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Monday seminarapi



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 2. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 “The Elephant-in-the-Room trend that all the other trend cower below is that content marketing itself has become a juggernaut”
  • 3. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 1. CONTENT MARKETING - How to define it ? What’s new ? What are the objectives ? What are the advantages ? 2. HOW IT WORKS - How do we get started with content marketing ? Tips & Tricks ? 3. EXPERTS’ VIEWS - Is CM integrated into PR ? - What are the differences between PR and CM ? - What is the future of CM ? - What does it mean for us as PR professionals ? - Is CM the king ? CONTENT MARKETING
  • 5. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Content marketing (CM)= › A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content To attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience With the objective of driving profitable customer action › Art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling › Has a well-structured, personalized and high-added value message › Content is attractive, qualitative, informative, unique, specific and ludique › 4 types of CM : texts, images, video, audio › 3 channels : offline, online, face-to-face Basic concept that has been around for decades But a conference of things made it a top strategy among PR and marketing folks. 1. DEFINITION OF CONTENT MARKETING
  • 6. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 › RESEARCH – we use search and social media to instantly research topics › CREATION – most of the action is centered on digital content › TARGETING – we use digital tools and insights to segment our messaging by categories (products, personas, buying stages, interests) › DISTRIBUTION – we are linking, emailing, uploading, embedding… our content is being discovered › PROMOTION – we have gone for beyond broadcast mode → social media › MEASUREMENT – we measure everything we can ↘ Fast. Fluid. Targeted. Transparent. Interactive. Intelligent. Visual. Visceral. Virtual. 3. CONTENT MARKETING : WHAT’S NEW ?
  • 7. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 SOME PROOFS… › Content marketing websites have been launched by big companies › Journalists have taken content marketing jobs with non-media organizations* › Number of PR and marketing agencies have started to create content › Companies are hiring media outlets to create content * Content marketing is also known as brand journalism 2. CONTENT MARKETING IS EVERYWHERE… ‘Think like an editor, not like a marketer’ ‘If you want to ensure your brand gets in the media, then become the media’
  • 8. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 › 95% of B2B marketers use content marketing › 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing › For 72% of B2B marketers delivering highly relevant content is a top priority › For 68% of B2C marketers delivering highly relevant content is a top priority › Ever-increasing budget : 26% in 2011 and 33% in 2012 › 31% of marketers view it as a means to improve their brand image › Efficiency is one of the main reason behind the shift to content marketing › But 36% of marketers consider content marketing is not efficient enough 4. CONTENT MARKETING, A MAJOR TREND IN 2013 ‘Content marketing is the only marketing left’
  • 9. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 5. CONTENT DRIVES ALL MEDIA ‘Advertizing seduces. Content helps’
  • 10. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 › Social media marketing: Content strategy comes before your social media strategy. › SEO: Search engines reward businesses that publish quality, consistent content. › PR: Successful PR strategies address issues readers care about, not their business. › PPC (pay per click): For PPC to work, you need great content behind it. › Inbound marketing*: Content is key to driving inbound traffic and leads. “42% of Internet hours are spent viewing content’ *art of being found thanks to content and SEO; emphasizes the role and power of content in digital marketing 6. CONTENT IS PART OF ALL FORMS OF MARKETING
  • 12. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Strengths › One of the less expensive method › Long term effect (online traffic) › Trust in your brand (seen as an expert ; online reputation) Weaknesses › Requires a lot of time to write, publish and share the content › Major challenges : produce enough content + produce engaging content 8. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF CONTENT MARKETING
  • 14. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 3 most used forms of content marketing 1) Articles 2) Blog posts 3) Social media But also…. And… Images (graphics, photos,…) E-newsletters, Webinars,… Video, Demos,… Press Releases Case Studies, Testimonials White Papers 1. THE FORMS OF CONTENT MARKETING
  • 18. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Content Audit › Review content and identify content gaps Research the audience › Define the audience, the problems and the solutions Create an editorial calendar › Incorporate various keywords, story ideas, content formats,… Write. ‘Storytell’. Publish. › Develop high quality and shareable content : ‘weaves themes into stories’ Listen. Create. Engage. › Be reactive and proactive Monitor. Refine. Optimize. › Track which types of content generate the most interest 4. MAJOR STEPS FOR A GREAT CONTENT MARKETING QUALITY + DIFFUSION + DURATION + REPETITION = SUCCESSFUL CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY
  • 19. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 2. SIX STEPS …
