The Strategy of Strategic Thinking


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The Strategy of Strategic Thinking

  1. 1. everything with purposeIf you don’t know how it works,why are you doing it?
  2. 2. everything with purposeTHE STRATEGY OFSTRATEGIC THINKINGPresented By Chris Gostling,Momentum Visual
  3. 3. everything with purpose“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”- ProverbGood intentions. Great thinking creates good intentions.We plan strategically to connect intentions and outcomes,and not have them be random.
  4. 4. everything with purpose“Look before you leap.”- Chris likes proverbsI like proverbs. I like when someone takes a concept and expresses it in the most efficient way possible.
  5. 5. everything with purposeI want you to take away 3 thingsfrom this presentationThere we go. Something more measurable. This is my good intention for you.
  6. 6. everything with purposeUnderstand StrategiesGo beyond what to do and own “why we do this”Knowing what strategy to use is not enough.Understanding why and how to use a strategy willcreate a powerful plan.
  7. 7. everything with purposeUnderstand StrategiesGo beyond what to do and own “why we do this”Understand ValueDeveloping a strategy costs time.And money. And energy.Not having one costs more.If we know that doing something one way will cost us way more time and money in the long run, we often will regroup and plan things out better.Having a bad experience with a client and their social media identity can be like fighting with your synchronized swimming partner.
  8. 8. everything with purposeUnderstand StrategiesGo beyond what to do and own “why we do this”Understand ValueDeveloping a strategy costs time.And money. And energy.Not having one costs more.Understand YourselfKnow what you’re good at.And what you’re not good at.And when to get assistance.We are not born being great at anything. Some things take time, others take hiring someone else. We are going work through ascenario today that hopefully will shine some light on how you each approach strategic thinking and social media.
  9. 9. everything with purposeDo Marketing Campaigns Dream?I have no idea if they do, but the people who create marketing campaigns do when they eventually getsleep. Producers of marketing campaigns, social media strategies, and brand identities want the best forthe ideas and the executions of these ideas.What they dream about I like to call the ‘abilities
  10. 10. everything with purposeThe AbilitiesStabilitySustainabilityScaleabilityThese are the abilities that we all want to see from our ideas.Stability, Sustainability and Scaleability.
  11. 11. everything with purposeThe AbilitiesStability - will it workSustainabilityScaleabilityIs your idea actually going to fly? Is it interesting? Do people get it? Will people care?
  12. 12. everything with purposeThe AbilitiesStability - will it workSustainability - will it lastScaleabilityEverything has a shelf life. Brands can last for decades, campaigns for yearssometimes, and fame for at least 15 minutes if we’re lucky.Is your idea going to last as long as you want it to?
  13. 13. everything with purposeThe AbilitiesStability - will it workSustainability - will it lastScaleability - will it growSome can argue that if something isn’t growing, it’s dying. By nature, marketing campaigns don’t tend to last.They either get forgotten, or they gain market share. A campaign that can expand and evolve is extremelyvaluable.
  14. 14. everything with purposeAt Momentum we make the abilities a reality bybreathing the same mantra into everything we do.To make things as clear as possible for both ourclients, and our internal work at Momentum,we defined a clear mantra to work by.
  15. 15. everything with purposeAwareness Understanding MeaningAwareness, Understanding, & Meaning. This is our mantra.
  16. 16. everything with purposeEstablishAwarenessUnderstanding MeaningThis is what most marketing campaigns strive to do. Make consumers pay attention.But this can be really challenging, depending on how many distractions stand betweenyour message and the person you’re trying to reach.
  17. 17. everything with purposeAwarenessCreateUnderstandingMeaningA good marketer makes information make sense to everyone they’re trying to reach.A good marketer makes content as clear as possible for the lowest common denominator, without insulting their moreastute audience. Understanding both the average comprehension level of your consumers as well as the most effectivetonality for your message is extremely important.
  18. 18. everything with purposeAwareness UnderstandingNurtureMeaningThis is the hardest one to make happen. Making something meaningful to someone else is more often than not, aselfless act. For a brand it means letting go of the reason they love their own product or service and inspire people tobe proud of the reasons THEY love it. This comes from understanding the consumer, their behaviour, and the overallclimate of the market you’re in. This is the tone that you set for your messaging.
  19. 19. everything with purposeAwareness Understanding MeaningWhen a marketing campaign can achieve all of these, success comes naturally.When one or more is missing, ideas fall short. Campaigns flop. The targetaudience hates It. Or worse, they don’t even notice it.
  20. 20. everything with purposeOk, so where do we start?We’ve covered what you can get out of this. The goals of stategy, the abilities and an approach tostrategy, Awareness, Understanding, & Meaning. Now lets explore the client.
  21. 21. everything with purposeLOVE ME- Perceived Client NeedThis is what our clients want to say to their potential clients. This is not strategy. This is creepy.
  22. 22. everything with purposeENGAGE WITH OUR BRANDBUY OUR STUFFTELL YOUR FRIEND- Actual Client NeedNow this is tangible. This is realistic. We can actually succeed or fail at these goals.Identifying the actual client need is the first step to developing a strategy.
  23. 23. everything with purposeUnderstandingThe ConsumerTo reach the consumer you need tounderstand how they process thecontent they are exposed to.
  24. 24. everything with purposeUnderstandingThe ConsumerFiltersWe either let information in or we don’t.This is from a combination of interest,comprehension, and overall loudness of theinformation in question.
  25. 25. everything with purposeUnderstandingThe ConsumerFiltersDistractionsAssuming we are focused on the consumer who has filtered the content in, the nextconsideration is distractions. These are the things that can take the attention of theconsumer you are trying to connect with. These are in the form of other marketing efforts,personal relationships, and the noise level of society.
