The 6 Week $1K a Month Roadmap


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Step-By-Step on How To Create a Recurring Monthly Income That You Can Live On, Leaving You Free to;
- Spend More Time with Your Family
- Retire Comfortably
- Quit Your Job
- Pay Off Your Debts
- Support Your Children Or Spouse
- Buy Your Dream Home
- Work The Hours You Want
- Follow Your Passion
- Achieve Financial Independence
- Work From Anywhere in The World
- Create Stress Free Abundance

No Hype, No 'BS' - Just Solid, Proven Systems!

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The 6 Week $1K a Month Roadmap

  1. 1. The 6 Week $1,000 a Month Roadmap Training Course
  2. 2. Module 1 - Creating The $1K a Month Product By the end of this module you will have created the product that will generate you $1K per month and more! • How to come up with a winning product idea that sells over and over again • A 4 step “fast product” plan for creating a quality product in just a few hours • The 3 things your product ‘must have’ to increase sales
  3. 3. Module 2 - The Sales Process By the end of this module your product will be ready to sell! • • • How to create your sales letter in less than an hour using ready made templates How to make your product look super ‘professional’ giving you more sales How customers pay you and access your product (no technical skills required)
  4. 4. Module 3 - The List Builder By the end of this module you will have set up your free gift to build your list • • • How to identify a high converting free gift idea The quickest and easiest way to create your free gift How to start building your list without a free gift
  5. 5. Module 4 - The 60 Minute Sales Funnel By the end of this module you will have everything in place to start bringing a daily income • • • How to create your entire lead generation and sales funnel in less than 60 minutes Why you don’t need any technical knowledge to create high converting squeeze and sales pages How to get your leads to take action using tested email swipe files
  6. 6. Module 5 - Traffic By the end of this module you will be generating leads and sales • • • How to find and attract targeted traffic using free and paid strategies How to eliminate overwhelm by using a simple daily traffic dashboard 5 super effective traffic strategies that generate 100’s of leads a week
  7. 7. Module 6 - The Next Step By the end of this module you will have increased your sales • • • A ‘3 step simple tracking plan’ that will change your business How to very easily add extra income streams and get paid more What to do next to go from $1k a month to $5k a month and more...
  8. 8. Plus - Great Bonuses
  9. 9. Jo Barnes Online Business Academy - No Hype, No ‘BS’ - Just Solid, Proven Systems!
  10. 10. Instant Access to All Recorded Webinars, Training and Video Courses • No drip feeding, no timed content • You have access to it all!
  11. 11. Immediate Membership to The Private Members Only Community • A vibrant, supportive group of like minded individuals all on the same journey
  12. 12. Full Access to Support Team • Jo (Jack of All Trades!), Neil (Tech Guru), Naomi (Social Media Specialist) & Khyati (Customer Support) are on hand to assist you with any questions you may have
  13. 13. Live Weekly Insider Training Webinars • • A weekly 60 minute webinar showing techniques or strategies that has recently tested to make money or increase sales. These webinars are accompanied by Q & A sessions
  14. 14. Page / Website / Product / Offer Critiques and Hot Seats • • Sometimes you need a trained eye to show you where you’re going wrong Every week an active member is picked and an element of their business critiqued
  15. 15. Automatic Updates and Access to New Courses • • • The online marketing and social media world can change fast Updates ensure you are using the latest techniques and are kept up to date with all changes The updates or new courses added come with unlimited access at no further cost
  16. 16. Downloadable Videos, Audio and Text • • • All video training and webinars are fully downloadable so you can watch them on any device from anywhere You can also access the training via mp3 for your iPods and PDF’s if you prefer to read and learn All training is also accompanied by the slides / mind maps or checklists where applicable
  17. 17. Interviews with Experts Who are Making 5 Figures or More a Month • From time to time an expert who is making 5 figures a month or more is invited to tell their story and share with you the tips and strategies they use
  18. 18. Jo’s Personal Tests, Strategies and Online Experiences • • • The Jo Barnes Online Business Academy is a hub to help you to achieve financial freedom This is an ongoing training resource where Jo will share with you techniques that are working right now You will be privy to Jo’s insider secrets and what she is doing on a daily / weekly basis to grow her business
  19. 19. Jo Barnes Online Business Academy - Create a Business You Can Take with You!