  11. 11. Option E: Resort To A New Level of Service.
  12. 12. From captivating and fashionable Costa Rica comes five-star liv-ing. Punta Cacique is remarkable not only for its exotic location,but for the groundbreaking service afforded to residents. Intuitive,pre-emptive, natural, comfortable, five-star service made possibleby the improbable alliance of iconic hospitality brands. It’s the kindof service that makes you feel as though you’d like to stay. Forever.
  13. 13. Copyright © 2007, All Rights Reserved. Intellectual Property of HILLMULLIKINCO hillmullikin.com