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The SmartLinx® feature is a powerful, easy-to-use investigative tool that helps government agencies establish connections between people, locations and businesses. A single search combs through billions of public records, finding names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information that links people, locations and businesses.

Benefits Features Literature Make authoritative connections between people, businesses and locations

SmartLinx gives you access to billions of reliable, indexed public records, delivering search results in an easy-to-read, tabular report that links all information about the people, businesses and locations that you’re researching. These summary reports also contain links to the original source documents so you can validate their sources.

Cross-reference your results

SmartLinx automatically links the subject of your search to other entity summary reports-person to business, business to location, DPPA to person, and so on—to create a single comprehensive, authoritative report and save you hours of work.

Streamlined your research workflow

SmartLinx automatically eliminates duplicate public records, which are cumbersome and confusing to wade through

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  • Instead of searching each of these sources one by one, SmartLinx checks all of these sources with the entry of just a single search, saving you countless hours.
  • Having the data is not enough; a provider must also have robust technology to surface the data regardless of how it is entered inthe initial search. For instance, SmartLinx: - Automatically and seamlessly takes spelling variations into account (i.e., Smith and Smyth), name variations (i.e., John and Jonathan), and typographical errors (i.e., Pilgrim and Pilgram) - Automatically searches in the surrounding area to locate an individual (via the SmartLinx radius feature) - Links people and businesses who don’t even have a public records in common - Delivers the information in one easy to read and understand report
  • Even the most advanced researcher can sometimes “slip” and neglect to check a nick name or search across a tri-state (for example) area. SmartLinx reminds the researcher with check boxes to find similar sounding names and radius search, which helps eliminate a situation where a researcher fails to find the target of a search due to poor search logic.
  • Sometimes a search needs to be run as it is entered – whether in a person search where the target has a foreign name or a business search where only the exact corporate identity is sought.
  • As we all know individuals and businesses may not always disclose everything and some things they don’t disclose could greatly impact a business transaction or a casePeople and businesses who are being sued may be hiding assets in states you may not even think to look in spouses names, business names, etc. Smartlinx casts a large net and the search technology uncovers relationships-spouses names, businesses owned , etc. In those names may be where the assets are hidden in states you never thought to look in. SmartLinx can help you find it if is exists.You can utilize the Comprehensive business report to search for an individual to see if they own other businesses they have not disclosed.