  • 20. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Understand how it works › An informing/educating message (fitted with the channel) provides value to your reader Integrate varying forms of media › Consider new media (podcats, PPTs, video, images,…) to offer more options to people and assets for the search engines Leverage SEO best practices › Integrate target keyword phrases (title tags, meta descriptions, hyperlinks,…) Keep conversions in mind › Match up the type of content with the appropriate call of action (video, product review, customer testimonial…) Go mobile › Within the next 5 years, more than half of major brands are expected to spend between 5% and 25% of their total marketing budgets on mobile marketing 5. FIVE TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL CONTENT MARKETING
  • 21. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Myth #1: CM is just a trend › It’s established, respected and gets results (web traffic, lead generation, sales) Myth #2: CM = just publishing › Content is great if it is found, engaging and shared › FINDABILITY + ENGAGEMENT = SHAREABILITY →→→ GOOD CONTENT Myth #3: We can only use each piece of content once › You can recycle content and format the original research into another support › You should make content available in ≠ formats on ≠ channels to reach more people ‘Repurposing content isn’t about copying and pasting. It’s about reinventing and evolving.’ 6. SOME MAJOR CONTENT MARKETING MYTHS
  • 22. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Myth #4: It’s just about making search engines like the brand › 1. Identify the need : Write about topics that interest the readers and then optimize it › 2. Analyze the writing : Optimize the writing with SEO ‘I wrote this for Google – not for you’ Myth #5: It’s about selling only › Content should educate and help people solve problems › Once you are seen as a trusted and helpful resource, they will be more likely to turn to you 6. SOME MAJOR CONTENT MARKETING MYTHS
  • 24. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 ‘69% of ‘Leaders’ say that PR now has a content marketing role’ ‘69% of ‘Leaders’ think that the PR function has evolved to become a content marketing role’ 1. IS CM INTEGRATED INTO PR ? Aberdeen Group 2013
  • 25. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 › Advertizing : You buy media placements to raise awareness (= paid media) › PR : You pay a firm to talk to the media about your company (= earned media) › Content marketing : You create content that people will want to read and share, leading naturally to traffic, links, social signals and media mentions (= owned media) PR success is measured in terms of media placements, press mentions, impressions,… CM success is measured in analytics (traffic, SEO value, social shares, time on site,…) ‘In my view, if CM and PR were in a race, content marketing would be winning’ 2. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PR AND CM ? → 1st difference Jon Wuebben –
  • 26. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 PR could be described as subtly pulling consumers towards a business/service and maintaining a certain brand image. CM could be described as subtly pushing consumers towards that same business/service 2. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PR AND CM ? → 2nd difference
  • 27. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 › Everyone is getting into it in a big way : publishers, video producers, in-house marketing teams, digital agencies, social agencies, search agencies, strategy consultants… → The single biggest threat to CM is CM › How to survive the deluge ? 3. WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF CONTENT MARKETING ? Doug Kessler – Velocity Partners
  • 28. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Just because content management is a major buzzword doesn’t mean its right for you as PR professional, or as a PR agency. Some questions to help › Are my clients demanding more measurable results from my efforts ? › Can I make the necessary commitment to not only learn content marketing, but to market it to my clients ? › Do my clients have the commitment to give this a fair shot ? Creating a solid and qualitative content plan requires input from sales and marketing, from subject matter experts… 4. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR US AS PR PROFESSIONALS ? Bob Sheier,
  • 29. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 5. IS CONTENT THE KING? > Don’t build on rented land > Help, not hype, your customer > Write what people want to read, not what you want to write > Reference industry influencers > Create content for all types of readers > There is more to content than links > Don’t forget the marketing in content marketing > It’s all about relationships > Think like a publisher > Use other sites to find out what kind of content people want > The goal is to inform and entertain in a way that inspires customers to trust you for the right reasons : authentic, legitimate, deserving and well-earned trust > Content isn't king. TRUST is king. Content is just how you get there.
  • 30. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 • PR’s central role in CM is to land impressions that can be circulated back into the content marketing workflow and repurposed as blogs, website content, infographics and a variety of other types of media • Social media are the largest publishing platforms in existence. Become a social media experts and manage accounts • Understand SEO strategy which has two parts : the humans/visitors (quality) + the robots/search engines (factors like backlinks) • Get traditional media impressions as well : established media outlets have two things going for them that many new media sites do not : credibility and circulation + + SOME TAKEAWAYS …
  • 31. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 8. OPEN DISCUSSION Thank you !
  • 32. MONDAY SEMINAR | 2013 Peak Com Kasteelstraat 20D 1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw CONTACT