  26. 26. everything with purposeUnderstandingThe ConsumerFiltersDistractionsEngagementThresholdEven a connected consumer has a breaking point.The engagement threshold of the consumer is very important to be aware of in any strategic plan.Too little or too much content will disengage the consumer. The challenging thing is the threshold range changes andfiguring it out is trial and error most of the time. This is why watching how consumers respond to content is valuable.
  27. 27. everything with purposeUnderstanding The ToolsOnce we have a solid understanding of how consumers think and act,we get into the arsenal of tools we get to use to reach and connect with them.
  28. 28. everything with purpose“Take this hammer and make me a pie.”- Your ClientEvery person in this room has receiveda variation of this. You have the wrongtool for the task at hand.
  29. 29. everything with purposeThe biggest challenge with socialmedia marketing and strategy is thatthe tools all sort of look the same.
  30. 30. everything with purposeThe creators of these tools tell us all of these numbers matter. And the client goals have become driven by howthese tools work and less by the goals they would have if they were in a room with these people and notdistracted by the digital.
  31. 31. everything with purposePlan for disaster, then dress for dinner.We throw parties and we hope for 75% of the invitees to show up. We send direct mail and hope 3% of it gets open. We create bannercampaigns and high five our media companies when we receive a 6.5% click through rate. How about if no one comes, or if someonewrites a scathing letter about your environmentally irresponsible DM campaign?
  32. 32. everything with purposeI don’t have all day.- YouApplying methodology to content creation and management takes time, and effort. It may seemdaunting, but I assure you nothing takes more time and effort than cleaning up a failed socialpresence. Besides, as with anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it.
  33. 33. everything with purposeEstablishAwarenessCreateUnderstandingNurtureMeaningTake a moment and think about a current project you’re on.Do all of its various elements, ideas and actions achieve this trifecta?Whatever the industry, whoever the consumer – if you want a project tosucceed, you need these three elements present. Every single time.
  34. 34. everything with purposeLet’s do this.I have handed out cards that represent the stages of awell strategically thought through campaign.Let’s work together to find the order that they need to go in to work.
  35. 35. everything with purposeClient ProfileLocal restaurant.Great menuLive music weeklyCool atmosphere.On a street that is one block away inthree directions from their desired consumers.Here is the client profile. At this point we can start the process.You all have the tools to get this going. What is the first step?** Confirm Real Client Need**
  36. 36. everything with purposeConfirm The Real Client NeedRefresh the tired brand identityBecome a destination restaurantBecome top of mind for localsSell more food/drinksMust not cost a fortuneOnce we pass the “love me love me” stage,we get down to some tangible goals we can actually work towards.Now where do we go from here?** Understand The Consumer**
  37. 37. everything with purposeUnderstand The ConsumerSeek genuine & local experiencesWill pay for qualityAspire to be cool & originalRegular contact is positively receivedIdentifying the filters, distractions, and engagement threshold of this consumerwill give a clear picture of how to approach them. Now what?**Understand The Tools**
  38. 38. everything with purposeUnderstand The ToolsFacebookVimeoMenuWebsiteStreet Postering CampaignA strategy starts coming together once we have pulled these pieces together. At this point we would start actually generating content.This could be design, copywriting, storyboards, or a promotional strategy.
  39. 39. everything with purposeDon’t lose the forest for thetreesOnce you have established a solid strategy, and it’s time to create content, our biggest challenge is staying organized so ourplanning is executed to match our intentions. Having to compromise because we didn’t plan thoroughly is frustrating.
  40. 40. everything with purposeAwareness Understanding MeaningAs you are creating this content we are needing to constantly think about the trifecta
  41. 41. everything with purposeEstablish AwarenessYou’re not going to talk to your audience on Pinterest if they’re not actually on there.If establishing awareness is important, what question should we be asking?**Will the consumers take notice?**
  42. 42. everything with purposeEstablish AwarenessCreate UnderstandingIf your message isn’t clear, your audience won’t know what to do with it.What question do you have to ask?**Does the content make sense to your audience?**
  43. 43. everything with purposeEstablish AwarenessCreate UnderstandingNurture MeaningI know “meaning” is a little conceptual. You can picture the philosophers staring at Facebook screamingWHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? This is not what I am thinking here. Anyone see a question we would actuallywant to ask to confirm we are nurturing meaning?**Does the content matter to this consumer?**
  44. 44. everything with purposeOk, so now I have this epiccontent made for tools that ourcustomers love more than butter.Now what?This is a great place to be.You’ve got a calendar full of engaging content that establishes and supportsall brand goals. Mission accomplished? Not quite yet.**Establish plan for worst case scenarios before launching**
  45. 45. everything with purposeDisaster Planning (whatifs)Bad PressConsumer ComplaintsSupply ChallengesHuman ErrorPoor ResponseIf you don’t have even a glimmer of answer for any of these things,you have not thought things through enough.A lot of factors can threaten a campaign, and it’s your job to research anddiscuss up front with your client what those threats might be.
  46. 46. everything with purposeThen pay attention.Social media changes as fast as we can push it around.Consumer interest changes, more interesting and pressing thingscome up, other brands get noisy.
  47. 47. everything with purpose“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”- ProverbWe create these magnificent intentions for our ideas. We are not always correct. We mean well.Our clients pay us because they have faith in our ability to succeed and help grow their business.We simply need to be mindful that intentions without planning is just dreaming. Strategic thinking is the best way tosee an intention or idea become a successful reality.
  48. 48. everything with purpose“Thank You.”- Chris