    1. 1. LexisNexis® SmartLinx®Comprehensive Reports
    2. 2. Why Use SmartLinx® Reports? SmartLinx Comprehensive Reports search one of the largest collections of public and proprietary public records data available, making connections between businesses, individuals and locations, including those that are hard-to-find. The powerful search and linking technology uncovers the information you need faster, providing you with one convenient rolled up report, allowing you to make quick and more informed decisions. 2
    3. 3. LexisNexis SmartLinx LexisNexis SmartLinx Comprehensive Reports: Person, Business & Location • Easy-to-navigate reports • Includes sources not Business readily available • Uses advanced “entity resolution” Person Location or “intelligent connecting” technology Three Types of SmartLinx Reports 3
    4. 4. LexisNexis Public Records - Content Access to one of the most comprehensive and current collections of public records data in the industry. LexisNexis Sources 35 Billion Public Records, including: • 3.2 billion records of personal property data covering over 95% of US population • 591 million unique identities • More than 1.2 billion business records • 352 million unique businesses • 2 billion business contact records 4
    5. 5. Type of Data Included in SmartLinx Reports Public Records Data Types • Assets (real property, motor vehicles*, • Person Locator—Public and private sources watercraft*, airplanes) covering 450 million-plus unique individuals* • Associated Persons (people linked to • Marriage & Divorce subjects via source documents) • Motor Vehicle Registrations • Bankruptcy Filings • Neighbors • Business Associates • Phone Numbers (Land and Cell Lines) • Concealed Weapons Permits • Potential Relatives • Driver’s License Records* • Professional Licenses • FAA Pilots • Social Security Death Master List • Health Care Providers & Sanctions • Tax Professionals • Hunting and Fishing Licenses • Voter Registrations • Judgments & Liens, including UCC liens • Employment Information • Criminal Filings* Subject to permissible use 5
    6. 6. LexisNexis SmartLinx - Search Technology • Powerful data linking capabilities that find relationships beyond the data contained within a document • Retrieves documents you could have easily missed due to misspellings, typos and name variations • Ability to quickly and accurately identify all information relating to a unique individual or business • Provides results in one easy-to-read rolled up report • Searches across the 50 states allowing you to obtain the most complete picture 6
    7. 7. Beginning Your Search With SmartLinx Click on drop down, select correct permissible use 7
    8. 8. SmartLinx Comprehensive Person Report Comprehensive Person Search • If you have a SSN, search by just the SSN • If you do not have an SSN, you can search by the information you do have (unlike a Boolean search where you must start narrow) • Check “Similar sounding last name” to search for similar spellings of a last name to more effectively locate an individual if the last name could be misspelled • Check “find nicknames of first names” to perform a nickname search. Typing in “William” also finds Will, Bill, W. A user no longer needs to type in all of these possible derivations separated by an “OR” • Check strict search to locate entities that match your search criteria very closely • Select Radius feature when searching by address to look for an entity in the surrounding area, even across state lines 8
    9. 9. SmartLinx Comprehensive Business Report Comprehensive Business Search • Check strict search to locate entities that match your search criteria very closely • Type in the information you know to conduct a search • Search for by an individual’s name to determine if he/she is associated with any businesses they did not disclose 9
    10. 10. SmartLinx Cite List Results Cite List • Entity rollup provides all of a person’s names, aliases, associated SSNs, addresses and phone numbers in one listing • Check mark indicates the “Probable Current’ Address = best point of contact, saving the user time Risk Flags • Determine if more than one individual is associated with a SSN, the SSN belongs to a deceased person, or the SSN was issued prior to this person’s date of birth • Uncover potential address fraud indicators such as the address is a post office box, hotel, motel, or campground, etc. • Determine if a telephone number is not a typical LAN line, but instead, for example, a pay telephone Copy Feature • Allows users to copy cite list information to your clipboard 10
    11. 11. Navigating from the Cite List Blue Hyperlinks: Click on the name to: • Retrieve a Comprehensive Person Search Click on the address to: • Run a Comprehensive Location Report on the address retrieved • Find Neighbors - Locate neighbors who may help you locate a particular individual • Associated Persons – Locate other individuals associated with any address the individual is associated with Click on the telephone number to: • Locate other individuals and addresses associated with this telephone number • Identify individuals who may be able to help a user locate the individual they are looking for 11
    12. 12. Sample SmartLinx Comprehensive Person Report Easy to Navigate & Remain Informed: Easy Navigation Bar • Determine what categories contain information • Quickly move from one section of the report to another section Alert Feature • Quickly and easily set up an alert to monitor changes in the whole report or sections of interest Dynamic Report Capabilities Added • Hide/show sections of the comprehensive reports after the report has been generated • Highlight those sections of the report that are most important by expanding them, and collapsing those sections that are not relevant to his investigation 12
    13. 13. Sample SmartLinx Comprehensive Person Report Quick Access to the Information You Need: • Links allow easy access to source documents to verify your search information (see bottom of report) • Ability to easily link from report to report (i.e. from Person Report to Business Report, or Business Report to Person Report) 13
    14. 14. Sample SmartLinx Comprehensive Person Report Further Searches What does this feature do? • Users will now see on their search result screen “Suggested Searches” • These are searches that could possibly lead to additional information concerning the entity searched Use to: • Help make a user aware of other data sources they could search that would prove useful to their research 14
    15. 15. Applications for SmartLinx Reports • Determine liabilities of an individual or business • Uncover hidden assets of an individual or business • Uncover a conflict of interest for a potential expert witness or other witness in a case • Uncover relationships among individuals and businesses that could create an issue in a business transaction or litigation • Locate other businesses an individual is associated with 15
    16. 16. Conclusion • The costs of doing business and the risks involved continue to grow • LexisNexis Comprehensive SmartLinx Reports can help you make more accurate, timely and better informed decisions • Benefit from the largest database of public and proprietary information available • Our advanced technology can make connections between seemingly unrelated data to identify and connect relevant, insightful information quickly and easily Request a Free 14-Day SmartLinx Trial Today and Experience the Immense Value for Yourself! 16