The Chronicles of the Carless Student
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The Chronicles of the Carless Student






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The Chronicles of the Carless Student The Chronicles of the Carless Student Presentation Transcript

  • The Chronicles of the Carless Student
  • (Point of view)
    Our story begins as the carless student sees the ever so diligent and hard working public transit working its route once again. He knows he has yet another day to travel on it.
  • (rule of thirds)
    Just hearing the sound of the bus and knowing it must be ridden once again leaves our vehicle deficient friend upset and disgruntled, not wanting to brave the cold outdoors for another bout.
  • (Over the shoulder)
    Though mandatory yet not one of his most desired things to do in a day, our brave soul ventures out into the cold fully prepared to take on the harsh elements.
  • (extreme close up)
    Making double sure he is prepared, the carless student makes sure his bus pass is not expired, unlike his patience with Mother Nature’s winter shenanigans.
  • (long shot)
    Waiting for the arrival of his white limousine to carry him off to infinity and beyond, our friend naturally shows off his displeasures in not only having to weather the weather, but also waiting for his chariot of warmth.
  • (long shot)
    YAY! Warmth is but a bus seat away! The wheels on the bus go round and round…
  • (low angle)
    Worried that he may be late because the bus is never a guarantee when it comes to being on time, the man with no wheels takes a quick peek at his non-existent watch to make sure he’s on time…
  • (long shot)
    …and he is…COUNT IT!!!
  • (extreme long shot)
    After a hard afternoons work, it’s time to head back home in the blustery outdoors but wait! What’s this?? Something looks very different here. This doesn’t resemble the dash of a bus!
  • (long shot)
    Low and behold would you look at this. A ride from a good friend as warms the soul! Thanks buddy guy!
  • (extreme long shot)
    Though winter makes it tough for any person to stay warm, the carless student gives two warm thumbs up and has made it home sweet home!